[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #5

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The Fashionista Chaser will have the community's fashionistas competing to see who can dress the best and impress their guest. Combine different outfit and armor pieces to make a custom outfit of your own! Blow the staff away with your fashion ideas enough to where they want to wear what you wear!

Theme: Greek Mythology (Gods and Goddess)
Hint / Tip: You can use Medusa as an Example. (Don't use her actual full outfit create your own "Greek God / Goddess")


[Make a list of costume / armor parts used]*


  1. 1 Entry only [Can be Front, Side, and Back views]
  2. You can use the new [Coordi Closet] to create your outfit!
  3. Entry must be clear [Use the snip application if you have to!]
  4. Full outfit piece sets are not allowed. (Ex. Complete Coordi Packages, Wedding Coordi Package, and Awakening Sets.)
  5. Must give a list of the costume parts you used. (Ex. Hair: Kumi Neo-Geisha Chingon, Top: Midriff Top, Bot: Black Daisy Dukes, etc...)
  6. If your entry includes more than 2 parts from the same set you will lose creativity chances of winning.


January 3rd 2020 ~ February 3rd 2020


Grand Prize Winners [3]: 2,000 VP
Runner Up Prize [5]: 1,500 VP


Past Winners
Format : IGN [Forum Name]

November / December, 2019
Grand Prize Winners
Lewisia [Amethyst], Nifty18 [Nifty18], iAlexios [iHachiko]
Runner Ups
Yamo [crimrose07], Jhariza [Jhariza], Armenias [Chione], Liyenne [potats0], AhriPotter [Achlys]


August, 2019
Grand Prize Winners
Lewisia [ Amethyst ], Alethea [ Kairus ], SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ]
Runner Ups
Chagrin [ chagrin ], lIkarugal [ Ikaruga ], Mslash [ ManilaSlasher ], Alethea [ Serafall1 ], Bruuhyan [ Bruuuuh ]

September, 2019
Grand Prize Winners

Siegraine [ Siegraine ], SilvataSekai [ Silvata ], Torsion [ Torsion 
Runner Ups
SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ], Piety [ Piety ], Mizugaki [ Tamako ], iTanjirou [ iHachiko ], AYaseEli [ EIysium ]

October 2019
**Forum Name [IGN]**
Grand Prize Winners
NekoZilla [Binchin], Amethyst [Lewisia], lBluul [lBLuul], SomeRandomKid [McAdam], ClaudiyaRin [iAyano]
Runner Ups
ReVendetta [Azarael], Elysium [AYaseEli], Rek [Rek], iHachiko [iAlexios], Zaky.S [SN916]

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Entry: Thanatos - God of Death (Girl Version using Mari)
IGN: Luffytaro [Chrome]
Description: Fallen Angel of Death
Hair: Dark Nightmare Helm
Upper Armor: Raven Soul Jacket
Lower Armor: Soul Extortion Skirt
Gloves: Marionette's Gloves
Shoes: Aeternitas Globetrotter Shoes
Mantle: Obsidian Geas Cloak
Weapon: Moon Shadow Soul Taker
Upper Head: Ebon Inferno Circlet
Lower Head: Mad Tea Party Blusher (Heart)
U. Armor Ornament: Neo-Kounat Acroblades
L. Armor Ornament: Shadows of Ellia Stompers
Arm Ornament: Hadin Spaulders




Edited by Chrome
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Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Moon
Ign: Raccoon

Items used -

Helmet: Princeon Helm
Upper armor: Rain Master's Upper Armor
Lower armor: Rain Master's Lower Armor
Shoes: Sia Shoes
Weapon: Raven Soul Bow
Upper Head: Justice Circlet
Lower Head: Ethereal Knight Mask
Upper armor Ornament: Blitzchen Wings


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IGN: YuuOt0saka


Description:  Yuu (God of Sky and Air) - is the god of sky and air and wherever the winds travels you may find him.

