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Hot Fix - November 21st, 2018

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Incoming fixes for the custom client!
Manual Patch Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

Quick Patch Summary

What's new?


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  • We have solved several bugs.
    1. More information will be available below. (At: GENERAL > Bug Fixes)


BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png General Bug Fixes

  • We have solved the bug involving [Attendance Book] where the Lucky Day window that shows up to reward you with an item such as Rocco's Tornado Coin has the item icon as blank and outside the box.
  • We have solved the bug involving [Seal Breaker Gacha | Armor] where the buttons might display another texture once clicked/hovered/or selected.
  • We have solved the bug involving [Angry Boss] where you do not receive any of the Action Mission rewards.
  • We have solved the bug involving [Wizard's Labyrinth] where the reward window that appears after clearing Stage 30 will not automatically appear upon clearing, you have to open the window through the button on the stage selector window.
  • We have solved the bug involving [Hero Shop] where there will be no PURCHASE SUCCESSFUL prompt once an item is bought.
  • We have solved the bug involving [Menu(ESC)] where it is possible to have duplicate windows open if you click on the MENU(ESC) button instead of using the (ESC) key to open it. (Needs Confirmation)
  • We have solved a bug involving [Mini Dolls] where they crashed you if you had one equipped.
  • Several more minor bug fixes.

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png Character Balance Bug Fixes

  • We have solved the bug involving Rune Caster's Imperium Skills [4th Skill] where they are not working as intended.
  • We have solved the bug involving Gunslinger's Jump Attack [Pow Pow!] where it does the magic attack instead when the gauge isn't over-heated.
  • We have solved the bug involving the NEW [Black Witch] armor set for Mari where it did not update the particles.
  • Several more minor bug fixes.

Keep up to date on what is known and what's not in this thread:




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