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Got stuck in Stage 22 in WL!!!! FIX IT

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Mobs getting stuck has been around since NAGC Season 3(?).  It's probably a tough bug to squish.  Rest assured that dev are already aware of it.


Imo, the cause may be your d3d not being the optimal one for your PC, but this isn't a theory or support thread.

So, you've mobs that are stuck in knocked up mode at spawn or during battle EVERY TIME YOU TRY IT.  If you only need to do this run once every so often, you've come to the right place.

There are skills that can force a mob to move, these skills can unstick stuck monsters by manually causing them to move.  These skills are not like normal push skills that just exerts force on a mob.  These skills just force them to move to a specific location.  Ones I can remember are Twilight's Desperation Force, and Weapon Force's stick lance.  I believe KoG B's pet skill maybe able to, but I have no confidence on that.  If anyone can put some out here, would be appreciated.

If your character has a force move skill, then you will be able to unstick your mobs pretty easily.  However, these skills are not common in this game.  Here's what can you do if you can't unstick them yourself:

First, you need to have Discord.

You should join GCM Discord if you have not already.

Now you have to go into #support and tell them that you are stuck on WL stage 22, the riflemen won't die.

Now you go into #general and you ask if someone can help you clear WL stage 22 with their awesome debugging skillz.


So after you get that skill either on your char or a party member's character, you can turn the picture above into the picture below.


o, btw, notice my max lvl treehouse buff:ph34r:

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