[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #5

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Description: Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty.




Helmet: Cordelia Helm

Upper Armor: Wedding Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Storm Bringer Lower Armor

Gloves: Chronos Watch Gloves

Shoes: Medusa's Shoes

Mantle: Starlet's Cloak

Weapon: Mad Tea Party Chu Chu Bag

Upper Head: Serdin Royal Court 

Lower Head: Mad Tea Party Blusher

U. Armor Ornament: Magical Girl Wings 

L. Armor Ornament: Ethereal Knight Stomper

Arm Ornament: Wedding Arm Guard 




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IGN                                        : Xna       

Description                        : God Of the Underworld

Helmet                               : Dusk Wing Helm

Upper Armor                    : Vermillion Leviathan Upper Armor

Lower Armor                   : Moon Shadow Lower Armor

Gloves                              : Ebon Inferno Gloves

Shoes                               : Moon Shadow Shoes

Mantle                              : Kounat's Shadowy Order Cloak

Weapon                           : Ebon Inferno Soul Reaver

Upper Head                      :None

Lower Head                     : Soul Extortion Evil Mask

U. Armor Ornament        : Soul Extortion Wings

L. Armor Ornament         : Marionette's Stompers

Arm Ornament                 : Shield of the Obsidian Hero


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Entry: Pallas

IGN: Jhariza

Description: Tonight, we hunt!


Helmet: Chronos Watch Helm

Upper Armor: Fern Archer Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Medusa's Lower Armor

Gloves: Kumi's Neo-geisha Gloves

Shoes: Archer's Shoes

Mantle: Kounat's Shadowy Order Cloak

Weapon: Duchess Petrushka's Great Bow

Upper Head: Chevalier Circlet

Lower Head: Celestial Guard Markings

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Serdin's Royal Court Bracelet

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Bluebell's Stompers

Arm Ornament/Shields: Checkmate's Shield


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Description: Ἑκατη(Hecate) the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy.

IGN: Armenias



Helmet: Ordo Squad Helm

Upper Armor: Soul Extortion Jacket

Lower Armor: Black Daisy Dukes

Gloves: Ebon Inferno Gloves

Shoes: Devil's Shoes

Mantle: Raven Soul Neck Cuff

Weapon: Moon Shadow War Staff

Upper Head: Dog Star Circlet

Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask

U. Armor Ornament: Hadin Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Dark Nightmare Stompers 

Arm Ornament: NONE




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Entry: Shiro

IGN: yahiko11


"Goddess of Purity and Beauty"

Items used:

Helmet: Chronos Watch Helm

Upper Armor: Wendigo Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Phoenix's Lower Armor

Gloves: Devil's Gloves

Shoes: N/A

Mantle: Chosen's Cloak

Weapon: Celestial Guard Fan

Upper Head: Justice Circlet

Lower Head: Chaotic's Face Tattoo -Light-

U. Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wings

L. Armor Ornament: N/A

Arm Ornament: Bluebell's Shields

Rin 3 GC-1.png

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Description : Eos the Goddess of Dawn

IGN : Xeranthemum


Helm : Checkmate Helm

Upper Armor Obsidian Awakened Upper Armor

Lower Armor Obsidian Phoenix Lower Armor

Gloves Medusa's Gloves

Shoes Kumi's Neo-Geisha Sandles

Mantle Chosen's Cloak

Weapon : Celestial Guard's Fan

Upper Head Ethereal Knight Circlet

Lower Head Chaotic's Face Tattoo -Light-

Upper Armor Ornament Ethereal Knight Wings

Lower Armor Ornament : N/A

Arm Ornament Justice Shields


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