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Good Day Chasers!

As for today, I have founded Eternity Guild!
Why Eternity? The word says it all I guess? haha
This guild has been stablished back in the days and why not? Start it all over again!

There are no requirements for joining, as the founder, i'll help on everything I can those who needs help. Of course, if I can't because of something, please do not beg.
Eternity is mainly English guild, the only restriction is the you must speak English in guild chat. 

I do not tolerate bad attitudes, racism and more SPG things to be mentioned. Treat everyone nicely :D 

And that is all about it! Remember, every member is a family member! This is a FAMILY GUILD. 

Feel free to join! What are you waiting for? Go to any Park, and search for Eternity! :) 

In-Game name: zSecret

Edited by zSecrets

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Ey, remade the ol' guild! Awesome to see some of the old gcr guilds get kickstarted here. Goodluck with recruiting!

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