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    Shared Inventory was implemented last patch. But if you mean like some of your items are gone after you withdraw all of your items then wait for the staff to assist you.
  2. You can solo Berkas Lair, but it’s hard. You can play with friends which make it a bit easier or invite someone to carry you. Check the discord community, some players there are looking for player who wants to tag along/party in Berkas Lair. You can also obtain TIDs in Event Mini Games. It's okay if you don't hit that 200k+Total Attack right now, just farm and have an SS stats (60k - 150k). You can also check the threads in the General Guide/Discussion section here. Maybe this guide might help you: http://forums.gcmadness.com/index.php?/topic/4851-newbie-guide-to-gcm/
  3. Start by farming enough resources for True Iron Dragon set if you're already level 85. Crafting or obtaining a TID equipment with perfect stats is very rare so you need lots of Property Scrolls (GP or Single) to fix those stats. Always prioritize Critical Damage, Critical Attack Chance, Special Attack and Attack/MP Recovery. Also, you need to equip/sock your equipment with decent monster cards.
  4. Oh, thank you for the reply! Yes, I just want the weapon to be a coordi weapon. πŸ˜€
  5. Hello! I have unsealed all the equip items lvl 10 for Sellion and I decided to change the items into coordi (because of my Dio's coordi sucks) before collecting the weapon reward. But when I tried collecting the weapon, I got a message saying, "Collecting item is insufficient." What should I do? Is it because I made the items into coordi? Is there anything I could do to get the weapon? Help juseyoooo. Will I get the same error(?) or bug(?) if I completed the set and get the pet?
  6. Oh, host problem. They're fixing it already hehehe
  7. Same error. I got disconnected then when I tried to open the launcher, this error came up.
  8. I also had this problem weeks ago. I just deleted all the .dat files (except unins000.da) and d3d9.dll then the launcher was fixed.
  9. In-Game Name: 17CARAT Costume Name: Blood Moon (Priest and Priestess) Costume Description: An ancient priest and priestess, summoned on the night of the Blood Moon, to perform the most powerful ritual β€” fusing their blood and flesh with the darkness, and becoming one with even greater power.