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  1. event missions have been discontinued for a very long time, they dont work anymore.
  2. not surprising since they hardly ever do anything on the main webpage, most of the time it's just discord and forums. (who even goes to the main site anyways other than to just either register, donate, or download the game?)
  3. 3 days but can be extended if needed, i guess they din really say tat in the forums
  4. all lowercase as well, no caps
  5. gunslinger doesnt have a 2nd IS, if u see something tats from another server, tats exclusive to tat server.
  6. Silvata


    tat page srsly needs to be updated tho, since there r tons of recent balancing (and probably some old ones) not reflected in there.
  7. i actually recorded the damage for 1 combo cycle for all of her jobs long ago, and.....1st > 2nd > 4th > 3rd.....for some weird ass reason the job with the biggest bow and arrows does the least dmg. i told enid abt it some time ago, so hopefully he'll change it up when he starts revamping some chars. (and yea, i've definitely experienced archranger trying to shoot arrows but cant)
  8. lowercase alphabets + numbers only, not sure if bug or intended but cant have capitals currently
  9. seems like it also requires all lowercase, not sure y they've changed it to tat tho.. so only lowercase letters + numbers
  10. welp, new month, so heres another post hmm..... imma start with the Candy Set: sadly it ends at Amy, and she doesn't have weap either.. (din include the accessories cus honestly, i don think they fit the set at all despite the description, especially the feelers) and's the Holy Spirit Set, another set which i think wont be in GCM since each char has their own unique set (unless they just decided to take jin and amy's set again..) interestingly, only elesis has 4 jobs weap, the remaining chars have up till 3rd job, and sieg has up till 2nd job.. elesis' giant sword looks flattened cus if i turn it straight, the weapon will get cut off from the screen... (also, wats up with lass' claws anyways lol.... those look like they just put multiple syringes together and call it a claw lel) this set goes up till sieg, with mari having only 2nd job weap for some reason, her set and 1st job weap only have ID and no resources .-. there's of course the Elite Holy Spirit Set, but tats basically the same, mostly just the black parts became white, with a few exception like ryan's green parts became black.. (also tat set has no weap at all..)
  11. GP shop is on the map itself, each continent has it's own GP shop which contains armors and weapons for tat continent's level range, it's also where u can buy pet attacks and potions
  12. use BulkFileChanger to change the modified dates of the files in the voice pack to any date after recent maintenance it's the same method as the one mentioned in the 1st post, except u do it for the files in the voice pack rather than the GCM client then try putting in the voice pack again
  13. tats either u din enable ModificationAllow (which i assume u did if u've already used my voice packs b4), or the voice pack itself has older modified dates than the ones in the client (which shouldnt happen tho since the files havent been touched since May). if the problem is the latter, use BulkFileChanger to change the modified dates of the files in the voice pack to a later date (any date after recent maint is fine), then try again
  14. theres no update for voice files so the voice packs doesnt need to be updated
  15. honestly, they really should nerf lightning enchant, i solo'ed goblin work site with a lv34 edel using tat lels (and im not even an edel user, but i guess partly is cus GWS is too easy) lass' raven walker was nerfed to the ground by KOG, then GCM buffed it a lot but recently nerfed it as well tat and the previously usable combo with 3rd job 1st skill invisibility, tho now disabled after weap change, but then they added buffs to his shared skill shadow vanish so .-.