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  1. They were a pain in Forest of Life (introduction of ''kill both at the same time'' gimmick), they were a pain in Wizard's Labyrinth (very high HP + revive gimmick), they were a pain in Angry Bosses (damage through the roof) and now they're a pain in Distorted Roots (damage too high again and too many possibilities for them to combo you for 3 times your max HP, in my personal opinion). Can we stop making the Sisters enemies? Starting to get quite fed up with them. Am I the only one? Let me know what y'all think.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Kinda weird.
  3. I rarely use the SA dodge with Zero as it drains very fast when in-stance and I would rather have a reliable DS to block a hit when its depleted rather than tank hits until I fill up GD (I use it to dodge strong enemy skills like Yamini's Death Sentence or Gardosen's OHKO speen vortex or whatever it's called). However, that's an interesting idea. The mechanics of Grandark Domination is that its gauge fills up when you hit enemies with Grandark, but what if the enemies hit it themselves? That seems the same to me. With an increase in defense potential in DS and the fact that it could fill up the GD bar when hit, it would become worth it to try and block an attack. An even more interesting idea would be that non-boss enemies could be pushed away when attacking you in DS to prevent multi hits or something, but that's getting far fetched. At any rates, I think we're getting somewhere.
  4. Isn't that even stronger than what I was suggesting? Being able to gain DS' def buff even out of DS > Def up only in DS. I was thinking more of like: Attack in SS/OS --> see enemy about to attack --> switch to DS and parry --> switch back to SS/OS. Right now you can do that, but only when not actively attacking and it's only a 30% dmg reduction when it's far from good enough considering Zero don't have any dodge skill in-stance (except SA but it drains 2x quicker when in-stance). It's easier to get out of stance, use combo dodge and go back in SS/OS than use DS which feels rather off in my opinion.
  5. You do have some very valid points but didn't we make full circle? I was suggesting being able to change stance mid-combo and increase the defense potential of DS, you said the same thing. Right now the fact that you can't switch mid-combo makes so that you have to wait and have the time to use it, to block an attack that would easily be avoidable if you had that much time to react at first. Using DS means purposefully taking a hit for a potentially lethal/very strong attack to reduce the damage... and for what, 30% protection? Like you said, use Amid instead. So we are both suggesting those two points should be improved. The only use I've found for DS was to try and reflect the very few arrow/fireball type attacks, which only works 50% of the time because even this reflect passive is unreliable. DS doesn't do anything in its current state, yet it's supposed to be an integral part of Zero's skill set. I just wish it was at least usable properly.
  6. You misunderstood me. I don't have any issues with Zero and can easily run with him. I'm not talking about a buff because I'm having trouble, I'm talking about a buff for the character itself. My point is that a whole section of his skill tree, heck, a whole side of his intended mechanics as how he is supposed to be played is left unused, tossed aside because it's unreliable, underpowered and frankly unusable properly in its current state. 1/4 of Zero's skills are straight up ignored, he has a whole section dedicated to protect you for crying out loud! Even you just basically said ''Instead of using the whole side of the skill tree dedicated to protect you, just use those 3 skills to do better than what actually should be protecting you''. DS isn't even a skill, it's a basic character function. It's supposed to be 1/4 of his basic move set and not only is it completely ignored, but also easily replaced by 2 active skills. Don't you think that's a glaring balance issue? All in all I just think it would be nice if Zero could be played the way it was intended to be.
  7. This has been addressed already, here: No Dev answers yet though.
  8. Man I just wish Defensive Stance was at least a little bit useful. I mean, it has potential to be something people will actually use instead of being a branch that simply wastes SP or, even worse, is completely left behind. Zero is a character built around being able to take many hits with his Super Armor instead of dodging them (let's not put Grandark Domination in the mix, I know it makes him invulnerable during it and you don't need DS), but wouldn't it be useful if he had a reliable DS so he could, y'know, actually take hits? I do have a couple ideas... The first is the most obvious: Being able to switch into DS mid-combo, even while in another stance. Who waits for an attack to use DS? Doesn't make much sense to me... Second would be to increase the damage reduction provided by DS. Right now, with all the DS levels and 4th job DS Defense Up passive skill, one can only reduce incoming damage by 30%. In my personal opinion, that's not enough to even consider using DS to block an attack, even more so that you can only use it when not attacking. My last one would be to make Zero resistant to/prevent knock back while in DS. Super Armor is pretty neat in-stance, but Zero always get bashed right across the map by most attacks. I would actually consider using DS to block certain attacks so I don't get Fus Ro Dah'd by them if it worked. I know that what I'm saying is ''buff buff buff'', but my objective with that is not to have it buffed but more to make it actually usable 😅
  9. Back on old NAGC around Season 3/Chaos when it wasn't so much of a mess, the ''Stand'' used to only do something when Iblis did too except for the protection which could occur at any moment when she isn't in Super Armor state since it's a reaction to attacks but it lasted as long as guardian was actively protecting her compared to now that it seem to be able to arbitrarily pick a random amount of time and have her defense rise up super high even when not guarding her. Speaking of enemies that can block/reduce damage from hits... Can a look be taken to the Black Shield Bearers in Wizard's Labyrinth? As if their shield hit wasn't enough of a mess (super awful delay between their shield bash and the actual attack and can hit behind them if they turn around before the attack come after their bash), their very high defense when bashing often does not reset after their attack or when they are interrupted and will only receive 1/10 of incoming damage for a long wile, sometimes even until they die.
