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[Monthly] Storytelling Chaser

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Every chaser has their own adventures through life that they wish to share with one another. May it be getting through the hardships of battle or simply figuring out how to put on a celebration for a very special day. A simple story can be life changing to others so why not share yours!

Theme: Lunar New Year Celebration / New Year Celebration


Create a story involving Grand Chase's characters that revolves around the theme above.

[Story Title]
[Story Entry]


  1. Story must be 100% original and creative (Doesn't have to be your actual life story)
  2. Story must include Grand Chase Characters
  3. Story can look like and be a script (Only Dialogue of characters talking back and forth)
  4. You can use your native language if you're not confident in writing it in English! 
  5. No 18+ or offensive content (pornographic, harassment, abuse, racial, religious, politically, or sexual content)
  6. Keep it short and sweet! (1-3 Paragraphs is short enough for those who question)


[1] Grand Prize Winner - 2,500 VP
[2] Runner Ups - 1,250 VP


January 3rd, 2020 ~ February 3rd, 2020


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IGN : Likulau
“New Year Celebration”


Ryan run through the bushes up to the mountain while holding the red-haired boy who try to keep up his speed, "w-wait a minute, Ryan," said the red-haired boy. Ryan didn't listen to the red-haired boy- no, he listen, he just don't want to waste his time, "We're running out of time, Jin!" the red-haired boy named Jin trying to catch his breath as he keep running fast. "Could you atleast tell me, where we were heading?"

They stop running as they reach the top of the mountain, Ryan stood still looking the city’s night view, the lanthern light up the city. Ryan still holding Jin’s hand while they both still catching their breath from all the running. “What’s up with you all of sudden? We even left the other at the city, we’re gonna miss the new year eve festival.” said Jin, he hold on his knee and looking up to Ryan in the eyes.

“Jin. I’m..” Ryan turn aside to Jin and hold both of Jin’s hand tight, they both look each other in the eyes,  “I...” Ryan tried to tell Jin this time... this time, “-I love you, Jin!” Fireworks start blowing up in the night sky, as Jin’s face turn red and his heartbeat goes crazy. Jin hold both Ryan’s cheek with teary eyes and warm smile, “I love you too, Ryan!” Ryan couldn’t believe what he just heard as he hug Jin tightly, finally.. finally he could let out his feeling for Jin this entire time. “Happy new year.. Jin,” Ryan stroke Jin back hair, pulling him in more warm hug, “Happy new year, Ryan.. please take care of me this year too,” Jin give Ryan a warm hug.

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IGN: Ibarramedia

Temple of Celebration

It is New Year's eve and the chase is still on going. It has been a long day for them for they just conquered the Border of Xenia and before that they crossed continent from Ellia to Xenia. Elesis is determined to finish at least this dungeon before they stop and call it the day. "We are starting now this great adventure..." All of them are tired but Ryan's senses are still alive, he heard a faint voice of a young girl, it is singing. "Do you hear guys what I am hearing?" Ryan shared. Ronan looked bewildered as he wander his eyes around the temple. " the place where we all dreamed together..." Arme approached Elesis "I can hear it too. What a lovely voice she has." Elesis nodded.

As they fight the monsters on their way, the voice is getting clearer and clearer as they approach the great hall in the middle of the dungeon. As they opened the door, in the middle of the great hall is a girl wearing a violet and pink robe. "...To love forever chase, Go! for the lost world." Ronan clapped his hands. The girl turned her back and was shocked as she saw the group of people staring her. "Oh my gosh, w-who are you?" She asked. "We are the Grand Chase and we're here because we are looking for Samsara." Elesis said. "Ahh, that filthy old giant. He's there on the top of the castle drinking wine with his comrades." Ryan interrupted, "What are you doing here then?" The girl freaked out "Well, actually I am a performer in this castle, before I was a captive but the giant spared my life in exchange of performing to him live." Lass is not convinced on what she said, "If that's the case then why don't you come with us so that while you are distracting him because of your performance, we can defeat him without his knowledge?" The girl laughed. "Well you are quite funny aye, I cannot go directly to him because his room is protected by werewolves and I hate those skank, they are the reason why I am here. Vanessa is the only person why can escort me to him and I believe she is not here...maybe." Lire approached in front, "Who's Vanessa?" She replied "Half human half werewolf, she is actually kind to me and she is the leader of the werewolves. You know what, I don't have time for chitchats, I need to practice for my special new year's day performance. If you really want to face that giant, I'm going to give you all a blessing." She approached them and danced gracefully, each one of them felt like they are pumped up. "You are an oracle?" Ronan asked. She winked at him, "I wish you all the luck and I hope you will find success in your mission. Bye for now~ Hyaa!"

