Broken Quests: Updating as I find them...

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There are two Quests that I've noticed strait away that do not work.

First - Elesis - Zone 1 - Area 2 - Trial Tower
Objective - Use Mega Slash Lv1 once
Completion - NEGATIVE, Mega Slash Lv1 is not recognised by the mission when used, unable to turn in.

Second - Lire - Zone 1 - Area 2 - Trial Tower
Objective - Use Metal Shot Lv1 once
Completion - NEGATIVE, Metal Shot Lv1 does NOT exist, can't fulfil mission criteria, unable to turn in.


As and When I find more missions that can't be completed, I will post them here.

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Oh, hi there!


Just a quick question: Did you use the skills by charging the MP bar or did you press the hotkey in order to activate them?

I've had this problem before, until I noticed it didn't count when I used the skill by charging the bar, it wouldn't count, but when I used them by pressing the hotkey, it did count.

If this method is still working, then it should fix the problem with Elesis' Mega Slash. As for Lire's "Mega Shot", I have no idea.

But this was before the last maintenance. Haven't checked it after the last one, since I have no quests of such type.

Try using the hotkeys, if it still doesn't work, then I guess it was screwed by the last maintenance. 

Hope it works! Have a nice day!

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