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Jin Overhaul

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I returned a week ago, and I noticed all those changes on Jin.
I am quite curious about what the community think about this overhaul change in general.

On my part, I'm not sure if all those changes come from the same patch or if some nerfs happened prior to it but:

End of Day seems much weaker than it used to be, even though u can use skills now. The amount of MP it drains is too much to make it worth using. imo the only situation where I'd use it  would be right before using a strong skill (to cancel the animation) then turn back to normal form. It's kind of long to go in burning mode then switch to it though, maybe removing the casting animation would make it more fun.

Even though u can now use it from other jobs than fighter, the duration seems quite short compared to previously if not used with fighter. I think going in End of day then switching to an other weapon provided a better duration than it does now. This is probably why I now feel that the casting animation is more annoying, already having to charge the burning bar and go to burning mode was taking enough time, but having to do it constantly to re-apply the buff breaks the pace.

The other buff (can't recall the name) heals a bit less than I remember it did. I can't say if the armor break new passive makes it good though, maybe overall it does more damage than in normal state.

IMO, Jin is back to being mostly a spell caster now, I thought it was fun to have him rely a bit more on his combo but now I can't say End of Day is worth using. Since he has it under burning mode, he seems sort of bound to spam his burning techniques (mostly >Z) with the pressure of having to do it as much as possible or he would simply have drained his MP for nothing.

I wonder how people feel about Jin current state compared to how he used to be. I personally feel that  he lost what made him special, to become essentially what he was prior to the implement of his buffs in official GC. Character using curse enchant seem to  be the better choice now for a combo oriented playstyle.

I have to say that I haven't been that much in depth to try to make him work, so maybe I'm missing something.

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First of, can some mod move this topic to Suggestions & Feedback?


I really don't know what is the point of the MP Drain when IF and EoD now only remain while you have Fury bar.
They made Jin a "spell caster" while have your mp drained (??????)


ABLV5Ico.png.743ab3d49b09dd055e6443b2039e6e4a.pngA new skill, Iron Fist: Armor Break, has been implemented into the Shared Tab of Fighter, Shisa, Asura, and Rama's skill tree.
-ABLV1Ico.png.f6e46c14151f38ebf5be16b1cc4c2467.pngIron Fist: Armor Break Lv1 | (3% Defense Reduction in Dungeons / 2% Defense Reduction in PvP)
ABLV2Ico.png.816f5af246cbae6190b717a24f634950.pngIron Fist: Armor Break Lv2 | (6% Defense Reduction in Dungeons / 4% Defense Reduction in PvP)
ABLV3Ico.png.411d974d5e07324ffb14d5689e5248eb.pngIron Fist: Armor Break Lv3 | (9% Defense Reduction in Dungeons / 6% Defense Reduction in PvP)
ABLV4Ico.png.d7329ab118f8a84279929c81e86c5bd5.pngIron Fist: Armor Break Lv4 | (12% Defense Reduction in Dungeons / 8% Defense Reduction in PvP)
ABLV5Ico.png.743ab3d49b09dd055e6443b2039e6e4a.pngIron Fist: Armor Break Lv5 | (15% Defense Reduction in Dungeons / 10% Defense Reduction in PvP)
This new skill has been added to introduce a new thing we plan to expand more on later.. burning debuffs! Iron Fist has been seen way less than End of Days due to the little to no benefits that Iron Fist provides. We hope that implementing a debuff that is applied on hit will help give Iron Fist a bit more love and allow for some great strategies revolving around both modes.


"Iron Fist has been seen way less than End of Days due to the little to no benefits that Iron Fist provides."  

-  Before the overhaul both modes are situational, Iron Fist provides basically Immortality while you had MP remaining, and a nice way to recover HP in ToD and another dungeons, and End of Days was extremely useful, i know, the buff increase 200% the damage which is huge, but considering that only applied on combo and Pet (at least was intended to only work on these, some people in discord just said me about a glitch i didn't knew), when using this mode make you vunerable cause your defense is decreased but also cause you could not use skill to flee from monsters skill. End of Days received a nice change from KoG, the possibility of using combo as the main DPS output gave Jin a unique personality.

now talking about the changes in pratical, it's horrible in endgame (ToD, where every move and delay have to be managed cause if get hit you simply die) or even in pvp, we have to switch between IF and EoD just to get a fews seconds of 15% (10% in pvp) debuff, and again, you can't even use the debuff and attack bonus at same time in a 4th bar skill cause of the constant mp drain.

a solution to this is

1- move this debuff to Burning Attacks (I.E Storm Fist) which at first of i thing make more sense, since these attack are the "Strong attacks" of Jin.


2- remove the MP Drain so you can freely use your skill while the debuff duration remain although i think this is the worst solution since switch mode still take some seconds.


3- increase debuff duration (this tho is the opposite i suggested in 2, since you mp still being drained, but at least give more seconds to swithh modes, or use long animation skills (and jin have a lot of them) or recover some mp.)

Now just to do a little comparison, Pressure Point from Asin, it double your attacks for like 8 or 10 seconds, and take almost nothing of your mp and less than half of the time to be applied compared to IF:Armor break + EoD. i think i don't need to say more to compare.

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These changes aren't final, I been meaning to tackle Jin again and change him a bit more and improve his overall kit plus shared stuff a bit more. These changes I think are fine but they are a bit hit-or-miss for many people. I got lots of feedback and suggestions from people who experimented with Jin and I definitely feel that he's a bit more underwhelming now when it comes to Game Play.

Things I'll be doing include an instant change between EOD/IF (and allowing you to move even while the animation is being cast), working on the penalties a bit more and improve many things with the Rage Gauge and probably rework Armor Break a bit (ironic considering it came in not so long ago, haha) and revert some changes such as the HP Absorb nerf of Iron Fist and much, much more.

My focus this time around is working with the burning buffs a bit more, so that's where most of my new changes will lie. I'll definitely be tackling the whole controversy with Armor Break, I think the idea in general is nice but the effect/application itself falls off hard.

Thanks for your feedback! We encourage anyone who has concerns with certain changes to say so, things can't improve without it!

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