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[Feedback | New System] Host Region

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'Sup Chasers! We're very excited to announce this system to you all! It's our first official custom system and we hope you find it well!

The idea behind this system is to appeal to both American and Asian players.
We felt that having two different channels for regions helped separate the player base and caused a lot more issues than we originally anticipated.

As so, we have decided to execute the Asian channel idea once more but in a different manner, this is where this system came in!

Upon creating a room, you'll be met with the following new setting:
Host Region

You are able to use this option to select between which host you wish your room to be hosted in. So if you are in the Americas and prefer to connect to an American host, then you simply click on the little circle next to the U.S.A. Flag and then create the room as normal. The same applies to if you are from Asia and prefer to connect to an Asian host.

Upon creating your room, you will notice a brand new texture will be available at the room's title bar which will show the players where this room is being hosted in:

Players browsing the rooms list will also be able to see where a room is being hosted in order to know whether or not this room (might) be their best candidate for smooth gameplay:
This system is new and requires extensive testing and feedback in order to perfect.
We hope that you can provide feedback on your experience utilizing this system and we're thrilled to finally release this!

Note: UI is NOT final and is submit to changes in the coming weeks.

We hope this will help players of all nationalities have a lag-free, smooth and fun experience playing Grand Chase Madness!

Feedback can be left below.

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