[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #3

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IGN: CerealK1ller

Entry: the Elegant Musketeer


Crisp-looking blue and white dress popular among the nobility. It is decorated with lace, frills and pin-tucks, to give a soft and feminine appearance. 


Armor, Weapon:

  • Helmet: New Semester Hairstyle
  • Upper: Lovely Miracle Top
  • Lower: Mad Tea Party Pants
  • Gloves: Celestial Guard Gloves
  • Shoes: Day Beach Coordi Shoes
  • Mantle: Kumi's Neo-Geisha Obi
  • Weapon: Aeternitas Globetrotter Rapier


  • Upper Head: Soul Extortion Circlet
  • Lower Head: Bluebell's Mask
  • Upper Armor: Wedding Top
  • Lower Armor: Sia Stompers
  • Arm: Wedding Arm Guard


pix 1.png

pix 2.png

pix 3.png

pix 4.png

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IGN: Zvyx

Description:  Celestial Grim of the Ancient Kurtzpel

Item Used:

Helmet: Celestial Guard Hair
Upper Topless with Battle Scars
Lower Blue bell's lower armor
Gloves: Dark Knightmare Gloves
Shoes: Evening beach coordi shoes
Cloak: Soul Extorion
Weapon: Cyber Knight Soul Reaver
Circlet: Dokaebi King's Circlet
Mask: Keter Mask
Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings
Stompers: None
Shield: Justice Shield

Celestial Grim Back.png

Celestial Grim.png

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IGN: maknaez

Description: Blue Flame Hashira (insipred by Demon Slayer)

Helmet: Kumi's Neo Shogun Hair
Upper Armor: Moonlight Village U. Armor 
Lower Armor: Corsair Bottom
Gloves: Jiang Shi Gloves
Shoes: Wind Master's Shoes
Mantle: Dog Star Cloak
Weapon: Raven Soul Nodachi
Upper Head: Lunar Cicisbeo's Fox Mask
Lower Head: Extortion Evil Mask
U. Armor Ornament: None
L. Armor Ornament: Lunar Cicisbeo's Obijime
Arm Ornament: Cordelia Shields






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IGN: Harkyy

Entry: Angelic Vampire

Description: An Angelic Vampire that will send you to both Heaven and Hell.


Helmet: Dokaebi King's Helm
Upper Armor:  Celestial Guard Jacket
Lower Armor: Celestial Guard Skirt
Gloves:  Bluebell's Gloves
Shoes: Keter Shoes
Mantle: None/Invisible Mantle
Weapon:  Disciplinary Comitee Sword


Circlet: Ethereal Knight Circlet
Mask: Vampire Face
Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings
Stompers: None/Invisible Stompers
Shields: Raven Soul Shields

Visual Elesis.png

Edited by Diopuss

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IGN: KoyoriMare

Description:   Seelenfresser von Azures Willen (Soul Eater of Azure's Will) 


Helmet: Dusk Wing Helm
Upper Armor:  Jack-O's Jacket
Lower Armor: Requiem Dress
Gloves:  Zombie Gloves
Shoes: Club Fasion Boots
Mantle: Moon Shadow Cloak
Weapon:  Soul Extortion Gavel


Circlet: Sia Circlet
Mask: Justice Mask
Wings: Raven Soul Wings
Stompers: Lunar Courtesan's Obijime
Shields: Marionette's Shields

Lime Front.png




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IGN: Hiimee

Description: Kyría tou Chrónou [ Mistress of Time ] "  -  Ohhhhh ? anata wa kako ni monogoto o shūsei shitaidesu ka? Sore wa anata no jinsei no hanbun o gisei ni shimasu.




Helmet: Marionette

Upper Armor: Chronos Watch

Lower Armor: Bluebell

Gloves: Ebon Inferno

Shoes: Club Fashion

Mantle: Corsair



Upper Head: Raven Soul Circlet 

Lower Head: Ordo Squad Mask

Upper Armor Ornament/Wings: Vernia's Corsage

Lower Armor Ornament/Stompers:  Pocket Watch 

Arm Ornament/Shields: Mad Tea Party Teacup


Weapon: Dark Nightmare 


Edited by Hiimee

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IGN: Torsion

Description:  The Legendary Wanderer


Helmet: Prizefighter's Boxing Helm
Upper Armor:  Devil's Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Moonlight Village Lower Armor
Gloves:  Noir Gloves
Shoes: Wind Master's Shoes
Mantle: Perseus' Cloak
Weapon:  Cordelia Grandark


Circlet: Conqueror of Kanavan Signboard
Mask: Advancer's Mask
Wings: Wings of Destruction (Blue)
Stompers: Blue Sailor Accessory
Shields: Beach Tattoo




Edited by Torsion
Used higher quality photos

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IGN: Siegraine

Coordi Name/Description: Secret Police

Coordi List:

Helmet: Obsidian Rune Caster Helm

Upper Armor: Black Witch's Top

Lower Armor: Club Fashion Skirt

Gloves: Butterfly Divastar Gloves

Shoes: Club Fashion Boots

Cloak: None

Weapon: True Iron Dragon Maverick

Circlet: Ordo Squad Circlet

Mask: Ruby Kounat Scientist Glasses

Wings: Black Witch's Wings

Stompers: Noir Holster

Shield: Marionette's Shields





Edited by Siegraine
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IGN: Bruuuhyan