  10. Wellllll... It's kinda of hard to explain when it's so niche but Archranger's basic combo is acting weird. If Z is pressed at a certain speed (not too fast, but not too slow), Lire will have trouble to fire the bow and will just spasm in place. It's not really game-breaking, just rather annoying when I'm trying to use the combo. Also... Erm.. I'd like to point out the basic combo damage of Archranger compared to her other jobs. I dunno, I would have expected that her Great Bow would at least do more damage per hit than her regular bow, especially since it shoots slower and less often and... y'know... bigger arrows. 🤔
  11. I know, it's a bug, but it's so old and common it deserve to be simply a feedback. Whether it's in Fortress of Ascension, Angry Bosses or Wizard's Labyrinth, we all know about how much of a mangled mess that is Iblis' Guardian... Attacking without cue, interrupting 23 times its attack and leaving you wondering when it'll decide to do it, proceeding to use its multi-claw attack 5 times and then its beam about 17 times in a row again without cue all the while protecting Iblis from damage without even guarding her... It's not that I'm having troubles with it but man, this thing is cheating! It's about time I reported it for hacking. Any plans on fixing this thing or is it beyond helping? 🤔
  12. This sounds great, honestly. But I would stick with that it shouldn't be 1:1, that would make it too easy. I would say 2:1 or 3:1 would be great, like you'd need 3 (L) to make 1 (X). 2 MP(L) + 2HP(L) = 1 HPMP(L) as I think you should need HPMP pots specifically to make larger HPMP so you would need to first convert the HP/MP pots into HPMP and then combining the HPMP pots to make bigger ones. Let's not forget that HPMP pots are not available to buy with GP and by making this craft it is essentially making HPMP pots purchasable with GP, so let's not make it too easy. The craft of HERO potion would be too much in my opinion, or at least make the chances low enough because these are available through bullions and crafting them through regular, easy to get GP pots would be insane. Unknown Mixture might have hilarious results or might save you in a pinch when trying your luck, I'm actually very interested. About the chances of random Demon of Yore pots? These are very powerful pots and must not be given easily, but I always find myself hoarding them like a dragon because I know they're so rare. I would actually use them if there was a way to obtain more and a small and/or random chance could do it. In the end, let's not forget that all mix with regular GP potions will enable the results to be obtainable with GP. So how about creating special crafting ingredients to add to the potions that you can obtain from dungeons? Leave the common HP/MP mixes to themselves, but have to add an ingredient that you can't purchase to make more advanced potions. That should spice things up, I would say.
  13. The issue is not Edel, it's a very specific skill. Don't use Sword of Glory (lightning) until it gets adjusted and you'll see how things balance, easy fix. Arme isn't useless. She's sub-par, yes, but not that bad from personal experiences.
  14. I just had to test if Dio's 3rd job Combo Attack Speed Increase skill was compatible with Weapon Force unique combo. Turns out it doesn't work, sadly. So um... Don't try it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. What part of ''I never used Onrush other than for testing'' and ''I often change between Devil Force and Weapon Force'' do you not understand? I've said that before. Because the damage is still too high in my opinion and it ruins it for me. It ruins what a game is supposed to be: fun. I'm having fun at ''not one-shot with unearned damage'' and ''actually playing the game''. Also, I still have a clear time of 10 minutes at Angry Bosses with my 137k Dio without Onrush. One more thing: it's not because Onrush has been nerfed that his other skills are less strong. But I guess you don't know that as it seems you didn't even try his other skills. Explore a bit.