After conquering the werewolf and fanatics of Samsara, they finally able to reached the top of the castle. They did not expect how huge the God they are facing. It was a tough battle for them because Samsara is the biggest demon they have encountered so far. Arme actually realized that without the blessing from the oracle they might end up losing the battle. After the tiring battle with the demon-possed Samsara, they finally freed him from Thanatos' imprisonment. "Thank you, brave warriors for answering my call. There are five other Gods who is currently being disrupted by Thanatos. Please, save them as well." Ronan is quite alarmed after hearing the story. "Can we just continue tomorrow, I'm quite hungry and tired," Arme said. Thanatos knelt, "You cannot fight the Ascendant God without special powers. He is indestructible unless you have six orbs which can either contain him or help you conquer him. I actually have th--" The mysterious girl appeared out of no where "Hyaaa~ I have it." Thanatos reached out for his orb. "Yes, thank you. Amy is protecting my orb in case you cannot respond to my call. Please, accept my gift for you." Lass smirked "I know you are not an ordinary performer. I think I heared your voice somewhere before." Amy energetically responded "Well, I'm quite famous you know. But who cares, the important thing is to protect that orb and to defeat that manipulative Ascendant God." Samsara hurriedly said, "But before you do that, why don't you spend the night here at my castle and join me for a great feast. Vanessa is a great cook." Lire jokingly replied "Yeah, trust her and her cooking skills after she almost burned us alive earlier. What a great way to end the year." And they all laughed while walking towards the dining hall.


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Ign: CitrusCookie

A Failed New Years Eve Party

It is New Year’s Eve, Ley was going to host a party! At least, that was the plan, but everyone said they were too busy and had their own plans. Elesis wanted to train, Jin wants to spend time with Amy, and Dio… who knows what he is doing. Everyone else had some kind of excuse. Except for Lime. Lime was the only one who showed up to Ley’s party. Of course Ley was visibly upset. “It’s ok, Ley. I brought fireworks and confetti poppers!!!” said Lime. Ley did not care, she was upset, so she plopped herself onto the couch and pouted. Lime, all of a sudden, comes up with a great idea.


“Ow! Did you just-”



Ley grabbed the rest of the confetti poppers and proceeded to fire a few at Lime. Chaos ensues for the next few hours. Eventually they both end up tired, lying on the ground with confetti scattered everywhere. “That really stings, you know” says Lime. “You deserved it.” Ley responded. The two laughed. “Look we have 1 more minute before new years!” screamed Lime. They held hands and counted down together. Once the clock struck 12, Lime screamed “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!” Ley proceeded to give Lime a smooch and said,  "I'm glad I'm spending the New Year with you." Lime blushed and held on to Ley’s hand even tighter. 

“Now, let’s go set these fireworks off inside Dio's living room”

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IGN: Azarael

Ronan's New Year

It's three hours before New Year and Ronan was staring at himself in the mirror. "What am I even doing? Buying all these suits from the Coordi Shop and a black tie to match! *sighs* it's just a party Ronan, don't worry." One last look and he was all set. Ronan heads to the elevator and presses the button to go to the rooftop. "WAAAAAAIIIIT!!!" Ronan quickly slips his hands between the elevator doors when suddenly a girl steps into view. 

"Thank you so much!" 

