GC Madness on Unity? or Unreal Engine? Worth?

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Hi! ^^

What about building the game on Unity3D Engine? or maybe Unreal Engine? (I prefer and recomended to use Unity because it's easy to coding! C# & Java Language! ^^)

I know it's sounds impossible right now because the game is now improved the client and all but still the game is full of problems that the Admins or GM? (Game Masters?) are trying to fixed but it's hard becuase it's not original their game and the code is complex. (Also the game is old and is not work smoothly on Windows 10!)

If it was easy for the Admins to understand all of the code in the game and the code was easy to make changes and add more items and etc then all the bugs and problems was fixed easily. But unfortunately it's not the case. ><

Let's say the Admins want to do that and choose to build the game in Unity Engine, did they need to build it from scratch? Umm.. Yes but it's not really from scratch! Becuase they have all the resources they need! They have all the textures and models and animations and etc, they not need to build the resources from scratch at all!! so it eases their burden! Plus all what they need to do is just put all the resources in Unity and make some scripts (C# or Java = easy code!) and that will bring a life to the game! 😃

Also there is plenty information and help for Unity and Unreal! (Videos on YouTube and forums that helping & learning how to use Unity & Unreal and many examples and etc!) So the Admins not alone! and they can get help when they need it! ^^ (I'm sure maybe some users in here know how to use Unity and want to help the Admins!^^ (I'm using Unity and want to help if needed)) 


  • Full control on the game! Client & Server!
  • Fixing bugs and problems more easy!
  • Add or remove things more easy!
  • Fast FPS! (60 FPS)
  • Better graphics!
  • Better network! (Fast multiplayer! No more lagging! ^^)
  • Multy platform! (PC, Android, PS3/4 and more!  Optional!)
  • Work smoothly in Windows 10 and etc.


  • Takes time to build and hard work!
  • Need to learn to use Unity or Unreal and know C# or Java!

Summary: I know i't hard work to do all that but i think it's worth! ^^ I'ts worth because all the new possibilities and benefits that we can get in the future depends it! ^^

Have a nice day! ^^


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Hey Bee~ 

I showed your thread to the staff team for them to get their opinions on it, unfortunately they did not come to terms with it so it was a no go. There are a lot of pros with unreal engine just like you listed. However, there are games we can also relate to that still have some problems with it. For example, Kurtzpel works with unreal engine and even as a beta player myself, I experienced high FPS drop and there's a lot of buggy issues with the models themselves that the company still has to work on. Especially with the customization being a big thing in that game. Overall, the admin believes working with what we have now is the best option, but we thank you so much for the suggestion!

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I see you're trying to help, but sadly the idea above is not worth the effort. Actually we have the full game source code (which includes server and client) so implementing new content is not really a problem. Rebuilding the game in unity3D/Unreal engine would take years of effort, since we would have to remake the game from scratch, because even having the resources, there's still a lot of code to be rewritten. Without mentioning the fact that C++ is actually the most powerful language for game development. As for the advantages you mentioned above, I don't know where you got this information from, but it is no longer true in real world applications. C# has a low performance and it's easy to decompile any code written in virtualized languages, plus it requires a lot more to run a game built in C# than in C++ (Net framework, Redist 2017 and other dependencies), just take kurtzpel as example, it was built in unreal engine, and still people can't run it properly even with high computer specs. Now regarding the FPS issue, it is not a problem on our side, even we knowing where the problem is and how to fix it, it's a thing that depends 100% on microsoft.

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Thank you for the replays! ^^

I know C++ Is more efficient than any code language but I don't know enough about Unreal Engine and the game KurtzPel. I know Unity3d Engine and I know that in Unity you can coding in multi languages in the same project and at the end it will may recompile it as C++! (See this site:

For Example: I can open new project in Unity and create script in C# and another script in Java in the same project and even make them work together! If all my scripts was in Java so my build at the end is run in Java? NO! it's maybe run on C# or C++! You can choose how to build it! Unity is not Unreal! and the new version of Unity is Unity 2019.1! (You can see the new features in this version here:

I recomended to check this out and see if you can do something about it! ^^ (Check the Unity Engine by coding in C# or Java and try to build it in C++! You might be surprised! ^^)

Have a nice day! ^^

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