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  1. I cant enter the game anymore ,once i select a server im just stack in the server selection for a few seconds and it will close, i check inside of the client folder it generated a clientfilelist and crashlog . i try to create a new account and it works fine . if im banned i should get a message about restricting in entering the game but this is different it just close , i try practice mode it close too.Other players i ask help said maybe there is a stack equipment on the characters and i am not aware of that , maybe during the time i can still access the account i keep changing character inside of the pvp rooms and dungeon rooms im getting slow internet connection sometimes,and i noticed that equip armored disappear along with the pet skill so i just ignore it since maybe it is one of the delay in switching characters especially im playing pvp i did not mind having armor on in switching character since the game is balance. if i have a chance to access my account again i will going to remove all the equipment to see if there really a stack armor. Hopefully somebody can help me regarding with this .I appreciate all the help i can get to access my account again.
  2. I would like to ask help in regarding with my account .I had a problem in creating a pvp room or a dungeon room after the Aug 18 2019 patch , i can enter the game play mini games access kching shop smoothly but i cant create a room , every time i create a room the Game client shutdown so i need to relaunch it again ,after this Aug 22 patch i cant log in but in entering the server the game client shutdown , i cant enter the game anymore . I ask help from another players in discord they said maybe there is a stack equipment in some characters , i did not intentionally put a stack armor or item , some said maybe due to slow internet connection and from the time that i can still access the game in pvp rooms and dungeon rooms i keep changing characters that leads to stack the armor or items , i dont know that and i just have answer after the patch where in i cannot able to acces my account and remove all the armor to see if there is really a stack. I would like to ask help to check my account if there it is because i cannot able to access it anymore.. i did not get a message that the account is restricted in the game or file a ticket . Thank You very much and more power IGN : Madness