Ronan smiles. "No problem. You're going to the party as well?" 

"Is it because of the dress?" 

 "I think so? It looks good on you" 

She giggles, "Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself"

The two part ways as Ronan heads out and sees Ryan. "HEEEEEEY, look at you all suited up" says Ryan to Ronan. Ronan laughs "Thanks" 
The night went on until it was thirty minutes to midnight. A loud voice suddenly rang through all over the roof. "I know you're all having a great time and in a few minutes, the countdown will towards New Year will begin, thank you and have a great New Year!" Ryan, seeing Ronan getting drunk alone in the party, decides to bring in his friend over to meet Ronan.  "Hey Ronan, I'd like you to meet my friend Edel" 

"You look familiar. Haven't I met you somewhere before?"

 "We never formally known each other but I'm the guy from the elevator"

 "OOOOOOOOOH, that's why" Edel laughs "Sorry about that, I'm a bit forgetful" 

"Sooo, wanna come with us and wait out the New Year?" Ronan nods.

Ronan, Ryan, and Edel were all getting drunk before midnight. It was a few minutes before midnight and Ronan, heavily influenced by the alcohol, decides to go up to Edel and talks to her.

"Hey, uhhhh, do you like Ryan?"

"What? I don't like Ryan, were only friends" Edel's face blushes red.

Ronan blushing, "Then you won't mind if I do this." *mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* 

As the New Year came and the fireworks were exploding in the sky. Ronan opens his eyes, and with his alcohol-filled breath, says. 




"I love you, Ryan." 

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IGN: Kharie

A celebration in Serdin Park


"Let's celebrate the New Year!" Rin shouted enthusiastically. The Grand Chase just got back from their arduous adventure and was resting on their hideout that has been thoroughly cleaned for some reason, probably Flora has been maintaining the house while they're away. As with Rin's energetic announcement, no one reacted, rather the group is too tired to even retort on Rin's randomness. But Lime, being an innocent puppy and a blessing(?) from the Goddess asked "What is New Year?" either she's curious or just wants to break the ice, nonetheless Rin answered with glee "It's when we celebrate the arrival of the new year and to wish for good luck from the goddess~" "Rejected, there's a war going on outside of those walls, we don't have the time to go our merry ways when there are dozens of knights dying in our place" Elesis, with a look of indignation and irritation glare at Rin's insensitive suggestion "I agree with Elesis, I'm sorry Rin but we need to get back to the frontlines as soon as we're done resting" Ronan then added while still stirring the pot which houses their soon to be lunch. "Uhm, but guys, we can celebrate it~ come on, it'll be fun~" Rin, probably sensing the discomfort and the hesitation not to mention the palpable air of exhaustion around the room tried to encourage her friends. But no matter how hard she tried to convince her friends, the apparent fatigue that is present on everyone's face is something that is preventing her friends from acting. She's aware that they have been fighting and risking their lives every day chasing Ashtaroth and on rare days such as this where they can rest their weary bodies are a day they just can't take for granted. Regardless, she wanted to use the celebration as a means to lift their spirits and raise morale. Nonetheless, she understands their exhaustion, but as Rin was about to give up, Lime jumps in front of her, holds her hands and said "Such wonderful sentiment! Please allow me to cooperate!" "Hmhm, that sounds fun~ Let me join~ of course, Jin's coming with me" Having found three unexpected allies from Lime, Amy, and Jin, the four rushed to prepare for celebrating New Year. With the creak of the door closing comes Elesis standing up intending to stop the four but was blocked by Seighart "Let the kids have some fun" Not wanting to argue any further or she's just too tired and hungry to even bother, Elesis went back to her sofa and continue polishing her swords.


