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GCM Team Q&A!

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Welcome! Recently in our community discord, I asked you to ask us some questions, and here are the replies!

Now, several of the same or similar questions were asked by many people, and several questions were things we have already answered in the discord, so I apologize if your question was left out. We will be covering Custom Content that is on the horizon, as well as former staff and food choices!
With that out of the way, let's hop right in! Questions will be divided in to three categories based on everyone in the staff, the Dev team specifically, and the GMs and Moderators. Let's hop in!



─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────


1. What are your Mains in GC?

[kouyz]: There's a long time i stopped playing gc, but my main character is sieghart (pk), but i also like to use all mp characters, in particular mari (gunslinger), lass (d.a), sieghart (pk) and arme (archmage).
[Adrian]: Sieghart
[Enid]: It's a rivalry between Ronan, Zero, and Edel. I love the whole playstyle of all three characters and their colors are why I highly prefer them also.
[Mari]: Mari, Lime and Elesis, but I wanna learn Asin and relearn Ley as well.
[Lucifer]: lass, siegheart, jin, and anyone i wann play at the moment  

2. Why is staff team so cool and good looking?

[kouyz]: Good genes and Johnson's baby help.
[Adrian]: Magic.
[Enid]: Why are YOU ALL so cool and good looking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[Mari]: I sacrifice people and bathe in their blood.

3. Pie or Cake?

[kouyz]: neither.
[Adrian]: Cake (And this isn't a lie)
[Enid]: Pake.
[Mari]: Pie. Always pie. If I had a choice between dying and never eating pie again, I'd stab the person trying to take pie away from me.
[Lucifer]: why not both ? 

4. Is being a staff member for GC a job? Does it pay? Would it be a part-time or full-time job?

[kouyz]: It's more like something that I have fun doing. It's not a full-time job cuz im a bit busy with my personal life (family, university), but always i get a free time to focus on a new system or stuffs, i tend to spend at least 20 hours doing this, until i get the work done.
[Adrian]: I take it as a friendship, if i get repaid for it or not doesn't matter, and i work for it when i receive any job
[Enid]: It's not truly a job, if anything it's more like a hobby you can take on. Depending on your exact position you get paid but those who slack more than likely get nothing, if you want to join for payment then it's best you don't join at all.
[Mari]: I work for free, but if Kouyz/Rain wanted to pay me I wouldn't say no. As for actual time, it is sorta full time for me. If I'm online, I make myself available to help out.
[Lucifer]: you have to i mean its alright to joke from time to time but u cant let it get out of hand. I dont get paid nor do I want to tbh; I enjoy just helping people and banning stackers/hackers.

5. Where did Rivia go?

Everyone: Personal life got too crazy for her be both GCM staff and deal with IRL stuff. There is no bad relationship between us, however.

6. Why is GC Madness called "Madness"?

[kouyz]: Because when we started working with gc, it was a completely madness (just imagine having to deal with all kog bugs coding in assembly only), and also the name sounded cool.
[Adrian]: Because this name is cool
[Enid]: Personally, I got no clue. I just assume it's because the future of Madness is pure madness (in a good way!) (/◕ヮ◕)/
[Mari]: Sh*ts crazy, yo.
[Lucifer]: cuz your stuck with us <3

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────
Dev staff:

1. What are you currently working on for the next big update?

[kouyz]: Hmm, basically im working on a custom client which will allow us to change and implement new custom things to gc again, like kog used to do, but for that i have to remake most of things implemented from season eternal to season 5 from scratch, like pvp options, gacha, dungeons, megaphone, loj, new interface and a lot of other stuffs (that's what i've been doing these months). This client will also allow us to fix some mess kog did with their code and fix common exploits like stacking.

2. What are your general plans for custom content?

[Enid]: Well, if you've seen me type around in Discord you know that we're taking things nice and slow. We believe that rushing content will just cause new bugs, new glitches, and be a total mess. Our objective right now is our custom client and once we're finally on it, we plan to begin teasing our first official custom Event Dungeon (which has been in the works for over 3+ months) and start the true 'madness' (heh) from there. The possibilites are endless and we definitely don't have any plans to stop soon, we have new characters, continents, systems, jobs, etc all in our plans for the future and hope that with time, we will eventually implement them all. One of the biggest concerns with new skills would be finding someone to voice it, which is hard because we can't just go ask the official actor/actress! (Or can we?)

3. Is it possible to create a new character? 


4. Is it possible to add completely new jobs for characters like Lime, Asin, Edel, Veigas, and Uno?


5. Will we ever get shared inventory again?

[kouyz]: Definitely not. Actually im able to do that, but the database structure would've to be changed again, due to that we would have to delete most user data that had already been saved in the old structure. 
[Enid]: It's a low possibility that will ever return again. At first, I believed that separation was a terrible thing (don't get me wrong, it still is) but the content we have planned for the future and our Crest Revamp (which will overhaul every single crest in the game to provide an RPG-type element into the game) is highly better for separation as it removes that idea of having a Lv. 1 run around with a crest such as the one from Wizard's Labyrinth and all in all, opens the doors for us to improve upon all individual content. As of now, we're working on making item movement between characters be smoother and easier to do and hope to eventually have a way for you to move items from character to character without Warehouse.. all in due time.

6. What new event dungeons/regions are you planning on adding? Details?

[Enid]: > . < The event dungeon details are a secret! But I will gladly leak one detail; it's the home of someone in the Grand Chase. As for regions, we're planning to expand upon Archimedia further (the eastern side of it to be precise) and get the lore going from there, we already got story written starting from the aftermath of Tower of Disappearance and the mode of transportation so it should tie up quite nicely! After that, things get a bit more complicated.. we plan to have more continents in the world map of Aernas and later possibly a way to enter a completely new dimension (such as the Underworld) with its own continents, dungeons, and so much more! 

