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Hey, it's Season V+ in GCM.  If you did not play after the release of Eternal, or you're just plain new, you probably would not understand the stats system very well.  On top of gear, half of your stats come from cards, so here's a little guide on cards...

How to get cards

Play land of Judgement everyday.  You can earn some card boxes which have a good chance of giving you good cards.  To get the boxes, you have to score 500k points or above.


As of June 03, 2019, I recommend getting the character jump as your startup reward, giving the support box to another character, and working on that character on the first day using the support equipment.  You will have 2 characters to do the Judgement with.  The more characters you do it with everyday, the more boxes you get, and the faster you can get your stats up.  It takes about 1-3 days to get a character up to be able to do Judgement.  You can get 500k+score at around 12k TA with a good pet, and I estimate around 22k TA without a pet, at the point where you've just completed your 4th job quest, around level 50.  As of December, 2019, Judgement score mulitplier was decreased.  You will require SS+ gear to reach 500k+ score.



You will receive your card boxes the next day in your mailbox for however many characters you ran the dungeon with.  Open them up in the inventory for your goodies.


How to select cards <lvl 60

The strongest multipliers in GC so far are crits, but you require around 30% crit chance before crit becomes meaningful.  At lower levels, you can't reach a high enough crit chance for reliable damage.  So, for all PROPERTIES, as well as cards, attack and special attack are the best stats to aim for, followed by MP regen and crit chance.  A good rule is to follow this until you get to Xenia, then start focusing on crit.  Cards are not really required until you reach level 70, but you can add some if you're having trouble at your current level.  You can choose any card that isn't an end game card if you want to conserve on socket removal gems.

How to select cards >lvl 60

Generally, bonus stats are a combination of properties and cards.  So instead of the best cards to use, it is a combination of what cards you equip, followed by setting the properties on your gear to get the right stats.  Growth is also not linear.  For example, crit chance is a parabola that starts picking up at around 30% and starts dropping off after around 50% versus picking critical damage cards.  Special attack gives a higher initial boost than attack, but as it gets higher, attack becomes better, and so forth.  Helmets currently do not have offensive cards for most characters, so that'll not be covered.

You'll want to save the end game cards for end game gear(level 85/true iron dragon).  You'll need strong cards on your level 70+ gear to help you farm up true iron dragon equipment, so you'll probably want to put in the next best cards on those.  Everything else can be put on whatever, including low level gear for some strong boosts.

Upper Armor





Lower Armor



I am pretty sure I've missed a bunch of cards, but there's a load of them and I can't keep track of it all.  

How to socket

The default option in inventory allows you to socket equipment, but you can switch between properties and socketing with the toggle button.  To add a card to an item, a specific amount of gold is required, depending on the card.


How to remove

Removing cards require socket gems, which may come from minigames, but the easiest ones come from playing the gacha.  If you didn't put end game cards on Lower tier equipment, you probably will not be removing them, so socket gems are not usually a must-have item.


How to END



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