Helmet: Celestial Guard Hair
Upper Armor:  Prizefighter's Boxing Top
Lower Armor: Fire Master's Lower Armor
Gloves: N/A
Shoes: N/A
Mantle: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak
Weapon: Cordelia Gladius
Upper Head: Perseus Circlet
Lower Head: Hypnotic Eyes
U.Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wings
L.Armor Ornament: Ethereal Knight Stompers
Arm Ornament: N/A



Edited by lGwapogi
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IGN: Yamo
Description:  Goddess of Life & Death, Bringing Life to Monsters and Death to those who disobeys.
Helmet: Vermillion Evoker Helm
Upper Armor: Medusas Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Harbinger's Lower Armor
Gloves: Summoner's Gauntlet
Shoes: Soul Extortion Shoes
Mantle: Raven Soul Neck Cuff
Weapon: Sia Ultima
Upper Head: N/A
Lower Head: Justice Mask
U.Armor Ethereal Knight Wings
L.Armor Dark Matriarch Stompers

Arm Ornament: N/A


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Entry: Theia - Titan Goddess of Sight and Shining Light, Mother of the Sun (Helios) and the Moon (Selene)

IGN: Raphsody


"Mother of the Sun, Theia of many names,
for your sake men honor
gold as more powerful than anything else;

and through the value you bestow on them,
o queen, ships contending on the sea
and yoked teams of horses in swift-whirling contests become marvels."

- Pindar, Fifth Isthmian ode

Items used:

Hair: Rain Master's Hair
Upper Armor: Wedding Top
Lower Armor: Ernasis Lower Armor (Fused)
Gloves: Barakhufu Gloves (Fused)
Shoes: N/A
Mantle: Chosen's Mantle
Weaapon: N/A
Upper Head: Vampire Upper Head Accessory
Lower Head: N/A
U. Armor Accessory: N/A
L. Armor Accessory: N/A
Arm Ornament: N/A


Edited by Rararaphsody
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Entry: Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods
IGN: lokeCHAN [jojetlambo]
Description: A trickster son of Zeus and Maia, and has enjoyed many affairs (normal for Greek Gods XD)
Items used
Helmet: Ordo Squad Helmet
Upper Armor: Day Beach Coordi Top
Lower Armor: Bluebell Lower Armor
Gloves: Keter Gloves
Shoes: None
Mantle: None
Weapon: The Nutcracker’s Chamma
Upper Head: Perseus’ Circlet
Lower Head: Distorted Smile
U. Armor Ornament: Ethereal Knight Wings
L. Armor Ornament: Justice Stompers
Arm Ornament: Checkmate Shields


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Entry: Dryad
IGN:  CitrusCookie

Description: Forest nymph with TWO belts :))

Hair: Serdin School Girl Hair 
Upper Armor: Night Witch Top
Lower Armor: Ethereal knight lower armor
Gloves: Fern archer gloves
Shoes: Evening Beach Coordi Shoes
Mantle: Fionn's legendary cloak

Upper Head: Bluebell's Circlet
Lower Head: Celestial Guard Markings
U. Armor Ornament: Chevalier Wings
L. Armor Ornament: Lunar Courtesan's obijime


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Entry:  Sunna , The Goddess of Sun

IGN:  Liyenne

Description: "Come out into the light! You are meant to shine!" -Sunna

Helmet:                                    Discriplinary Committee Hair
Upper Armor:                          Storm Bringer Upper Armor
Lower Armor:                          Phoenix's Lower Armor
Gloves:                                     Chronos Watch Gloves
Shoes:                                      Medusa's Shoes
Mantle:                                     N/A

Weapon:                                  Spike Baseball Bat

Upper Head:                             Celestial Guard Circlet
Lower Head:                             Keter Mask
U. Armor Ornament:               Dog Star Wings
L. Armor Ornament:                N/A
Arm Ornament:                       Chevalier Shields



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Entry:  "Astraea, Titan Goddess of Falling Stars"

IGN:  Bruuuhyan

Description: "Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light"

Helmet: Rain Master's Hair
Upper Armor: Medusa's Upper Armor 
Lower Armor: Medusa's Lower Armor
Gloves: Medusa's Gloves
Shoes: Medusa's Shoes
Mantle:  Chosen's Cloak
Weapon: Cordelia Fan
Upper Head: Dog Star Circlet
Lower Head: Cordelia Mask
U. Armor Ornament: Cordelia Wings
L. Armor Ornament: Cordelia Stompers
Arm Ornament: Cordelia Shield



Edited by Bruuuuh
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Theme : Ley - Goddness Of Destruction

