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Outage - April 22nd, 2018

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Hello Everyone!

I'm sure you're all aware of the disconnections and delays plaguing the server at this moment. After further studying and communication with our data center it has come to our attention that we are currently being DDOS'ED (Distributed Denial of Service) on serious proportions.
We are currently not aware of the culprit and have no further information on the matter.

Due to the nature of said problem, it would be impossible to keep the server up without having players suffer the dire consequences and in the long run, deal with heavy issues on their accounts.

As so, the staff has come to the decision to keep the server offline for a certain period of time until we are able to mitigate the attack and ensure that everything is stable before service is resumed. This action will prevent any further losses on your accounts while you play and give us the ability to completely focus on resuming service as soon as possible.

Once the server is back and roaring to go, every individual player will be compensated greatly with the following reward(s):
- Virtual Points (VP)
- Event Items (I.E. 1-Year Accessories)
- Temporary Event (I.E. Rainbow)
- Temporary Shop Sales (I.E. Seal Breaker Discount (>_>))
- Calendar Marks (I.E. Offline Days Marked)
- Dice Event Bonuses (I.E. Extensions & Extra Rolls)

Your accounts will not be lost nor will anything be changed within them.

Due to the overwhelming requests to implement an Asia channel, we've also come to an agreement on making a poll to let the community decide whether or not we should bring back the Asia channel we've had in the past. Please note that this channel will be added some time after the server stabilizes and we will be monitoring activity to ensure this channel is being put to good use, that is if there is enough votes.
You may vote here:

We sincerely apologize for the latest string of problems and promise to get things back to top-notch shape as we always do.

We thank you for being patient and understanding in these dire times.

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