Coordi Description/Name: Queen of Darkness


Coordi List:

Helmet: Dark Nightmare Helm

Upper Armor: Ebon Inferno Upper Armor

Lower Armor: Raven Soul Pants

Gloves: Requiem Gloves

Shoes: Zombie Shoes

Cloak: Harbinger's Cloak

Weapon: Dark Nightmare Ultima

Circlet: Soul Extortion Circlet

Mask: Soul Extortion Mask

Wings: Soul Extortion Wings

Stompers: Soul Extortion Stompers

Shield: Soul Extortion Shield



Edited by Bruuuuh

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IGN: Soligative

Coordi Name/Description: Hurry to go to school and then he forgot his shoes and he doesn't know why he has wings

Coordi List:

Helmet: Ebon Inferno helmet

Upper Armor: Friends Day shirt

Lower Armor: Legacy Anniversary pants

Gloves: Vermillion fighter Gloves

Shoes: clear shoes

Cloak: Nemesis Cloak

Weapon: Training Vajras

Circlet: Checkmate Circlet

Mask: None

Wings: None

Stompers: None

Shield: Checkmate Shields




Edited by mk245154

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IGN: Yujiiro

Description: Forsaken archangel disguised as a school boy.

HelmetVermilion Leviathan Helm
Upper Armor:  Noir Suit Jacket
Lower Armor: Black Shorts
Gloves:  Cobalt Dusk Bringer Gloves
Shoes: New Semester Shoes
Mantle: Corsair Cloak
Weapon:  Moon Shadow Soul Reaver


CircletLiones Circlet
Mask: Soul Extortion Evil Mask
Wings: Celestial Guard Wings
Stompers: Decorative Tryfing Belt
Shields: Feynan Spaulders


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IGN : Fitz
Description : Fortis, Fortuna, Adiuvat.
(Inspired by Mr. Wick)


Helmet : Obsidian Bounty Hunter Helm
Upper Armor : Noir Suit Jacket
Lower Armor : Private School Pants
Gloves : Cobalt Bounty Hunter Gloves
Shoes : Soul Extortion Shoes
Mantle : None
Weapon : Vermilion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth


Upper Head : None
Lower Head : None
U. Armor Ornament : None
L. Armor Ornament : Raven Soul Stompers
Arm Ornament : None


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[Entry]*The Fashionista Chaser
[Make a list of costume / armor parts used]*


Helmet: Tropical Paradise Hair

Upper Armor: White Tee

Lower Armor: Smiley Brats Shorts

Gloves: Blue Sailor Gloves

Shoes: Kanavan Kindergarten Shoes

Mantle: Clear Cloak


upper head: golden crown

Lower Head: Serdin School Bubble Gum

U. Armor Ornament: Archangel Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Knight Master Mini Doll

Arm Ornament: Clear Shields

Weapon: Dog Star Stuff






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IGN: Lewisia

Description: "Aurum the lady with golden ornaments"


HELM: Chronos Watch Helm

UPPER: Chevalier Upper Armor

LOWER: Club Fashion Skirt

GLOVES: Medusa’s Gloves

SHOES: Medusa’s Shoes

MANTLE: GC Rescue Squad Cloak

WEAPON: Keter Gavel

CIRCLET: Justice Circlet

MASK: Liones Mask

WINGS: Cordelia Wings

STOPMERS: Ethereal Knight  Stompers

SHIELD: Liones Shield




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IGN: SN916

Description: The Deadly Cute Criminal, [ Loli Mafia ]


Helmet: Mad Tea Party Hair
Upper Armor:  Super Sleuth Top
Lower Armor: Black Daisy Dukes
Gloves:  Legacy Anniversary Gloves
Shoes: Devil's Shoes
Mantle: Purrfectly Wright Aviatrix Tail
Weapon:  Soul Extortion Staff


Circlet: Clear Circlet
Mask: United Force Sunglasses
Wings: Wedding Top
Stompers: Noir Holster
Shields: Marionette's Shields


Enntry :


Edited by Zaky.S

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Helmet: Soul Extortion Hair
Upper Armor: Soul Extortion Jacket
Lower Armor: Crusader Lower Armor (fused with Grand Sage Lower Armor)
Gloves: Soul Extortion Gloves
Shoes: Absolute Power Shoes (fused with Grand Sage Shoes)
Mantle: Clear Cloak
Weapon: Vermilion Bounty Hunter Eyeteeth



Upper Head: Witch's Hat (fused with Conqueror of Kanavan Signboard)
Lower Head: Moon Child's Edible Clover
U. Armor Ornament: Soul Extortion Wings
L. Armor Ornament: Jiang Shi
Arm Ornament: Clear Shields


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IGN : Rose
Description : Guardian of the Sands.
A League of Legends Inspired, Red, Gold and Blue Egyptian theme with Gaia's Tutelary Shield and Medusa's Circlet(Snake/Serpent) which symbolize Life, Authority and Sovereignty, together with the Grim Reaper's Eye patch and Barakhufu Lower Armor that gives off the Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra which symbolize Protection, Power and Good Health, with all that present, Elesis is truly worth the Title: "Guardian of the Sands"
With the scorching hot sun of the desert which requires thin clothing or light fabric and protection from the harsh sandy winds which the Neckerchief, Roman, Baldr and Barakhufu provides. 