In a particular place in Serdin was a park where residents can unwind, meet friends, families or other people, or just simply relax under the shade of a tree. At least it used to be. Right now it has been transformed and decorated for the sake of celebrating this so-called New Year. For a task such as decorating the whole Serdin Park was an impossible job with just the Rin, Lime, Amy and Jin in a very short amount of time. But with the help of Rita, Flora along with other volunteers. Also, Lire, Ryan, and Zero that Jin somehow convinced into helping. They had transformed the whole Park into a place where people can have fun and momentary forget the horrors of war even if just for today. In addition to the cheers and the merry voices of the participants are the songs from the bards that have been attracted to the city after hearing the spectacle from rumors. "I've brought them!" shouted Lime as she leads Elesis by the hand and brought her at the center of the park where a giant brightly decorated tree stands. "I guess things like this weren't so bad once in a while" After seeing the residents of Serdin laughing, dancing, singing and having absolute fun was something she cannot deny. She wanted to go back to the frontlines but more than anything, she fully appreciates scenarios like this where people can smile even in the midst of a world-ending war. Elesis then turned to look around. She saw Ronan and Ryan arguing with food on both their hands, She saw Lass leaning on a tree and observing the celebration. She saw Lire, Arme and Ley seemingly enjoying their respective drinks, She saw Asin, Mari and Seighart watching a group of people doing a street dance, She saw Dio with Alfred having fun with the locals... or are they collecting information? She saw Zero in a far corner eating some cake alone, she saw Rita not far from Zero running with what looks like a dress hugged tight in her arms. "Everyone is having fun" Elesis though and smiled as the snow falls from the sky to the ground. "It's a message from the Goddess!" Lime sure is having fun in her own way.

With happiness and merriment filling the entire Serdin Park, no people can resist the jubilant atmosphere and in just a short amount of time, the whole town was in celebration mood. Some left their houses to see what's going on, others join, some are just cheering and having the time of their lives. Except for one person. "As if I'll let the New Year outshine me" It's only a whisper that is meant to hear by none, But Jin caught it as he was standing near her. "Jin! Raise the stage!" Jin then pushes a button a mere second after Amy shouted those words, it's like he was eagerly waiting for her to call him. "Hi everyone! It's me! Amy!" A button wasn't truly necessary to raise the 'Amy Stage', they already reserved a spot by cloaking a space with tables and decorations. A button was meant to be a call for a few members of Amy's Fanclub to take away the camouflage. But none of those matters as the moment Amy stands in the centerstage erupts an ear-deafening roar from countless members of the Fanclub. Leave it to them not to miss a chance to see their idol up close. Nonetheless, Amy's sing and dance further accelerate the initial excitement and the whole New Year celebration has turned into Amy's live concert. Though the original participants of the celebration didn't mind the noise as they can still eat, dance and sing like before. "When did Amy prepared all of these?" Ronan asked Jin after seeing him clapping and waving light sticks. "We prepared them in secret with the help of Rita" That answers the question of Rita's whereabouts when they were decorating the whole park "But Jin, Amy's mic was the Kleiophone right?" Lass then raises a very specific question to Jin. Amy is indeed using her trusted Kleiophone as a mic along with an electric guitar that she pulls out from her bag. "Wouldn't that be dangerous?" Additionally, Lime pointed out that Although the Kleiophone was originally used as a tool for communication to the Gods. Amy has been using it for fighting, mostly just to amplify her voice. "Wait, Amy's voice change depends on her mood right!?" Just as Seighart finished speaking those words, the group got a collective sense of danger. "-Mari! Raise a shield!" With Ronan's leadership, Mari encases Amy in a small barrier but - "Here comes the finale!" with it comes a supersonic wave of sound that travels faster than Mari can complete the Barrier. Even so with an incomplete barrier, Mari managed to minimize the damage and protect the people of Serdin. Yet despite her effort, all the participants present in the celebration still get a minor headache.


With that, the celebration ended. But not before Amy has been severely scolded by Elesis for almost injuring the entire Serdin populace. Thankfully the Queen herself who was secretly present at the celebration asked Elesis to forgive Amy. Because of Amy's song and dance that they were revitalized enough for the minor headache to be unobtrusive.


The people of Serdin and the Grand Chase then welcomed the new year with vigor, optimism, and fortitude. Ready to take on the war and save the world.

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