7. When will the Auto Unseal Button be added to Gacha? 

[kouyz]: The auto unseal is already implemented on our custom client and will be released soon, im just improving and updating some old libs and stuffs to make our client have a good performance (and fix the fps drop)

8. For balance changes instead of just damage increase ever gonna make certain skills have bigger AOE or adding different properties making certain skills freeze,burn,suction and etc?

[Enid]: The damage increase was an introduction to what we can do, it was also a learning experience for me who was studying all the functions available which would be important in the future for creating attack/skills or revamping a attack/skill entirely. Right now, our next rebalance will be Combo Attacks for dungeons and once we're all set in our, ... custom client, we'll begin looking into a possible renewal of Lire's 4th Job, Nova, and improvement/renewal/revamp of many existing skills for many characters!

9. Are you planning on ever making your own revamps of other characters or changing existing ones to make them better? Like Ronan or Mari's revamp?

[Enid]: Oh for sure! As I said above, Lire's 4th Job, Nova, will be our first official custom revamp for a job. Eventually, as time goes by and we notice that a character just isn't working anymore with their current kit, we will give them a full on revamp/renewal on the scale of possibly Ronan! With a revamp comes new cut-ins, skills and so much more, so it's quite an exciting thing to always look forward too and we obviously hope the community can pitch in their ideas for when we do one as we want to make sure that the idea/opinion of players are all heard and we can't always do it by ourselves!

10. Are there plans for custom IS skills to be added? Will Uno get a skill tree? 

[Enid]: As of now, the only character to be getting a custom IS will be Rin (specifically something Twilight-oriented) and a few particle improvements for her original IS, eventually we might look into giving 2nd/3rd/4th jobs a second IS, but it's all in the clouds now but we definitely hope to have something out soon. Uno will not be getting a skill tree for a while, similar to "custom content" we do not want to rush it and take our time with this, and as I stated above, somehow getting the voice for skills and such will be quite difficult.

11. What is your main focus of what YOU want to add into the game the official server never had?

[kouyz]: Well, that's basically the same question as before, but we have plans to add new minigames and improve some old things that kog never revamped. I also have plans to make a new pvp game mode and improve the pvp options.

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

1. What sorts of events do you plan on running?

[Adrian]: Fashion contest and find the GM maybe, we are open for suggestions too, sooo fell free to suggest anything.
[Mari]: I'm going to be running a fashion event pretty soon here, and I want to make a speed-running event, I just gotta learn how to make it happen...
[Enid]: I don't really control events but I think we plan on Fashion, Trivia, PvP, Screenshot the Word, Forums, etc. We're just trying to get everything in order first.
[Lucifer]: In the near future I want to be able to do events that winners get a set of their choice, maybe even old sets for some events. 

2. Can we have GCM pvp tournament with prizes soon?

[Adrian]: It's impossible to check if someone is using illegal tools like macro and etc on tournaments, but maybe on the future we can host one, i will leave it to Kouyz.
[Mari]: What Adrian said. We want it to be 100% fair, which we can't guarentee right now. 
[Enid]: Before we do tournaments, we want to begin shipping out some daily PvP missions and improve the foundations of PvP and simply get the gears for it running again. But yes, when we're ready then you can expect a tournament with prizes which we hope to go as far as 'phyiscal'. :P
[Lucifer]: Of course.

3. What was your reason for joining the team?

[Adrian]: I really need it...?, uh...well...i just like to work with this game and received a invite, nothing more
[Mari]: To get la- I mean, because I deeply enjoy the game and wante dto aid in the growth of the community. Plus, I had experience through my guild and IRL customer service experience.
[Enid]: Eh.. it's a bit complicated. I'm a mega Grand Chase lover, I came to madness with the intention to simply play and have fun and see how far they can go. I was originally the first Lime to cap on Madness (RIP Sleep) and decided to contact the owner, Kouyz, to see if I can help with anything and it just so happened that I had a knat for working with GC scripts. He gave me a choice whether to join the team or not and I took it and here I am, I mostly joined to hone my skills and simply work for the game I truly love so much.
Extra: For those who don't know my exact role in the staff (Scripter), I am the one who controls most of the content available in the game and provides most of the casual bug fixes, while Kouyz and RainMaker deal with the more bigger things that I usually can't do. For instance, I handle everything in the K-Ching Shop, I handle the rotations in the game such as event dungeons, mini games, sets, etc. I also work on the drop tables and am the go-to man for suggesting items to add/bring back. I fix bugs such as a monster not dropping, a mini game having wrong rewards, a dungeon not letting you enter or anything trivial like that (though I play a huge role in the fact that Madness has a lot of bugs fixed that are not fixed in other servers). Kouyz/RainMaker deal with account problems, database issues, host problems and anything BIG like that, so if you have issues with anything like that, hit them up. :V
[Lucifer]: My GC experinces was dead sadly, but I found a new one from just helping people and trying to keep the game alive.

4. Is Mari a girl or a boy?

[Adrian]: Professor Oak Intensifies
[Mari]: Who cares? Buy me dinner then we can talk.
[Enid]: Well, Mari is a girl but I am not aware of [MOD]Mari's gender.
[Lucifer]: All im say is Mari's mine c;

─────────────────────────── o ──────────────────────────

And that's it for now! We will host more Q&As in the future as more questions arise that deserve to be posted in such a manner! 
Thank you to those that asked the questions and thank you to the staff for putting up with my bullsh*t!



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