Helmet : Blue Mariner Hair
Upper Armor : Roman Upper Armor
Lower Armor : Barakhufu Lower Armor
Gloves : Baldr Gloves
Shoes : Celestial Guard Shoes
Mantle : Iron Dragon Mantle
Weapon : Gorgos Sword 


Upper Head : Medusa's Circlet
Lower Head : Grim Reaper's Eye patch
U. Armor Ornament : Red Neckerchief 
L. Armor Ornament : Clear/None
Arm Ornament : Gaia's Tutelary Shield 


gaurdian of the sands elesis.png



Edited by ReiNariko
Wrong Photo uploaded

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IGN: Piety

Description: Asin's Final Form ( Heart Breaker )

Helmet: Keter Helm

Upper Armor: Day Beach Coordi Top

Lower Armor: Noir Pants

Gloves: Dark Nightmare

Shoes: Tuxedo Mask

Mantle: None

Weapon: Moon Shadow Armguard

Upper Head: Raven Soul Circlet

Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask

U. Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wings

L. Armor Ornament: Decorative Tyrfing Belt

Arm Ornament: Serdin School Bracelet







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Some random set

IGN: McAdam

Description: I was bored 

Helm - Fox Fire Hair

Upper Armor - Raven Soul Jacket

Lower Armor - Ebon Inferno Lower Armor

Gloves - Liones Gloves

Shoes - Misfortune Shoes

Cloak - Ethereal Knight Cloak

Weapon - Keter Armguard

Circlet - Perseus Circlet

Mask - Distorted Smile

Wings - Dog Star Wings

Stompers - Dark Rexion's Stompers

Shields - Justice Shields





Edited by SomeRandomKid

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Hi Everyone  :x

IGN:                 RODNEY
Description:  “Big Boss of The Pumpkin Duck Gun Gang”
Helmet:           Jack-O’s Head Gear
Upper Armor: Jiang Shi Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Lunar Cicisbeo’s Hakama 
Gloves:           Kumi’s Neo-Shogan Gloves
Shoes:            LaDiDas Slippers
Cloak:             Clear Cloak
Circlet:            Golden Crown
Mask:              United Forces Sunglasses
Wings:            United Forces Bazooka
Stompers:       Prizefighter’s Championship Belt
Shield:            Boombox



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IGN: Azarael
Description: Fallen King of the Northlands

Helmet: Kumi's Neo-Shogun Hair
Upper Armor: Princeon Top
Lower Armor: Justice Lower Armor
Gloves: Obsidian Spell Knight Gloves
Shoes: Dragon Knight Shoes
Mantle:  Spell Knight's Cloak

Weapon: Sia Spell Sword
Upper Head: Keter Circlet
Lower Head: Soul Extortion Evil Mask
Upper Armor Ornament: Raven Soul Wings
Lower Armor Ornament: Stompers of the Alabaster Hero
Arm Ornament: Shields of the Alabaster Hero



Edited by ReVendetta

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My First Time 



Description: Summer Wear :/

Hair:Kumi Neo-Geisha 
Upper: Miracle Summer
Lower: Obsidian Gunslinger
Gloves: Clear
Shoes : Kumi Neo-Geisha
Mantle: Clear

Weapon: Play Girl Grimoire


Circlet :Bunny HeadBand
Mask: Glasses
Wings: Clear
Stompers:  clear

Shields:  clear


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IGN: Merium
Description: White Princess
Helmet: Checkmate Helm
Upper Armor: Justice Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Mad Tea Party Lower Armor 
Gloves: Cordelia Gloves
Shoes: Sia Shoes
Cloak: GC Rescua Squad Cloak
Weapon: Celestial Guard Fan
Upper Head: Serdin's Royal Court Hat
Lower Head: Chaotics Face Tatoo -Light-
U. Armor Ornament: Moon Child's Wing
L. Armor Ornament: Magical Girl Stompers
Arm Ornament: Bluebell's Shield


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Dragons Tamer 

Ebon Inferno Helm
Elite Roman Upper Armor
Highlander Lower Armor
Raven Soul Gloves
Soul Extortion Shoes
Dog Star Cloak
Checkmate Circlet
Soul Extortion Wings
Bluebell's Stompers
Checkmate Shields




Edited by ClaudiyaRin

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IGN: Fahry

Description: Casual and Scary


Ebon Inferno Helm
Noir Suit Jacket
Noir Pants
Noir Gloves
Noir Shoes
Vermilion Gladiator Cloak
Illusion Breaker Soluna

Accesory :

Serdin School Headphones
Noir Sunglasses
Liones Wings
Raven Soul Stompers
Raven Soul Shields



Edited by fahri

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