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1st job PVE?

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3 hours ago, ghoulmibear said:

How good is mari's first job in end game pve content and how would you recommend stat priority if it is

I will state her capabilities briefly

End Game Standard Dungeons (Alcubra and Archemedia) 

  • Outshadowed by Geas , prefered to be used as a secondary job weapon.
  • Laser Beam over Breakdown , since it has a better swarm control on short range.
  • Homing Missle can be slow , but still does job on swarm of monsters. Use Breakdown otherwise for fast execution
  • Nuclear Strike takes forever in this case , better off using Freeze Tempest for swarms , Desrtoyer's Force is a choice for 3rd skill in this case for alternative

Event Dungeons

  • Rune Caster gets more usage and skill control in this case since event dungeon has more focus on stronger monsters than swarms
  • Laser Beam still prefered over breakdown for power control and hits behind opponents
  • Preferring Breakdown for this , but gets least usage, Homing Missle is situational only for swarm stages
  • Nuclear Strike will now become useful since boss monsters have more control target.

Tower of Disappearance

  • Runecaster will be Mari's primary weapon with a couple of reasons
    • Mari will be dealing with immobile monsters and large monsters in one dungeon run.
    • Freeze Tempest will be ineffective in coverage , it will be great against gorgos , but has poor performance in kamiki / gaikoz
    • Most of mari's versatile skill with lesser hit strings exists only in rune caster.
  • Laser Beam for the ff. reasons
    • Single Hit string takes advantage on Gaikoz/Kamiki
    • Destroys Kamiki Orb on contact
    • Has enough iFrame to cover danger moves (except Gorgos Flame and Gardo Black Hole)
  • 2nd Skill , use Core Break , but skills almost has a poor to impossible scenario of usage with a following reason
    • Homing Missile triggers Gorgos Macro Jump , a scenario where gorgos cancels his jump animation and instantly causes a quake when it touches the group without leaping.
    • Homing Missile has poor target on stage 1-4 , where it prefers targetting mobs instead of boss monster
    • Homing Missle distrurb's gaikoz/kamiki teleportation counterplay. things can be unpredictable.
    • Shock Field is reactable to gaikoz
    • Shock Field is reactable to kamiki
  • 3rd , Nuclear Strike deals most damage , but has tricky target on kamiki. Its the best choice with a slightly large problem.


  • Runecaster usage is more appealing as a 2nd weapon in standard dungeons , since Geas outshadows it. It has the same usage level as Polaris as support. But it has more usage on dungeons where monsters have more target control like event dungeons and heroic.
  • Laser Beam as a majority usage rating in PVE , since breakdown are useful for pvps only , and players prefer skills thats easily controled in PVE
  • 2nd skill is a situational skill pick , Homing Missle is obviously great for Hungry Pets Revolt , slight good in swarms , but core break has more usage on boss focused dungeons.
  • Nuclear Strike is strong , but has tricky target and execution , which is great for bosses , Destroyers Force is only useful for fast execution skill , but less stronger. Your pick.
  • Judgement is an obvious pick since Dangerous Tests is more of a gimmick skills , which has poor performance on serious dungeon runs
  • Turrets are your friend for additional Mana / Cheap Damage. But has more effort to take use on swarms.

Skill Build

  • 100-110% Mana Investment  (since mari already has polaris mana turrent, turrent damage , and geas orb as mana support)
  • MAX Special Attack (mari has a little attack strings to take advantage on attack stats)
  • Remaining MP slots from the 100-110% investment goes to Attack.


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