[Monthly] The Fashionista Chaser #2

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The Fashionista Chaser will have the community's fashionistas competing to see who can dress the best and impress their guest. Combine different outfit and armor pieces to make a custom outfit of your own! Blow the staff away with your fashion ideas enough to where they want to wear what you wear!


[Make a list of costume / armor parts used]*


  1. 1 Entry only [Can be Front, Side, and Back views]
  2. Entry must be clear [Use the snip application if you have to!]
  3. Full outfit piece sets are not allowed. (Ex. Complete Coordi Packages, Wedding Coordi Package, and Awakening Sets.)
  4. Must give a list of the costume parts you used. (Ex. Hair: Kumi Neo-Geisha Chingon, Top: Midriff Top, Bot: Black Daisy Dukes, etc...)
  5. If your entry includes more than 2 parts from the same set you will lose creativity chances of winning


September 15, 2019 ~ October 15, 2019


Grand Prize Winners [3]: 2,000 VP
Runner Up Prize [5]: 1,500 VP


Past Winners
Format : IGN [Forum Name]

Lewisia [ Amethyst ]

On 8/11/2019 at 10:47 PM, Amethyst said:

IGN: Lewisia

Description: "The Seraphim" 




Alethea [ Kairus ]

On 8/13/2019 at 6:23 AM, Kairus said:

IGN : Attilla

Description : Unloved 



SoulWarrior1 [ Soul ]

On 8/13/2019 at 1:52 AM, Soul said:

IGN: SoulWarrior1

Description: Guild Receptionist




Honorable Mentions / Runner Ups

Chagrin [ chagrin ]

On 8/11/2019 at 10:22 AM, chagrin said:

IGN: Chagrin
Description: Silver Land's General


lIkarugal [ Ikaruga ]

On 8/16/2019 at 3:36 PM, Ikaruga said:

IGN: lIkarugal

Description: Pink Goddess


Mslash [ ManilaSlasher ]

On 8/24/2019 at 9:46 AM, ManilaSlasher said:

IGN: Mslash

Description: The Royal Isolet Prince





Alethea [ Serafall1 ]

On 8/10/2019 at 9:46 PM, Serafall1 said:

IGN : Alethea

Description : Catastrophe Elf


Bruuhyan [ Bruuuuh ]

On 8/11/2019 at 12:05 PM, Bruuuuh said:

IGN: Bruuuhyan

Description: One of The Seven Deities


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IGN: Architect
Costume Name: "Shadow Sailor"
Costume Description: Inspired by Pirates and Blackbeard, this Ocean Tyrant will surely sink your ship and give you a run for your money! 
Items Used: Lovely Miracle Hair, Noir Suit Jacket, Raven Soul Pants, Transparent Gloves, Club Fashion Shoes, Corsair Cloak, Blue Mariner Hat, Medical Eye
                      Patch, Kaze aze's Healing Ball, Zombie (Lower Ornament), Beach Ring, Ebon Inferno Fan




Edited by Architect
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IGN: Eura
Description: Battle Maid (TRAP Edition)

Costumes Used: Keter Helm, Maid for Him Blouse, Maid for Him Skirt, Blitzchen Gloves, Blitzchen Shoes, Clear Cloak, Bunny Headband, Teacher's Pet Glasses, Neo-Kounat Acroblades, Feynan Spaulders, Magical Wand.














Edited by yvetteloove
Re-entry of pictures
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IGN: Slime
Description: Druid Hashira

Item List:
Helm: Sentinel Helmet
Upper Armor: Kumi's Neo-Shogun Haori
Lower Armor: Ashened Vanquisher Lower armor
Gloves: Moon Child Gloves
Shoes: Ashened Druid Shoes
Cloak: Clear Cloak
Circlet: Lover Boy Signboard
Mask: Marionette Mask
Wings: None
Stompers: None
Shields: Attendant's Armband
Weapon: Dog Star Storm Blades


ryan for le fashion.png

ryan for le fashion 2.PNG

Edited by Slimey Kun
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Lolita Idol

IGN: Ribbon
Description: Lolita Idol... ...
Costume Used:  Beach Sports Hair, Giga-Blitz Upper Armor, Butterfly Divastar Bottom, Mood Child's Slippers, Azure Lovely Heart Headphones, Magical Girl Wings, Training Kleiophone


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IGN: Rengela
Description: "Black Cute Lieutenant"

Costume DescriptionNo one can disobey her orders, her cuteness will surely be your fear.

Item Used: OUTFITS
Helm: Blitzchen Helmet
Upper Armor: Kounat's Shadowy Order Jacket
Lower Armor: Club Fashion Skirt
Gloves: Noir Gloves
Shoes: Club Fashion Boots
Cloak: Corsair Cloak

Upper Head: Private School Hat
Lower Head: Hypnotic Eyes
Upper Ornament: Neo-Kounat Acroblades 
Lower Ornament: Hadin Spurs
Arm Ornament: Serdin School Bracelet
Weapon: Soul Extorsion Gavel





Edited by Lawrencesky
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aight, time to throw in a random one.

