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  1. What jobs do you play with as Arme? Because there are certain jobs that are better for boss clearing and some that are better for dungeons. ST Arme is pretty good at boss clearing because of her defense down, her incredibly spammable mana drain spell and her really strong damaging spells (penta-striker/Gorgos flame 2 for white. While Shock stun, satelite bomb/big bomb. Meteor can also deal a lot of damage to berkas. Her dungeon clearing is somewhat decent because of gravity well. You just kinda need good mp recovery and special attack. Alchemist isn't very good in dungeon nor at boss clearing , she's mostly good at pvp because of cloud kill and mines. Warlock is really good at dungeons because blizzard is actually busted. Battle mage is pretty good at fighting massive bosses due to some of her spells having really good range and damage (freezing spear, airblast and deep impact).
  2. IIRC Krokmou changes his skill tree a lot but the standard dio build is on here in the guide section. It's basically a hybrid build with points into WF stygian and drakar so you can onrush. There are two primary reasons as to why things seem empty to you, you might not play in a time in which many people are online due to time zones and you might have hit a time in which people stop playing for a while till the events rotate (Which is right now due to the devs wanting to implement new content). Also you should probably ask around in discord for people to play with, that's the easiest way to find some to either do DDs, event dungeons, your berkas dailies or TOD.
  3. This is wrong, this game was always meant to be somewhat team oriented from the very beginning as otherwise they wouldn't have implemented the room system with four people in mind and they wouldn't have made end game content for it (Berkas and tod). Hell you can see it even in the early design choices they made for the initial mp characters, Magician had cure, burst heal and Athena's sword, spell knight was inside Ronan's initial kit prior to st and revamp, Druid has resurrection and a massive part of all of Amy has buffs for party members. People just played it solo because it was more convenient and eventually they shifted the more multiplayer focused content into things that you can easily solo. Examples being the hero dungeons as they were nearly impossible to do the hero dungeons solo without the weapon change trick prior to being changed as they scaled with your stats. That's also wrong because Dio is still strong, he's just not strong in a way that you were used to. As Krokmou said you didn't want to play Dio you wanted to play onrush. You aren't destroying the memories of the players primarily because shit looks the same, is the same and feels the same with many characters, they might notice that certain details aren't quite what they remember but the devs aren't shitting on it they are just making things slightly easier for people that don't want to be pigeon holed into picking a character with a playstyle that is boring as fuck. Also the devs making things difficult is a good thing because if things stayed the same without any form of change people would just leave.
  4. Wut? Are you talking about the onrush nerf ? Cause that didn't really do jack shit. Ley, Dio and Rufus are still pretty dang strong.
  5. Ok so i might have misread your initial post a little. But yeah it would be nice if the second skill page could be used for another branch of the skill tree, it would be an amazing thing for Lime as well because she can just switch to support or dps depending on team composition.
  6. I dunno about Rin but for Dio and Asin in PVE it's almost always better going Hybrid rather than going a specific path because those two have amazing tools on either side and most of the skills you get at the end of both STs kinda suck for pve compared to other options or are just bad. Examples with Dio: Dusk bringer's Weapon force move set is kinda pointless for PVE, it's weapon passives aren't as good as Devil force, Time and Spell marble aren't as good as power marble and all of the leviathan weapon force specials aren't very good for PVE. Examples with Asin: The entire path in the mugen active tab after King's wrath is pointless for pve and things beyond the Second Secret door in Disciple are not as good as King's wrath.
  7. I found a bug regarding hero dungeons. When switching to another character inside of either crucible or sanctuary there's a chance that the character that you selected won't be registered as the character that you are using, though if you start the dungeon you would still have that character's stats and available dungeon runs. Example: I played all 4 daily runs i had with Dio and switched to Lime in crucible, the character in the lobby did not change but i was able to still play another run at the crucible with much lower stats and hp. After that run i checked my daily runs with Lime ( Which were 0/4 prior to the fifth dio run) and i saw that it turned to 1/4. I tried this again with Lime in sanctuary switching instead to Mari and it was the same.
  8. Alright, but berkas seems incredibly hard to solo. Any tips ?
  9. Hello. I've just started playing this game around 2 weeks ago and i thought i knew what i was doing based on what i remembered while playing NAGC. But i just finished upgrading my Ronan's Phantom Phoenix armor set and it has a worse stat rank than the Baldr set i had, what should i have been farming instead ? It feels like i wasted my time trying to get it when i should have been lvling up more characters.
  10. Yo. I've been wondering about the hero crests and how to get them, since every day after logging off they seem to reset ? I cleared crucible about two times yesterday and they appeared in the crest requirement yesterday but today it's back at 0/45. Are you supposed to do them with 12 chars so that you can do it in one go ?