IGN : iReinee

 Helmet : Obsidian Evoker Helm

Upper Armor : Chronos Watch Upper Armor

Lower Armor : Dark Enchantress Stockings

Gloves : Ebon Inferno Gloves

Shoes : Duchess Petrushka's Ghillies

Mantle : Vermilion Harbinger Cloak

Weapon : Super Sleuth Ultima

Upper Head : Bluebell's Circlet

Lower Head : Soul Extortion Evil Mask

U. Armor Ornament : Shadows Of Ellia Wings

L. Armor Ornament : Marionette's Stompers

Arm Ornament : Ethereal Knight Shields




Edited by Ivchozel

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Theme : Goddness Athena

IGN : Tohka

Helmet : Cordelia Helm

Upper Armor : Corset Top By Vernia

Lower Armor : Mad Tea Party Pants

Gloves : Checkmate Gloves

Shoes : Magical Girl Shoes

Mantle : Gc Rescue Squad Cloak

Weapon : Evil Kaiser Staff

Upper Head : Ethereal Knight Circlet

Lower Head : Lunar Courtesan's Earrings

U. Armor Ornament : Moon Child's Wings

L. Armor Ornament : Raven Soul Stompers

Arm Ornament : Justice Shields





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IGN: Jos
Description: Let me protect you my Kanavan Empire.

Hair: Sia Helm 
Upper Armor: Chevalier
Lower Armor: Justice
Gloves: Cordelia
Shoes: The Nutcracker's
Mantle: Spell Knight's Cloak
Weapon: Justice Tyrfing
Upper Head: Perceus Circlet
Lower Head: Dragon Guard Mask
U. Armor Ornament: Emissionary Harkion's wings
L. Armor Ornament: Stompers of the Alabaster Hero
Arm Ornament: Cordelia Shields



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14 hours ago, Rivia said:

Theme: Goddess Rin - The Goddess of Purity, Reborn and Life
IGN: lNikyl
Description: Rise and bring purity again to the world my brave knight. Vanquish the Evil in the name of all Gods and Goddesses.


  • Hair: Miracle Chronos watch Helmet
  • Upper Armor: Raven Soul Jacket
  • Lower Armor: Raven Soul Pants
  • Gloves: Elysion Gloves
  • Shoes: Dark Rexion's Shoes
  • Mantle: Chosen's Cloak
  • Weapon: Bluebell's Fan
  • Upper Head: Celestial Guard Circlet
  • Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask
  • U. Armor Ornament: Ethereal Knight Wings
  • L. Armor Ornament: Celestial Guard Stompers 
  • Arm Ornament: Celestial Guard Shield







Edited by marke14

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IGN: Likulau
Description: God of Misfortune

Helmet : Obsidian Summoner Helm

Upper Armor : Dark Matriarch's Upper Armor

Lower Armor : Evoker's Lower Armor

Gloves : Evoker's Gauntlets

Shoes : Obsidian Harbinger Shoes

Mantle : Raven Soul Neck Cuff

Weapon : Mad Tea Party Ultima

Upper Head : Wedding Tiara

Lower Head : Krimson Kelby Mask

U. Armor Ornament : Garnet Evoker Wings

L. Armor Ornament : Clear Lower Ornament

Arm Ornament : Cordelia Shield






Ley 1.png

Ley 1.1.png

Ley 1.2.png

Ley 1.3.png

Ley 1.4.png

Ley 1.5.png

Edited by iHachiko

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Entry: 🔥 God of Fire " Mors Flamma " 🔥

IGN: Hiimee

Description: For my flame can seek lies and burn you with the truth you truly desire.



Helmet: Beach Sports Hair

Upper Armor: Night Witch Top

Lower Armor: Karapis Lower Armor

Gloves: Day Beach Coordi Gloves

Shoes: Kumi's Neo-Shogun Geta

Mantle: Nemesis Cloak

Weapon: Lioness Knuckles 



Upper Head: Soul Extortion Circlet

Lower Head: None

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Crimson Kelby Wings

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers:  None

Arm Ornament/Shields: None


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Description : Ronan The God Of War

IGN : Fahry

Helmet : Justice Helm
Upper Armor : Ethereal Knight Upper Armor
Lower Armor : Phoenix`s Lower Armor
Glover : Liones Glover
Shoes : Keter Shoes
Mantle : Perseus` Cloak
Walpone : Justice Sword & Shield

Circlet : Liones Circlet
Mask : Keter Mask
Wings : Celestial Guard Wings
Stompers : The Nutcracker`s Stompers
Shield :  The Nutcracker`s Shield

Untitled 1 (2).png

Untitled2 (1).png

Untitled3 (1).png

Untitled4 (1).png


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Entry: Sieghart as Hades.

IGN: AdrianSphae

Description: God of the dead and king of the underworld


  • Armor:

Head:Long Hair

Upper Armor: Raven Soul Jacket

Lower Armor: Moonlight Village Lower Armor

Gloves: Devil's Gloves.