IGN: SilvataSekai
Description: Experimental Tech Cadet (screw the name, im bad at tat)
Helm - Misfortune Helm
Top - Giga-Blitz Upper Armor
Bottom - Corsair Bottom
Gloves - Kumi's Neo-Geisha Gloves
Shoes - Karapis Knight Shoes
Mantle - Attendant's Cloak
Weap - Leviathan Lady Chaos Sword

Circlet - Raven Soul Circlet
Wings - Cyber Wings (tats where the experimental part came from)
Stompers - Prizefighter's Championship Belt
Shields - Beach Ring
Mask - Lunar Courtesan's Earrings


(it'd be hilarious if this wins)

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IGN: SoulWarrior1

Description: Fierce Fighter

Armor sets- Helmet: Raven soul hair    Upper armor: Prizefighter's boxing top    Lower Armor: Ancient obsidian saber lower armor    Gloves: Kumi's Neo-geisha gloves    Shoes: Soul extortion shoes    Mantle: Corsair cloak

Accessories- Upper Head: none    Lower Head: Little Bandage    Upper Armor: none    Lower Armor: none    Arm: none




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Just interested to try

IGN : MioJunichiro
Description : Judgement Scientists (not bad I think)

Helm : Kumi  Neo-Geisha Chignon
Upper Armor : Corset Top by Vernia
Lower Armor : Serdin's Royal Court
Gloves : Clear Gloves
Shoes : Wedding Shoes
Mantle : Ebon Inferno Cloak
Weapon : Ebon Inferno Grimoire

Circlet : Madness 1-Year Anniversary Signboard
Mask : Lunar Courtesan's Earrings
Wings : Emissionary Harkion's
Shields : Clear Shields
Stomper : Lunar Courtesan's Obijime

Mari 2.png

Mari 4.5.png

Mari 5.5.png

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IGN: Rose
Description: Korean Summer Casual
Helm - Celestial Guard Hair
Top - Monk Upper Armor
Bottom -Raider Lower Armor
Gloves - Evening Beach Gloves
Shoes - Disciplinary Committee  Shoes
Mantle - None
Weapon - Iron Mask Ssanggeom

Upper Head - Bunny Headband
Lower Head - Teacher's Pet Glasses
Wings -  Attendant's Neckerchief
Stompers - Candy Ribbon
Shields - None

Pet - Little Elesis (White Costume)Elesis.png.b93357f0b3e5b44416622d573cf67e58.pngElesis2.png.086a9f4b2bbff5eeb5d5ca55261cda3f.png

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IGN: Artoria
Description: Queen Goetia

Item List:
Helm: Vermillion Evoker Helmet
Upper Armor: Dark Enchantress Coat
Lower Armor: Dark Enchantress Stockings
Gloves: Obsidian Harbinger Gloves
Shoes: Club Fashion Boots
Cloak: Obsidian Harbinger Cloak
Circlet: Madness 1-Year Anniversary Signboard
Mask: Dog Star Mask
Wings: Garnet Evoker Wings
Stompers: Howling Ghost
Shields: Clear Shields
Weapon: Dog Star Ultima



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Description: Greta oto

"Hide, for the gloriously pretentious glass-winged creature's going to destroy everyone."

Item Used:
Helmet: Ordo Squad Helmet
Upper Armor: Wedding Upper Armor
Lower Armor: Kanavan Kindergarten Bottom
Gloves: Clear Gloves
Shoes: Wedding Shoes
Cloak: Kounat's Illuminated Society Cloak
Circlet: Madness 1-Year Anniversary Signboard
Mask: Ordo Squad Mask
Wings: Moon Child's Wings
Stompers: Clear Stompers
Shields: Ordo Squad Shields
Weapon: Ordo Squad Soul Taker


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IGN AYaseEli

Description -  'BUCAT'

(BUnny + CAT)



Helm Ethereal Knight Helm
Top Sweet Heart Top
Bottom Purrfetly Wright Aviator Lower Armor
Gloves Clear Gloves
Shoes Sweet Heart Shoes
Mantle Moon Shadow Clock

Upper Head White Bunny Ears
Lower Head Patronizing Mask
Wings Red Neckerchief
Stompers Orca's Kitty Ribbon
Shields Mad Tee Party Teecup







Edited by EIysium
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IGN: Siegraine

Coordi Name: Elysian Bunny

Coordi Description: To guide the ones who earned the divine blessing from the Gods and Goddesses

Item List:

Helmet: Raven Soul Helmet

Upper Armor: Corset Top by Vernia

Lower Armor: Magical Girl Lower Armor

Gloves: Legacy Anniversary Gloves

Shoes: Sia Shoes

Cloak: Clear Cloak

Circlet: Mad Tea Party Rabbit Ears

Mask: Vampire Face

Wings: Ethereal Knight Wings

Stompers: None

Shield: Bluebell's Shields

Weapon: Justice Gavel



Elysian Bunny.png

Elysian Bunny (1).png

Elysian Bunny (2).png

Edited by Siegraine
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IGN : Mitsuri

