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  1. I always get the quest on the cores use in crafting like the grandiel so I always do a lot of runs on angry boss per day and I did notice that even though I always manage to finish the quest every stage but sometimes I don't get the item itself. Is there any explanation for this? lmao it kinda makes me feel crappy cause I had to do a lot of runs for those cores but not every run I get them even tho I always finish the quests right.
  2. Did about 60-70 champion mode on different dungeons couldnt get a single pet scroll is this a bug or bad luck lmao.
  3. -Exc-

    Play House and PVP

    Ow okay but it should be good without lag right? since it still a SEA server
  4. I did atleast 60 between 80 runs on different dungeons and couldnt get a single pet scroll is this a bug? or what? it kinda made me lose hope. It became boring so I stopped playing for awhile.
  5. So I'm new to GrandChaseMadness so I tried to access some things like the play house after playing for 6 hours straight and it seems like its in a loop when i click the playhouse in the settings I couldn't get access to it. It just lags for 3secs then goes to dungeon map. As for the pvp I played a match with a friend and tried pvp but our ping was really good enough but when we started the match in the pvp it was so laggy between us we are from SEA it should be good right? since the server is both US and Indonesia (SEA)