Shoes: Fire master's shoes.

Mantle: Sia Cloak

Weapon: Khronos Globetrotter Rapiers

  • Acessories:

U. Armor Ornament: Soul Extortion Wings

Arm Ornament: Raven Soul Shields






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Entry: Mary as Nyx
IGN: SeleneSp
Description: Goddess of the night - The night sky beauty.


Helmet: Obsidian polaris helm

Upper armor: Obsidian rune caster upper armor

Lower armor: Sia lower armor

Gloves: Raven soul gloves

Shoes: Private school shoes

Mantle: Ebon inferno cloak

Weapon: Raven soul grimoire

U. Armor ornament: Sia wings

Arm ornament: Marionette's shields







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Entry: Mari as Stacia the Goddess of Creation

IGN: Zakki

Description: "I'm not going to die. Because I'm the one who will protect you."


Helmet: Raven Soul Hair

Upper Armor: Keter Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Celestial Guard Skirt

Gloves: Ethereal Knight Gloves

Shoes: Keter Shoes

Mantle: GC Rescue Squad Cloak

Weapon: Celestial Guard Soul Taker

Upper Head: Justice Circlet

Lower Head: Rune Caster's Glasses

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: None

Arm Ornament/Shields: None




Edited by Zakki

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IGN: Nifty18

Description: Harpe The Greek God Weapon ( Medusa Slayer ⚔️ 🐍 !! )

Helm: Kumi's Neo-Shogun Hair 
Top:  Prizefighter's Boxing Top
Bottom: Samsara's Disciple Lower Armor

Cloak: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak

Weapon: Cordelia Nodachi 

Upper Armor Ornament ( Wing ) : Moon Child Wing's

Upper Head: Dokaebi King's Mask

Shield: Justice Shields






Edited by Nifty18

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IGN: Rose
Description:  Ares, The Rose of War (Gender Swapped for the God of War) 

Helmet: Thanatos' Helmet 
Upper Armor: Corset top by Vernia
Lower Armor: Karapis Lower Armor
Gloves: Evening Beach Gloves
Shoes: Disciplinary Committee Shoes
Mantle: Raven Soul Neck Cuff 
Weapon: Aernasis Ssanggoem

Upper Head: Bunny Headband 
Lower Head: Lunar Courtesan Earnings 
U.Armor Ornament: Kounat Acroblades
L.Armor Ornament: Clear/None
Arm Ornament: Wedding Arm guard 
Edited by ReiNariko

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IGN : Mellida

Description : Minor Goddess

Helmet            : Dusk wing Helm
U.Armor            : Kumi's Neo-Geisha Sokata
L.Armor            : Fire's Master Lower Armor
Glove            : none
Shoes            : Swifty Mouse Boots
Mantle            : Legacy Anniverasry Cloak
Weapon            : none
U.Head            : Lunar Courtesan's Fox Mask
L.Head            : Blurbell's Mask
U.A.Ornament    : Moon's Child's Wings
L.A.Ornament    : none
Arm Ornament    : none








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IGN                                        : ImMuffin        

Description                        : God Of forest

Helmet                               : Long Hair

Upper Armor                    : Sentinel’s Upper Armor

Lower Armor                   : Dog Star Lower Armor

Gloves                              : Khronos Globetrotter Gloves

Shoes                               : Leviathan Lord Chaos Shoes

Mantle                              : Crimson kelby Cloak

Weapon                           : Ace Of Spades Axe

Upper Head                      :Celestial Guard Circlet

Lower Head                     : Cordelia  Mask

U. Armor Ornament        : BlueBell’s Wing’s

L. Armor Ornament         : Decorative Storm Blade’s Belts

Arm Ornament                 : Raven Soul Shields






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Entry: Hygea, Goddess of Good Health, Cleanliness, and Sanitation
IGN: DarkSmoke
Description: Hygea, Goddess of Good Health,Cleanliness and Sanitation. The origin of hygiene. Arme that can heal party and cleanse the battle field with her powerful AOE skills.

Helm: Bluebell’s

Top: GC Rescue squad

Bottom: Casanova Silken

Gloves: The Nutcracker

Shoes: Medusa

Cloak: Cordelia

Weapon: Emperor’s Guardian

Circlet: Ethereal Knight

Mask: Mad Tea Party Brusher

Wings: Storm Bringer

Stomper: Liones

Shield: Chevalier

Angel Of Healing.jpg

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