Description : Tea Time with Yama

Item used :

Helm : Exiled  Paladin's 

Upper armor : Dog Star

Lower armor : Moon Child's Dress

Gloves : none

Shoes : Kumi Neo-Geisha 

Cloak : none 

Circlet : none

Mask : Bluebell's

Wings : none 

Stompers : none

Shields : Mad Tea Party 

Weapon : Ordo Squad Gavel


Annotation 2019-09-18 113347.png

Annotation 2019-09-18 112030.png

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IGN : iNezukoo


Description : Date Time 💑


Item used :


Helm : Vermilion Major Helm


Upper armor : Whitr Tee


Lower armor : Private School Skirt


Gloves : Blue Sailor Gloves


Shoes : New Semester Shoes


Cloak : Clear Cloack


Circlet : Top Hat w/ Flower Accent


Mask : Teacher's Pet Glasses


Wings : Vernia's Corsage


Stompers : Howling Ghost


Shields : Beach Ring


Weapon : Obsidian Captain Rapier




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IGN : Torsion

Description : Unarmed Weaponsmaster

Items used :

Helm : Day Beach Coordi Hair

Upper armor : White Tee

Lower armor : New Semester Trousers

Gloves : none

Shoes : New Semester Sneakers

Cloak : Clear Cloak

Circlet : Kitty on Top

Mask : Hypnotic Eyes

Wings : Eclipse & Transcendence

L. Armor Accessory: Decorative Ssangeom Belt

Shields : Boombox

Weapon : Celestial Armguard





Asin 1.PNG

Asin 2.PNG

Edited by Torsion
Used higher quality photos
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IGN: iChesh

Description: chill

Helm: Beach day coordi

Upper: Day beach coordi

Lower: Wedding Lower armor

Mantle: clear mantle

Gloves: Club Fashion watch

Shoes: none

Upper head: none

Lower head: Serdin school bubblegum 

Arms: Boombox

Lower Armor: none

Upper Armor: Neo-Kounat Acroblades

Weapon: Ebon Inferno Soluna


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IGN: Aureliony
Description: Moonlight Duelist
Item List: Vermillion Major Helm, Qipao, Private School Shoes, Conqueror of Kanavan Signboard, Black Pixie Wings, Howling Ghost, Obsidian Captain Rapier


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IGN AhriPotter

Description : The Archfiend Matriarch

Item List :

Helm - New Semester Hairstyle

Upper and Lower - Evening Beach Coordi Dress

Gloves - Club Fashion Gloves

Shoes - Soul Extortion Shoes

Mantle - Dog Star Cloak

Upper Head - Hibiscus

Lower Head - Madeleine's Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Arms - None

Upper Armor - None

Lower Armor - None

Weapon - Obsidian Evoker Ultima





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IGN:  YannYann
Description:  The Millennial Goddess

Helmet:            New Semester Hairstyle
Upper Armor:        Midriff Top
Lower Armor:        Black Daisy Dukes
Gloves:            Day Beach Coordi Gloves
Shoes:            Day Beach Coordi Shoes

Arm Ornament:         Beach Ring
Upper Head:        Bunny Headband
Upper Armor Ornament:    Gold Chains


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IGN                      : Chomosuke

Description        : Lucifer ( The Fallen Angel )

ITEM LIST          :


HELMET             : Long Hair

UPPER ARMOR : Club Fashion Shirt

LOWER ARMOR : New Semester Trousers

GLOVES             : Noir Gloves

SHOES               : New Semester Sneakers

MANTLE           : Clear Mantle


UPPER HEAD   : Demon Horns

LOWER HEAD  : Hypnotic Eyes

WINGS              :Wings Of Destruction

L ARMOR ACC : Clear Stompers

ARM ORNAMENT: Hall Monitor's

WEAPON           : Ebon Inferno Soluna













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IGN: Piety

Description/Title: " Asin's Melancholy "

Items used:


Circlet: Sweat Drop

Armor Coordi:

Helmet: Wait for Him Coif

Upper Armor: Topless with Battle Scars

Lower Armor: Lunar Cicisbeo's Hakama

Gloves: None

Shoes: Tropical Paradise

Coordi Accessories:

Lower Head: Crying Face

Wings: Moon Child's Wings

Stompers: Celestial Guard

Shields: Celestial Guard


back - Copy.png



Edited by Piety
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IGN: BeefPro

Coordi Name: The Demi-Human Hero

Item List:

Helmet: Bloodless Hair

Upper Armor: Noir Shirt

Lower Armor: Jeans

Gloves: Club Fashion Watch

Shoes: Requiem Shoes

Cloak: Clear Cloak

Circlet: Sheep Horns

Mask: Noir Sunglasses

Wings: Emissionary Harkion's Wings

Stompers: Orca's Kitty Bell

Shield: Clear Shields

Weapon: Ebon Inferno Blood Dancer





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