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Hi , I was wondering what happened to the warehouse because now i can't switch warehouse item between each character and i've been collecting alot and i mean like ALOT of important item and equipement and i can't do nothing with them anymore so please i would love to have an answer on what happened to my warehouse item because now they're stuck on 1 character and i can't move them anymore.

Thank you , Bubba

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Hello @Smoggy~

Not exactly sure how much you understand but, I can explain mostly why the inventory system was reverted back to Shared.

Separate Inventory caused a lot of problems for the server such as:

  1. Level 70 Jump event Items not appearing in the inventory properly
  2. Obtained items via event, shop, and dungeon disappearing without a actual reason
  3. Transferring items from warehouse to inventory will result in a lost of that specific item you transferred
  4. Items becoming bugged and not allowing the player to access their account upon server select
  5. Unintentional stacking of armor that resulted in players not being able to access dungeons

This list can keep going on and on but, basically any usual problems you may have come across with the inventory or items in general it was mainly because of the "Separate" Inventory system.

However, now that the Shared Inventory system is back, that fixed majority of those problems and possibly including playhouse (This is still being tested, and fixed as we go). Those who have lost items in the past have now recovered those items back via Temp-Warehouse transfer upon login. Yes, after the patch many players had complications with it due to the amount of items they have but, that should be solved now. Warehouse it's self pretty much was reverted back to it's old rules (You cannot store chests/boxes, event items, potions, pets, reinforcement items, or anything that says "(All)"). We get it, it sucks to have to swim through all those items in the inventory, hence we are starting our own custom change to help with that issue stated upon hot-fix patch:


We're currently looking into creating a new system that will replace the Warehouse in the future that will at first be used just for storing Reinforcement Stones. If there are no issues from the system after a period of time we will start allowing the storing of more items similar to Warehouse.
Furthermore, we are looking into improving the organization/filtering of items in your Inventory to ease up the mess in the Inventory many players are dealing with.

If you have another question that I didn't answer in this explanation feel free to ask and I'll try to answer it the best way possible. 

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