[Ended]Date A GM - Poetry

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To: [GM] Kouyz:x

Time Zone: GMT +0

IGN: Beppy

Even tho u dont know

I'm always watching

Even if u try to hide

I will always know

There is no lurking to be had

I'm not yours and ur not mine

but thats just a setback

We can make it faster

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This Poem is for: [GM] Rivia

Time Zone:GMT+7 (12:47 AM)

Usename: spider022

IGN: DragonRx

"Love is ... "

Love is like sea water that fills a portion of the earth's contents
Give a lot of life
Make other people curious
And everyone must experience love

Love is sincerity
Love is Will
Love is mutual understanding
Love is beautiful if we can put it in the best place in the heart

Make love so beautiful in your heart
Because love can be as beautiful as you want

I love you [GM] Rivia

In all your less and more
In my door, [GM] Rivia name is tucked away, which I always miss
I Love you so much [GM] Rivia

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"The most important person"


To the most important person,

That gives me a new reason.

To whom that had i affection,

In this valentine season.

To whom who makes our youth comeback,

When im already old and laidback.


For almost 2 years since the start of the server,

Your perseverance shines and shimmer.

Your dedication on the game itself,

Fills up the joy in myself.

GM kouyz i know how hard your job is,

But you know that all is worth it.


You're the one i respect the most,

Since you're the admin, the boss and the host.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart,

For giving us to play and be a part.

I wish you'd pick me and have a time,

So can thank you personally i hope its fine.


I love you gm kouyz as a friend,

And i really want to make ammend.

So for this valentine event you made,

I put all my effort on this poem i made.

All my heart, my mind and soul,

I put it here as one as whole.



Thanks gm kouyz. I know you are the owner, and i really thank you for making this server. More power and Godbless.

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TO: [GM Adrian}

Time Zone: CET

IGN: Eline591




its a beautiful day outside.

birds are singing,

flowers are blooming,

on days like these,

i prefer some GCM dungeons,

but i cant beat them alone,

its to dangerous to get exposed to the darkness by yourself.

only Adrian the best person of them all can,

with the skills and knowledge,

the kindness in his hearth, 

can beat every bit of darkness ,

but he doesn't waste his knowledge nor his skills,

he uses them to help us all,

even if there is a wall,

with any question we got with any might he has,

he is always there for us fighting to free us from the dark side, 

even if you get dragged deep within,

way out of sight,

seeing no way out its so tight,

there is always a spark of light,

hes the hand that well reach for u,

leaving no one behind,

and thats what the community is about,

helping and caring for others fighting for our right,

let us the people who fight the darkness be together and battle as a team,

and help Adrian when he needs us,

show him hes not alone because we're always there. 





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This poem is for [MOD] Samuru

2/13/2019 (PST) 2:39 pm



I know that I’m just a rookie,

but let’s keep this simple,

straight to the point.

Just like the game

and character Uno,

you are number 1 to me.

So I guess what I’m tryna say is,

would you be my date in this game of GC?

(P.S. I ain't gay)

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To: [GM] Lucifer
From: [IGN] magicreborn
Time Zone: EST and/or GMT-5

"Brothers In Arms"

Standing next to you,
We started something bold.
Unseen by others, and yet,
The stories we could unfold.

Of the history we made together,
A brighter future of our own design.
With our rules stamped downed and written,
While our ideals were on the line.

We look back to the past,
Seeing the comfort of our memory.
How long can we last,
Before the future becomes the remedy?

We've suffered, 
And we've survived,
We've had things to endure
But we kept each other alive.

And now, on the day of embraces,
I offer you more than just an arm
To use in your daily hastes,
And lean on in your times of alarm.

Please, always remember me 
That we will not just be friends.
Growing stronger split between
I hope this message can make amends.

We've been through the worst, 
We have returned to the dawn
To showcase our remorse
For the one's who have moved on.

But though we have struggled and prevailed,
Its hard to say who has won or who failed. 
Because we are Brothers In Arms forever
So let us hug out this endeavor.


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Thread is now locked for judging! A announcement will be made of the winners and their scheduled date with their staff member. Thank you all in advance for participating!

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