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Hi, so I have found another bug that I would like to address. So I went on my day and about to forge some armor but instead I got this error message (GrandChase20190206_203610.BMP). As you can see it says it success but as I went through my inventories I did not have the armor that I wanted. GrandChase20190206_203631.BMPGrandChase20190206_203652.BMPGrandChase20190206_203657.BMP. I had this issue as of last week but I just now have the time to submit this issue. Thanks. 


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There is a neighbouring issue as well.

When trying Dismantle items:
It applies when specific items are present in ones inventory. I had it happen myself, just sell the items that can be sold for GP currency in return, this should avoid the issue. In most cases the GC currency items are not very good anyway. I think it's items from Kanavan, but there may be other items involved.

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