[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

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The Fashionista Chaser will have the community's fashionistas competing to see who can dress the best and impress their guest. Combine different outfit and armor pieces to make a custom outfit of your own! Blow the staff away with your fashion ideas enough to where they want to wear what you wear!


[Make a list of costume / armor parts used]*


  1. 1 Entry only [Can be Front, Side, and Back views]
  2. You can use the new [Coordi Closet] to create your outfit!
  3. Entry must be clear [Use the snip application if you have to!]
  4. Full outfit piece sets are not allowed. (Ex. Complete Coordi Packages, Wedding Coordi Package, and Awakening Sets.)
  5. Must give a list of the costume parts you used. (Ex. Hair: Kumi Neo-Geisha Chingon, Top: Midriff Top, Bot: Black Daisy Dukes, etc...)
  6. If your entry includes more than 2 parts from the same set you will lose creativity chances of winning.


October 19, 2019 ~ November 20, 2019


Grand Prize Winners [3]: 2,000 VP
Runner Up Prize [5]: 1,500 VP


Past Winners
Format : IGN [Forum Name]

August, 2019
Grand Prize Winners

Lewisia [ Amethyst ], Alethea [ Kairus ], SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ]
Runner Ups
Chagrin [ chagrin ], lIkarugal [ Ikaruga ], Mslash [ ManilaSlasher ], Alethea [ Serafall1 ], Bruuhyan [ Bruuuuh ]

September, 2019
Grand Prize Winners

Siegraine [ Siegraine ], SilvataSekai [ Silvata ], Torsion [ Torsion 
Runner Ups
SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ], Piety [ Piety ], Mizugaki [ Tamako ], iTanjirou [ iHachiko ], AYaseEli [ EIysium ]

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IGN: Artoria
Title: I put BIG wings and shields plus Mari for more chances of winning this event.
Helmet: Bluebell
Upper Armor: New Semester
Lower Armor: Checkmate
Gloves: Duchess Petrushka
Shoes: Marionette
Cloak: Obsidian Rune Caster
Weapon: Nutcracker
Circlet: Mad Tea Party
Mask: Rune Caster Glasses
Wings: Storm Bringer

Stompers: Keter
Shield: Leviathan Lady Chaos


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IGN: GabrielJames
Description: White bandit with devilish sight
Helmet: Raven soul hair
Upper armor: White tee
Lower armor: Lovely miracle bottom
Gloves: Attendant's chest of gloves
Shoes: Wedding shoes
Cloak: Kounat's illuminated society cloak
Circlet: Conqueror of kanavan signboard 
Mask: Soul extortion evil mask
Wings: Moon child's wings
Stompers: Bluebell's stompers
Shield: Mad tea party teacup
Weapon: Geas training soul taker


Edited by GabrielJames
input of weapon description

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IGN: Jiangxiu
Description: Fallen Angel
Helmet: Prime Knight Training Helmet
Upper Armor: Cordelia Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Vermilion Gladiator Lower Armor 
Gloves: Super Sleuth Gloves
Shoes: Vermilion Gladiator Shoes
Cloak: Illusion Breaker Mantle
Circlet: Marionette's Circlet
Mask: Dark Nightmare Mask
Wings: Dog Star Wings
Stompers: Celestial Guard Stompers
Shield: Clear Shield


Edited by Kurisuuu

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Description: School Teen Girl



Helmet: Miracle Summer Hair

Upper Armor: White Tee

Lower Armor: Casanova's Silken

Gloves: Day Beach

Shoes: Wedding Shoes

Mantle: Clear Cloak



Upper Head: Hibiscus

Lower Head: Rune Caster's Glasses

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Serdin School Bunny Bag

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Lunar Courtesan's Obijime

Arm Ornament/Shields: Mad Tead Party Teacup


Weapon: Super Sleuth Grimoire









Edited by SHM

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IGN: Heilue
Description: just random


Helmet: Serdin School Girl Hair
Upper Armor: Bluebell's Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Medusa's Lower Armor
Gloves: Ebon Inferno Gloves
Shoes: The Nutcracker's Shoes
Mantle: Marionette's Cloak
Weapon: Aeternitas Globetrotter Pot


Circlet: Leviathan Lady Chaos Circlet
Mask: Keter Mask
Wings: Ace of Spade Wings
Stompers: Dog Star Stompers
Shields: Emperor's Guarding Shields



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IGN:  Liyenne

Description:   "Your One and Only Devilish Momma"


Helmet:  Raven Soul Hair
Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor 
Lower Armor:  Soul Extortion Skirt 
Gloves:  Noir Gloves
Shoes:  Soul Extortion Shoes
Mantle:  Raven Soul Neck Cuff
Weapon:  Moon Shadow Staff


Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet 
Mask: Hypnotic Eyes
Wings: N/A
Stompers:  Noir Holster
Shields:  Marionette's Shields




