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Quick Jin Tips (Outdated)

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Hello everyone, it's me again haha :D

This time I won't go for a detailed build for Jin but rather for simple tricks that most of you may know, but I have noticed that very few players were using it.

As you may know, Season 5 introduced a bunch of useful new moves for Jin, I am speaking about Iron Fist and End of Days.

While most players are aware that Iron Fist is great for HP regen, End of Days is quite not often used (mostly because trading your skills and your defense for stronger combos is not so great, especially if your MP regen is high)

However, End of Days also increases the damages of your pet. And when I say increase, I mean makes your pet roughly 4 times stronger, indeed extremly strong if you have a very powerful pet.

The other tip is that you can switch weapon while End of Days (and also IF but it is not so useful as Fighter tends to make the best use of IF) which allows you to considerably empower (x4 again) Rama's Sky Fall and Rapid Fire moves (which are not much weaker than Iron Fist but doesn't need Fire to be used and are easier to land)

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First I would like to state that this guide is outdated since overhaul. The damage buff from EoD has been lowered since you can use your skills with it.

Second, I am not quite sure to understand ur question since I haven't seen anyone using IF and I dont see the point of using a skill while IF lower your damages.

Only thing I usually see is the EoD + Imperial Skill combo, very powerful especially on Rama's Imperial Skill. 

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