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Hi guys! New player here from the PH. I recently got into playing Grand Chase again (GC Madness specifically) and it's been quite some time since I last played the game. I stopped playing about 8 years ago since I had not much friends to play with back then. I didn't want to make friends in-game because I was too shy haha.. that ends now.

I hope I get to play with the community frequently and I look forward to playing PvE as well as PvP with you all! My current character/main character is Asin and is about a week old right now so I can't really do much in dungeons since I'm pretty bad at the game still and I don't have much equipment. In the future tho, I look forward to boosting new people and helping the community grow! 

If you want to add me in-game, my IGN is Gridd. I can probably help you with most dungeons but the more advanced Hero Dungeons like Labyrinth or Berka's Lair is something I currently cannot help with right now as I am also being boosted in those dungeons.

I also am a leader of my own guild called Yggdrasil. Currently it's just a guild for fun and is mostly comprised of IRL friends. We're not competitive in any way and I'm just putting this out there in-case there are people who want to join a random guild be it permanently or temporarily. We'll help you out in any way we can so feel free to join us! :)


Again, glad to be a part of the community and I hope all of you are safe out there!

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