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  1. Yes, i manage to end the quest without issue, only the other one i'm having the problem with. Also thank you for the help, now i can continue without worries
  2. Thanks , i did using old account which got that mission long time ago, but i never had any problems with my client (hope it didn't). For job change quest, im doing the mission for RIN 4th Job "Chosen" , which i think it is also the old change job quest (Maybe). i just started to play again recently, and there's this 4th job change mission that need me to finish 250 monster 5 levels below or beyond my level. ( i checked the GP shop scroll, it started at Partusay, but this one start at The Wym's Maw) I manage to finish them on a single day and not reporting it because i think it is not a major bug (just needed an extra effort) , but since it is also happened to my other quest i decided to post it here, who knows it might happen again to other job change quest . Thanks for Replying!
  3. I have this issue with quest named "Powerful Hero's Mission 3" which keep resetting my run to 0 everytime i logged out and logging in the next day. This turn to be quite annoying since i need to clear a certain hero dungeon 5 times, and it limited to 4, which rendered my quest to be impossible to finish. I encountered this error also when doing change job quest, defeating 250 enemies +- 5 from my level, so i was wondering if there any help with this issue. Thanks.