Edited by potats0
Wrong Input Name in Shields

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IGN: CitrusCookie

Description: Moon bunny🌚


Helmet:  Moonlight Villiage Helm
Upper Armor:  Corset Top by Vernia
Lower Armor:  Cordelia Lower Armor
Gloves:  Corsair Gloves
Shoes:  Lunar Courtesan's Sandals
Mantle:  Kumi's Neo-Geisha's Obi
Weapon:  Emperor's Guardian Staff


Circlet: Mad Tea Party Rabbit Ears
Mask: Celestial Guard Markings
Wings: Moon Child's Wings
Stompers:  N/A
Shields:  N/A


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IGN                        : ImMuffin

Title                       : Little chinese vampire

Helmet                 : Lunar Courtesan’s  hair

Upper Armor     : Moonlight  Village  Upper  Armor

Lower Armor     : Butterfly  Divastar  Bottom      

Gloves                  : Jiang  Shi Gloves

Shoes                    : Kumi’s  Neo  Geisha  Sandles

Mantle                 : Corsair  Cloak

Weapon               : Cobalt  Holy  Knight  Gavel

Acc. Upper Head              : Cordelia  Circlet

Acc. Lower Head              : Vampire  Face

Acc. U. Armor Ornament              : Moonchild’s  Wing

Acc. L. Armor Ornament               : Serdin’s  Royal  Court  Anklet

Acc. Arm Ornament                        : Bluebell’s  Shield’s


Edited by CroSph

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IGN: Amenias

Title: Precious Queen Arme

Helmet: Private School Hair

Upper Armor: Corset Top by Vernia

Lower Armor: Warlock's Lower Armor

Gloves: Ebon Inferno Gloves

Shoes: Zombie Shoes

Mantle: Nemesis Cloak

Weapon: Storm Bringer War Staff

Upper Head: Checkmate Circlet

Lower Head: Mad Tea Party Blusher (Heart)

U. Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Soul Extortion Stomper

Arm Ornament: Keter Shields


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IGN: Gorou

Title: Exiled Queen

Helmet: Dusk Wing Helm

Upper Armor: Soul Extortion Jacket

Lower Armor: Raven Soul Pants

Gloves: Kumi's Neo-Geisha Gloves

Shoes: Marionette's Shoes

Mantle: Corsair Cloak

Weapon: Ebon Inferno Gavel

Upper Head: Cordelia Circlet

Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask

U. Armor Ornament: Bluebell's Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Cordelia Stompers

Arm Ornament: Marionette's Shields


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IGN: Binchin

Description: "Jeeves! Isn't it time for tea?"


Head: Vermilion Evoker Helm

Upper Armor: Butterfly Divastar Top

Lower Armor: Casanova's Lower Armor

Gloves: Casanova's Gloves

Shoes: Vermilion Evoker Shoes

Mantle: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak

Weapon: Mad Tea Party Ultima


Upper Head: Conqueror of Kanavan

Lower Head: Madeleine's Horn-Rimmed Glasses

U. Armor Ornament: Mad Tea Party Parasol

L. Armor Ornament:  Clear Stompers

Arm Ornament: Clear Shield



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IGN: Slime
Description: BLACK

Equipment & Accessories:
Helmet: Crusader Helmet
Upper Armor: Spell Knight's Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Noir Pants
Gloves: United Forces Gloves
Shoes: Kounat's Shadowy Order Shoes
Mantle: Clear Cloak
Weapon: Ebon Inferno Tryfing
Upper Head: Demon Horns
Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask
Wings: Fallen Angel Wings
Stompers:Lunar Cicisbeo's Obijime
Arm Ornament: Corded Bracelets



dark kamehame.png

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IGN: Macha

Description: Black Lobelia

  • Helmet: Raven Soul Hair
  • Upper Armor: Sia Upper Armor
  • Lower Armor: Ebon Inferno Lower Armor
  • Gloves: Duchess Petrushka's Gloves
  • Shoes: Duchess Petrushka's Ghillies
  • Cloak: Saint's Cloak
  • Circlet: Raven Soul Circlet
  • Mask: Ethereal Knight Mask
  • Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings
  • Stompers: Marionette's Stompers
  • Shield: Marionette's Shields
  • Weapon: Sia Gavel


43e9e15e6b46e23039cb293cd5e74e17 (1).png

43e9e15e6b46e23039cb293cd5e74e17 (2).png

43e9e15e6b46e23039cb293cd5e74e17 (3).png

Edited by Macha
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IGN: Tohka


Title: My Sweety Edel


Helmet: Bluebell's Helm


Upper Armor: White Tea


Lower Armor: Blue Sailor Lower Armor


Gloves: Evening Beach Cordi Gloves


Shoes: Soul Extortion


Mantle: SmileyBrats Cloak


Weapon: Justiece Rapier


Upper Head: Serdin Royal Court Hat


Lower Head: Cordelia Mask


U. Armor Ornament: Vernia Corsage


L. Armor Ornament: Lunar Courtesan Obijime


Arm Ornament: Mad Tea Party Teacup


Edited by julianleonardo
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IGN: Ribbon

