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  1. I added the folder to the exclusion list, but the bgm lag still happens over time
  2. Hi @Rivia, Sorry to double post, it was fixed for a few hours, but the problem is happening again. I used the repair again but it was only fixed for the first 10 minutes or so
  3. Hi @Rivia, I wasn't aware of the repair button on the launcher. It fixed my audio issue and it hasn't reoccurred since. Thank you!
  4. my client background music starts lagging after being online for a few minutes. It lags as if playing at half speed and makes the music sound weird. After a certain amount of time, the back ground music changes to a 2 second loop of the beginning of the bgm. This occurs in game as well, but the lag effect kicks in slower than on the client. During the loop stage of the lag, changing maps will change the loop as well (but stays looping the first 2 seconds). It's gotten so annoying that I'm forced to mute the beloved bgm :( I looked through the bug threads but don't see any similar problems. Any suggestions?