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[Official] GCMadness - Set Image Library

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GCMadness - Set Image Library

SB Gacha / Armor Set / Coordi Set / Misc Compilation Album

                    Image sources of in-game Armor and Coordi Set are very incomplete in public searches. 
                The old Grand Chase Wikia doens't has issues with visual presentation of each sets , either 
                incomplete or no preview at all. This thread post provides an organized set images for all 
                                           characters in different categories!

Page Overview

The Gallery Page consists of Armor , Coordi , SB Gacha and more Collections


!!! NOTE : Set Library Migration is still on-going , albums from the old flickr compilation that's not listed here will be added during the migration period . I'll only start taking compiling requests once all images are migrated from the old album .

Set Migration is done :D


If you want a set to be showcased , Set Requests are open in this thread , just state what Armor , Coordi , Gacha , Limited Items / Accessories , etc you want to see. (NOTE : I dont compile sets that are exclusive outside GCM)



 Special Set Collection


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Coordi Sets

(Rita's Coordi Set / Event Coordi / K-Ching Coordi / ... )


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Armor Sets

(GP Armors / Forge Armors / Dungeon Drop Armors / ... )



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SB Gacha Sets

( Armor Seal Breaker Gacha / Coordi Gacha / ... )



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