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Twilight Skill tree

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someone requested my skill tree, and it's about time.... so here it is:

GCRin1.thumb.jpg.f1a212bee8de90def4744df4c203e24b.jpgGCRin2.thumb.jpg.50e52f3139537774076a981cabd0a165.jpgGCRin3.thumb.jpg.21096458601fdd1d5428202b7296a8f0.jpgGCRin4.thumb.jpg.86bff4636e1e9a3349abfd093db47721.jpgGCRin5.thumb.jpg.f5d3b9c9e73d5d35dbc201bc7de2b55f.jpg         transformation skills don't really matter except to have the OFF skill...

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