Description: Fiery Ascendant Goddess

Helmet: Chevalier Helm
Upper Armor: Medusa's Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Phoenix's Lower Armor (Rin's Job)
Gloves: Evening Beach Coordi Gloves
Shoes: "Obsidian" Phoenix Shoes "OBSIDIAN"
Mantle: Chosen's Cloak
Weapon: Crimson Kelby Fan
Upper Head: Dog Star Circlet
Lower Head: Cordelia Mask
U. Armor Ornament: Elin Wings
L. Armor Ornament: Dog Star Stompers
Arm Ornament: Ethereal Knight Shields

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IGN: Alethea

Description: Gladiator Of Silver Knight's

  1. Helmet: Elite Roman Helm
  2. Upper Armor: Elite Roman Upper Armor 
  3. Lower Armor: Elite Roman Lower Armor
  4. Gloves: Elite Roman Gloves
  5. Shoes: Elite Roman Shoes
  6. Cloak: Clear Cloak
  7. Circlet: Overhaul Signboard
  8. Mask: Clear Mask
  9. Wings: Clear WingsJIN.thumb.jpg.9119ff370c02624219123f1b435a463f.jpg
  10. Stompers: Fighter Mini Doll
  11. Shield: Clear Shield
  12. Weapon: Moon Shadows Vajra's
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IGN: iSugiono


Title: The Queen Of Darkness


Helmet: Bluebell's Helm


Upper Armor: Soul Extortion Jacket


Lower Armor: Ebon Inferno Lower Armor


Gloves: Moonlight Village Gloves


Shoes: Zombie Shoes


Mantle: Vermillion Harbinger Cloak


Weapon: Obisidian Harbinger Ultima


Upper Head: Wedding tiara


Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask


U. Armor Ornament: Leviathan Lady Chaos Wings


L. Armor Ornament: Marionette's Stompers


Arm Ornament: Dark Matriach Shields


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IGN: SoulWarrior1

Description: Phantom of Kanavan -Happy Halloween- 🎃

Armor sets- Helmet: Requiem Coiffure   Upper Armor: Marionette's upper armor   Lower Armor: Keter lower armor   Gloves: Checkmate gloves   Shoes: shoes by Vernia   Mantle: Bluebell's cloak

Accessories- Upper Head: Marionette's circlet   Lower Head: Dark Nightmare mask   Upper Armor: Soul Extortion wings   Lower Armor: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch   Arm: None





Phantom 2.PNG

Phantom 3.PNG

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Title: The Awakened Demon Lord Rufus

Helmet: moon shadow helm
Upper Armor:  Ebon Inferno Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Leviathan Lord Chaos Lower Armor
Gloves: Devil's Gloves
Shoes: United Forces Shoes
Mantle: Bluebell Cloak
Weapon: Vermillion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth

Circlet: Dog Star Circlet
Mask: Dark Nightmare Mask
Wings: Soul Extortion Wings
Shields: Noir Brass Knuckles
Stompers: Cordelia Stompers



rufus side.PNG

rufus back.PNG

Edited by IBluuI
change ign

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IGN: Rek
Title: On my way to a mask party

Helmet: Dusk Wing Helm
Upper Armor: Casanova's Silken Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Pants by Vernia
Gloves: Celestial Guard Gloves
Shoes: Club Fashion Shoes
Cloak: Legacy Anniversary Cloak
Weapon: The Nutcracker's Rapier
Circlet: Lunar Cicisbeo's Fox Mask
Mask: Ethereal Knight Mask
Wings: Moon Child's Wings
Stompers: Ordo Squad Stompers
Shield: Ordo Squad Shields


Edited by Rek
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IGN: iAlexios

Description: Guardian Of The Moonlight Village


Helmet: Soul Extortion Hair
Upper Armor:  Ebon Inferno Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Dokaebi King's Lower Armor
Gloves:  Asura's Gauntlets
Shoes: Vulcan Shoes
Mantle: Crimson Kelby Cloak
Weapon:  Purrfectly Wright Vajras


Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet
Mask: Cordelia Mask
Wings: Dog Star Wings
Stompers: Feynan Spurs
Shields: Feynan Spaulders








Edited by iHachiko
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IGN AYaseEli

Description - Hello? IT'S AMY.




Helm Azure Lovely Heart Helm
Top Obsidian Starlet Upper Armor
Bottom Private School Skirt
Gloves GC Rescue Squad Gloves
Shoes New Semester Shoes
Mantle Clear Cloak

Upper Head Marionett's Circlet
Lower Head Mad Tea Party Blusher
Wings Ethereal Knight Wings
Stompers Clear Stompers
Shields Cordelia Shields






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