Unable to earn new characters...

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As much as I'd like new Characters available to me, I can't earn them by completing missions.
Using VP points gets costly and time consuming (even if you spend all the VP points you get at the beginning on new Characters).
When VP points should be used on other important things such as making the Characters you've already got better, you don't need to be spending time on earning the VP for Characters.

The initial 3500 VP points don't stretch to all of the Characters, and there are no missions available for earning new Characters either.
At a rate of 60 VP points per 24 hours, and a cost of 700 VP points for each Character, it takes a while (about 5 or 6 months assuming you've spent every VP point on only Characters).
It would of been nice to have had the chance to earn the Characters via missions.

Though once you have all 20 Characters, you get a different issue, logging in as each and every one of them every day.
30 Minutes per Character, multiplied by 20 Characters, that's 10 Hours of gaming Minimum.
Attendance should be Linked across all Characters, as should In-GameĀ Currencies.

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