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Shared Inventory - July 28th, 2020

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Hello Chasers!

This patch marks the official release of the Shared Inventory for Grand Chase Madness! It has been a long-time coming and we're excited to finally release it to you all! All items are now officially shared between all old and new characters such as consumables, crests, and pets. This update should hopefully help fix several issues such as players being unable to play certain characters if they had acquired a(n) White Champion Set in the past and fix an issue for those who had split Seal Breaker Scroll stacks on their accounts.

As an added bonus, all crest progress is now shared across all your characters! If you decide to work towards a crest on a certain character then the amount of runs complete will apply to all your characters so you can pick-up where you left off on any of your characters.

Below you can see a small guide on how to get your account setup for the shared inventory.

Please withdraw all of the items in the [Temporary Warehouse] before entering your characters and relog immediately after doing so to avoid possible reset of all your Reinforcement Stones.

Upon logging on you'll be greeted by the [Temporary Warehouse] window which will hold a list of all items that were present on your account prior to the update.


You will be able to move all of the items on the left window to your Inventory by drag-&-dropping the item onto a slot on the right side, right-clicking the item, or by clicking on SharedInv_TempWH_Btn.png.20450f1ffe7368bfa3760c86168c474e.png which will move (100) items to the window on the right.

When you have moved up to (100) items you will be unable to move anymore until you click SharedInv_TempWH_ConfirmBtn.png.6b5ad42c1151ac1373be5605b91dc04d.png to send the items to your Inventory. Once you finalize the transfer you can begin moving more items until you have transferred all your items.

If you suspect that you are missing any items then please do not hesitate to contact a staff so we can take a look at your Inventory and sort your problem out!



As compensation for the downtime last month and to celebrate the grand release of the Shared Inventory we're releasing a Compensation Token for players to redeem!

  1. Head on over to the Square/Park on Ernasis.
  2. Upon entering locate and click on the Blue Cat.
  3. Click on the first package on the first row of the first page.
  4. On the input bar below, input the following voucher: 4ozsa8gfvd

 You will receive the following reward(s):

Compensation Token | Rewards Table
CashIco2.png.8daf6c86c845ad0b8babad8958ae0029.png sbta4222.png sbta101727.png sbta174565.png.853a59aa9efbd1b8fc53f74b12637616.png
600 Virtual Points (VP)

(3) +60 Bag

(1) GP Prop Reset Form (1) Selectable Moon Shadow Costume Box


You can find the manual patch for this maintenance from the following sources:



  • Char10.png Updated Stygian's Onrush in Dungeons and changed how the buff is applied in an effort to fix an issue where the Onrush buff deactivates itself randomly in party play.
  • Char18.png Updated Magi's Dark Cannon in Dungeons and changed how the buff is applied in an effort to fix an issue where the Dark Cannon buff deactivates itself randomly in party play.


  • Char15.png Fixed an issue with Disciple's Pressure Point Lv. 1/2/3 where the defense debuff was lowering the defense of enemy monsters far more than intended.


  • Dun69.png.331750b5eb9a58fa6190a10e3503100b.png Nightmare Circus
  • Dun83.png.e477bcee5f7b5c9773b4526d9e1a4055.png Talin's Revenge


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