[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #4

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IGN: Yexiuu

Helmet: Ace of spades Helm
Upper Armor: Saint's Black Upper
Lower Armor: Saint's Black Lower
Cloak/Mantle: Raven Soul Neck Cuff
CircletMarionette's Circlet
Mask: Soul Extortion Evil Mask
Wings:Soul Extortion Evil Wings
Shields: Soul Extortion Evil Wings

Coordi Weapon: Bloodless Blood Dancer


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Black, Red And Purple for a Cutie Brownie Ruffle




I thought Rufus have brown clothes but then I'm too deep dressing him up I forgot I wanted brown.


Helmet: Ace of Spades Helm
Upper Armor: Giga-Blitz Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Marionette's Lower Armor
Gloves: United Forces Gloves
Shoes: Crimson Kelby Shoes
Mantle: GC Rescue Squad Cloak
Weapon: Khronos Globetrotter Eyeteeth
Upper Head: Dokaebi King's Circlet
Lower Head: Noir Sunglasses
Upper Armor Ornament: The Nutcracker's Rifle
Lower Armor Ornament: Bluebell's Stompers
Arm Ornament: Checkmate Shields

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Entry: Mech from Advance Wars
IGN: Persian

Hair = Half Face Helmet
Top = Aeternitas Globetrotter Upper Armor
Bottom = Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Lower Armor
Gloves = Giga-Blitz Gloves
Shoes = Checkmate Shoes
Mantle = None/Moon Shadow Cloak/Invisible Cloak

Weapon = Cyber Knight Crossbow

Upper Head = Serdin School Headphones
Lower Head = Noir Sunglasses
U. Armor Ornament = United Forces Bazooka
L. Armor Ornament = Chevalier Stompers
Arm (Shield) = Ordo Squad's Shield




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entry: the fallen steampunk
Ign: Heilue
description: elegantly betrayed


Helmet: Moon Shadow Helm
Upper Armor: Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Jeans
Gloves: Requiem Gloves
Shoes: Club Fashion Boots
Mantle: Misfortune Cloak
Weapon: Ebon Inferno Maverick


Upper Head: Dokaebi King's Circlet
Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask 
Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Ace of Spades Wings 
Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers: Raven Soul Stompers
Arm Ornament/Shields: Decorative Maverick Belt 






Edited by heilue

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IGN : AhriPotter

Description : The Steampunk Violinist


Helmet : Half Face Helmet

Upper Armor : Aeternitas Globetrotter Upper Armor

Lower Armor : Azure Lovely Heart Lower Armor

Gloves : Friends Day Watch

Shoes : Club Fashion Boots

Mantle : Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Tail

Weapon : Evil Kaiser Violin

Upper Head : Ace of Spades Circlet

Lower Head : Ordo Squad Mask

Wings : Aeternitas Globetrotter Wings

Stompers : Mad Tea Party Watch

Shields : N/A




Edited by Achlys
i haven't saw the theme of the event.

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IGN : iMaikaChan

Description : The Steam Enchantress


Helm : Ace of Spades Helmet

Upper : Alchemist's Upper Armor

Lower : Aeternitas Globetrotter Lower Armor

Gloves : Friends Day Watch

Shoes : Checkmate Shoes

Mantle : Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Tail

Weapon : Marionette's Staff


Upper Head : N/A

Lower Head : Ordo Squad Mask

Upper Armor : Strom Bringer Wings 

Lower Armor : Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch

Arm Ornament : N/A


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IGN: Cooki3z

Description: Steampunk Jin of the Silver Knight >:)


     Helmet: Obsidian Shisa Helm

     Upper Armor: United Forces Shirt

     Lower Armor: Marionette's Lower Armor

     Glove: Maid for Him Wristbands

     Shoes: Khronos Globetrotter Shoes

     Mantle: Ethereal Knight Cloak

     Wepond: Bluebell's Vajras


     Upper Head: Ace of Spades Circlet

     Upper Armor Ornament: Khronos Globetrotter Wings

     Lower Armor Ornament: Mad Tea Party Pocket Watch

     Arm Ornament: Ace of Spades Shields

Capture.PNG.fc04c2fee02a2239b1148f26c6593f0c.PNG    40586500_Capture2.PNG.0afe68303c8975a322e252aafa917e2a.PNG   1319562084_capture4.PNG.654a86c6248e81c20b9fa90cca3a51ee.PNG

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Description: Winter Devil~



Helmet:  Ordo Squad Helm

Upper Armor:  Bluebell Upper Armor

Lower Armor:  Sia Lower Armor

Gloves:  Marionette's Gloves

Shoes:  Glass Slippers

Mantle:  Dusk Wing Cloak

Weapon: Raven Soul Weapon



Lower Head: Princeon Mask 

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings:  Duchess Petrushka's Wings

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers:  Raven Soul Stompers

5.jpg          10.jpg

11.jpg           9.jpg

Edited by crytalers

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IGN: Rek

Decription: the Professor's Magitek Assistant

Helm: Marionette's Helm
Top: Sweet  Heart Top
Bottom: Wait for Him Pants
Gloves: Liones Gloves
Shoes: Sweet  Heart Shoes
Mantle: The Nutcracker's Wind-up Key

Weapon: Desert Bandit's Cube

Upper Head: Marionette's Circlet
Lower Head: Raven Soul Eyepatch
Wings: Khronos Globetrotter Wings
Stompers: Raven Soul Stompers
Shields: Celestial Guard Shields


Edited by Rek

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IGN : 0mega

Description : The Devil Angels

Helmet : Fox Fire Hair

Upper Armor : Ebon Inferno Upper Armor

Lower Armor : Requiem Pants

Gloves : Fox fire Gloves

Shoes : Requiem Shoes

Mantel : Ethereal Knight Cloak

Weapon : Whatever you want :v

Upper Head : Ethereal Knight Circlet

Lower Head : Ethereal Knight Mask

U. Armor Ornament : Ethereal Knight Wings

L. Armor Ornament : Raven Soul Stompers

Arm Ornament : Justice Shields


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IGN Heirloom

Description : Chronostasis



Helmet:  Ace of Spades Helm

Upper Armor:  Khronos Globetrotter Upper Armor

Lower Armor:  Marionette's Lower Armor

Gloves:  Obsidian Bounty Hunter Gloves

Shoes:  Crimson Kelby Shoes

Mantle:  GC Rescue Squad Cloak

Weapon: Mad Tea Party Eyeteeth


Upper Head: N/A

Lower Head: Checkmate Mask

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings:  Feynan Wings

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers:  Cordelia Stompers

Arm Ornament/Shields: Wedding Armguard

output-onlinepngtools (1).png

output-onlinepngtools (2).png

output-onlinepngtools (3).png

output-onlinepngtools (4).png

output-onlinepngtools (5).png

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IGN: Catzeye
Description: "The Rabbit Inventor"



Helm: Ethereal Knight Helm

Upper Armor: Khronos Globetrotter Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Marionette's Lower Armor

Gloves: Noir Gloves

Shoes: Purrfectly Wright Aviator Shoes

Mantle: Dark Rexion's Cloak


Weapon: Evil Kaiser Cube



Upper Head: Mad Tea Party Rabbit Ears

Lower Head: Checkmate Mask

U. Armor Ornament: Khronos Globetrotter Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Chevalier Stompers

Arm Ornament: Wedding Arm Guard




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