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Welcome to Astrology's guild thread! Here you will find tons of little starbits about our guild.


Please take note that Astrology and Astronomy are the same guilds, we've done this to compensate for our extended number of members.




Astrology is a gaming community that strives to make everyone's gameplay experience better. Drop on in for some of our guild hosted events to enjoy yourselves with your fellow guild mates and to win rewards! Players may join Astrology regardless of PvP/PvE preferences as there are like-minded individuals from both. If having a good time enjoying a great game with an extremely chill group of people sounds right for you, apply!



-Respect your fellow guildmates, don't let joking around get out of hand. (Or feel Lucy's wrath kek)

-To inform a ranking member of the guild(GM/General) if you're going to be taking a large leave of absence and would like to keep your spot. (This is to prevent anyone from getting kicked out if the guild gets full and needs space)

-Speak English in the guild chat (fluently please) so that everyone can understand you.

-If you'd like to join, message one of the guild generals after applying in-game for approval.



(Format is: IGN - Discord/(Aliases))


Guild Founder

Lucifer - Lucifer™


Astrology Leader

Santasia - Santasia


Astrology Generals

Jellica - Jellica

Auto - ded

Kencru - Kencru


Astronomy Leader

ArbiterDeku - Arbiter™


Astronomy Generals

Yiayiah - Yiayiah

Alyschu -  -Shin-

Rastrax - Rastrax

*Thanks for reading Astrology's guild thread! If you have any questions message any ranking officer in the guild, myself, or the guild lead*

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IGN: Joker - Discord: Joker#5035

*I'm also a General now, so feel free to pm me to approve apps!*

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This is an announcement to all member of Astrology/chasers reading over this post/thread. I am currently unable to be in-game so please run application messages through the other Generals. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes to players hoping to have their applications approved speedily. 

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