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19 minutes ago, Abiabay80 said:

what happened to this.  Help me please

Hero dungeon anda Skill mugen asin






  1. I'm a bit confused about the Skill Tree pictures but it looks like you lack sufficient SP to obtain further skills. (?)
  2. The Hero Dungeon timer bug is a problem with the recent Daylight Savings Time change. This will be addressed on the next server restart which should be on or before the 15th of March.
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17 hours ago, Abiabay80 said:

Skill mugen asin bug. what is because of my jumping level??? 

Based on my experience, if you unlock Asin's Lv. 8x skill while below 80 (not sure why it lets you..) it might lock itself upon relog. Is this your experience?

It's a bit hard to know what's the matter without an explanation of the bug. :P

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