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[Official] Welcome to Grand Chase Madness!

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The information here does not reflect the current state of Madness.
This thread will be rebuilt from the ground up with new information and images including the latest balance changes in the coming days!

 -09/29/2020 -


Welcome to
Grand Chase Madness!


CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png Introduction
Grand Chase Madness first launched on March 20th of 2017!
Region: International
Host Location: Dallas, TX
Time Zone: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

We here at Grand Chase Madness are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible playing this beloved game and pick up the game from where KoG left it off. This guide will be a summary of who we are and provide you with the information you need to help you along your way.

Important Note: If you have any questions or want to leap in and join the community, we advise you doing so by joining our Discord Server HERE. Our community is most active on Discord and is where all the good stuff happens! If you join in, feel free to introduce your self and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png Server Information
We are a Season V EP3 server which means we have all of the latest content available in Grand Chase such as:

  • Uno.png.f9db0b8ec8b6a1f9be825129c23e0b43.png  Uno the Bloodless
  • DDoor.png.d978d85e77ef8383da929ea005359a16.png  Dimensional Door
  • TOD.png.72edd14ecc1743e5f7b88f6a7753c0d2.png Tower of Disappearance
  • LOJ.png.736f82954b205571bbc4f4e7de9ca0c4.png  Land of Judgment
  • And More!

Our Rates:

  • EXP - x1 (This is submit to change in the coming days)
  • GP - x1 (This is submit to change in the coming days)

But do not fret about our rates! We provide you with a Queen's Jewel and even a free jump to Level 70 when you first create an account! With Dimensional Door you can hit 85 in literally a couple of days of dedication from 1!



Our server relies on the community's voice to keep the wheels rolling and things updated.

For instance, our Coordi Gacha is entirely determined by the community via. a poll which we put up shortly after a gacha rotation in which players can vote for what they want to see next! You will be able to find the poll usually in our Discord's #announcements channel or on our official Facebook page!

We also have a rotation in our cash shop/hero shop that rotates monthly with a brand new set of costumes and wings to allow those who can't cash to at least have a chance to acquire some premium items!



As a benefit for playing on the server, you can stamp your attendance once a day and receive a total of 60 VP, VP being the real money currency used to buy premium items in our cash shop! It might not seem like a lot, but we have revamped the prices of almost all items in the store to appeal to the daily VP and donation rate so more than likely with a couple of days of waiting you should be able to afford most of the low cost items!

We are NOT Pay To Win! We always try to provide both GP/CASH players with options to keep both side equal.

We also removed warehouse restrictions on 99% of items so you can move pets from one character to another! All this without a cost!

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, if you want to see what we have to offer then you'll have to download and see for yourself!

CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png New Player Rewards
When creating an account, players start out with a bundle of goodies to help them on their way, these goodies include:

  • 3500 VP (Our shop has been adjusted so most things cost less and usually are available for free during some events)
  • Queen's Jewel (1 Week)
  • Skill Key (x1)
  • Weapon Change Key (x1)
  • 4 Free Character Slot(s)
  • 1 Free Character Jump to Lvl. 70 (Consumes 1 Slot)
  • Madness Support Box (Read HERE for more information) 

Additional items and Special Event Missions are sent through our mailbox as well!


CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png Virus Information



Grand Chase Madness relies on a heavily encrypted file for server and game security, most Antivirus' will detect this and Falsely Flag it as a virus. Once you download Grand Chase Madness, it is advised you add the Game Folder to your Antivirus' Exceptions list. If you are unsure of how to do so, come to our discord and we will lend you a hand! You can also search guides online on how to add folders to your exceptions list depending on your antivirus.

In the near future we will be attempting to remove the false positive to prevent players from having to add an exception or deactivate their antivirus.


CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png FPS Issues and Fixes
Thanks to Grand Chase being an old game there was bound to be FPS(Frames Per Second) issues on some computers using latest software. If your game is choppy or slow, it most likely is because of these FPS issues(Tap F6 to view your FPS).

We have several fixes you can try to solve these problems:

  • d3d9.dll (Place this in your Grand Chase Madness folder and launch the game)
  • Reinstall your Graphic Driver (It temporarily fixes it for a couple of people)
  • Restart your computer (If your FPS is usually 60/60 and suddenly is 40/60, restarting might help)

We will soon be making internal changes to the client to hopefully permanently solve all FPS issues for all users. For now, please bare with us and try these fixes until we work out a permanent solution.


CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png Character Rebalance
Here at Grand Chase Madness we overhauled all characters to make them viable for late game PvE(Dungeon). Our rebalance only affects skills for now but combos will soon be affected leading to brand new combos/skills being made in the near future!

Soon enough we'll touch up on PvP(Player VS. Player) but make sure to be careful while doing so without causing huge problems.

A full list of all the changes can be found HERE.


CatInd.png.748ea32cf063256d75ac551053d7de89.png Future of Madness

This is just the beginning of what we have to offer. We are hoping to implement brand new content into Grand Chase Madness such as new jobs, new characters, new systems, new continents, new dungeons, and so much more!

We are growing as a community and hope to get bigger as time passes and hope for a bright future for Grand Chase Madness.

If you would like to assist in the development of Grand Chase Madness as a whole then go on over to this thread and apply for a staff position:


Have any questions or concerns?

Come talk to our moderators and game masters at our Discord! It's the quickest and easiest way to reach us and also the best way to make friends and get all the help you need!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ We promise we don't bite ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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