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  2. Oh okay thanks for the answer
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    Jin Overhaul

    Okay just to revive a bit the feedback after the changes (06/18 and 06/21/2020 and others) All the current changes is working good. With that said, all things written here might be very personal but i would like to be considered: So... i feel the debuff duration is a bit short, especially if used with Shisa or Asura which have really long animation skills, and when used with Rama's ultimate. Increase duration sounds a good idea, since Rama's ultimate damage also got nerfed and 1/5 seconds of debuff duration you take just "casting" the skill and you can't reapply while FoH&E is active; it also would help when releasing all you have at once (MP3 + Pet Burst) since all Jin's MP3 have a quite long animation except for Fist of 10K Hells; Another possibility would be forget everything i said on previous paragraph and instead increasing duration, make the buff be applied on other attacks, like Dash Attack, Jump Attack, ETC to make more reliable for using a skill such as after landing from a jump attack or after the Dash+Z+Down for easier and faster Aerials and Back Attacks; Of course, both things would be really nice, but having both could turn out overpowered on solo play. Jin also suffers a bit on some skills with big Initial Delay something Lupus also have and the staff started to look into, good examples are: Searing Light Dragon Squall (mainly this, if reduce become a really good one hit skill for ToD) Asura 2nd and 3th bar Skills (Asura in general have really long animation but since i see this class as more PvP focused, changes on him might be delicated) I also was thinking in a possibility of giving Increased Critical Chance to Fists of Heaven & Earth like Lass received on Invisibility something like 5 or 10%, just a little help to prevent the frustation of using a 4th bar skill and do less damage than a 2nd bar skill (in fact, i think would be a good passive for every skill that works similar) or simply give to Burning Buffs to and keep all on Jin 😎 . i personality still miss: but that's just a personal opinion, i really liked the idea KoG was going of using EoD with Rama's kicks or Asura ottoshot to pull out crazy DPS without using skills with that 3x damage. but i don't think there's any possibility to implement this back; Could be a weapon enchant but i don't think it match with Jin thematic, so im just gonna accept Jin is now a caster character.
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  5. We do not control unipins payment option on Paymentwall. Paymentwall has its own generated options for each region, if it’s not working then it’s something in their side.
  6. Underworld Conductor special attack property is not working, i think that's a really old bug and was not solved yet ~~i quitted GC for 2 years and . idk if just me or more people have this problem. More details will be shown is this video Relogging don't work, create and a room in a dungeon don't work, damage in-game don't change You just lose -25% mp rec
  7. Why can't i donate via unipin from paymentwall? is the issue havent been fixed yet? and when can it will be fixed for sure?
  8. Please download teamviewer and send me a private message with the teamviewer ID and generated Password so I can figure this out manually for you.
  9. Hello, We already have a system for this issue, it's still being tweaked to be released once more as long as there is no bugs attached to it.
  10. Hello, Like stated in our general solutions thread: This is a false detection because your protection cannot read the files like normal. Just as before, exclude the game folder from being scanned and you can continue to play as normal.
  11. This is the screenshot of my notification. I ain't risking allowing GC to run in my device until this was solved.
  12. The main patch downloads Trojan. If I were you, I would be weary. This is the screenshot I took from my pc.
  13. To whom it may concern, Hi. I just found this morning when I patch the grandchase that a trojan was detected and affects the Main.exe. I can't start the game for the pc blocks the virus, and I don't want to risk allowing the virus to my pc. Please find the source of this malware and eradicate as soon as you can, for I am a game devotee. Thank you. Regards D1ETY P.S. The insert image from URL does not reload so I'll paste the URL of the screenshot I took here:
  14. Something want to suggest to ease players: 1. make a button for all chests / boxes / etc. that can open / release them at once, since the original delay for opening chests are long, and it is so troublesome and tedious to open hundreds of chests. 2. For the GP ticket, I hope they can be sold with the same amount of GP received (GP ticket cannot be sold now) so that I don't need to release my GP ticket (or similar things) one by one (the selling function in GC itself can select how many tickets to sell)
  15. BUG gacha cannot get final reward
  16. Good Day! I also have this problem and I found the link. But the problem is the link is expired and I do not know how to resend link again. I cannot find the button. Thank you
  17. Well some of my vip reward didnt come even after I reach the amount vp needed... The rewards: - timed GC club box - epic reinforcement stone box - Alabaster acc chest - coordi fase scroll - all 10k~13999 rewards
  18. Having the same issue as well. Also, the necklace is equip-able, but I just noticed that it ain't adding up to the set effect.
  19. Last week
  20. If you completed the previous VIP before the refresh this patch, you should wait until we hotfix the issue VIP has.
  21. You're 100% sure you have the game folder completely excluded from being scanned by any background protection that could possibly delete the main.exe? Also, noting that some antivirus can still scan and delete even if turned off.
  22. Is it safe to buy stuff to get Vip rewards or should I wait for next patch? I am seeing some ppl on discord saying it doesnt work for them 😮
  23. i tried this and it doesn't seem to fix my problem. still can't launch the game
  24. Hello, I would recommend that you exclude the game folder from being scanned in all of your antivirus settings including windows defender. Even though the error message is different, the issue still follows under Launcher Problems and Corrupted Files in the pinned thread of General Support.
  25. Hello, Have you checked your spam / junk section of your email? That is the most common place the confirmation email will go.
  26. when i try to launch the game i get a pop up message saying either "Main exe. not found, check your" or "operation did not complete suc". i tried to redownload and fix the launcher but it doesn't work. can someone help me solve this?
  27. I want to ask, i didnt get email for apply last step to active my new account, sorry im newbie at GC Madness, but i old player in GCID thanks
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