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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but certain missions seem to be bugged or broken; more specifically, the "Get hit 20 times or less" type of missions. I've cleared them, numerous times...or at least, I should've. Rather than failing at 20 hits or more, the mission isn't cleared even if I've only been hit say, 9 times. Even times where I was hit once or twice, the mission wouldn't allow me to complete it successfully since the "done" is still grayed out. There may have been an occasion where I could clear it when I've had 0 hits, but that was about it. After numerous runs at both Gaikoz Castle and Whispering Woods with these issues, I've given up on these missions - though I can't just keep doing that and expecting to be able to proceed without getting exp properly. If I could get any assistance, it'd be appreciated.