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The custom client is officially here!

We want to thank every single one of you for being patient with us in our journey to get this far! We will be kicking off the custom client with a closed beta in order to get player feedback on all existing content in the game in which we can review and fix any bugs, glitches, or exploits that we might've missed and/or improve several systems that might need it.

You may apply to be part of this beta testing by submitting an application in the site below:

On October 1st, 2018, all applicants that have been accepted will be contacted via. their discord ID (name#0000) and invited into a server that will be specifically for relaying information regarding the custom client in which then the testers will be able to access the custom client.

Good luck to all applicants!


What is the Custom Client (CC)?
A) The custom client is simply a brand new main.exe (game.exe) that'll allow us, the developers, to have full control over Grand Chase itself. This client is necessary if we ever plan to introduce new content into the game and fix things that would normally be impossible without it.

A few examples of what we can do with the custom client are stuff such as:
 - Create new Characters
 - Create new Classes
 - Create new Systems
 - Create new Dungeons
 - Create new Continents
 - Create new Modes
 - Add Stronger Protection
 - Fix Countless Bugs and Exploits
 - So Much More!

It should be noted that many of these can already be done without the custom client but with a catch. With the custom client, we have the freedom to do all of that without risking anything in return. It should also be noted that you do NOT have to DOWNLOAD A NEW CLIENT.


Rules & Information

  1. You are expected to report any bugs, glitches, and/or exploit you discover as you play test the client.
    - If you are caught abusing any bug, glitch, and/or/exploit without reporting or without the intent of reporting--you risk losing your access to the custom client.
  2. You are expected & required to have a discord ID in order to be accepted as an applicant. You must also be on it frequently to receive any updates related to the client and report your findings, if any.
    - Even if your application is accepted, if you do not have a discord--you cannot participate in the beta testing. A Discord ID is required in order for you to be able to contact us at a moment's notice. The discord server will be deleted once the testing period is over.
  3. You are encouraged to try and abuse systems in order to uncover any possible vulnerability/exploits associated with a system so we can look into it and fix it.
    - It is impossible for us to test and find every vulnerability with systems. We hope you can discover any for us and do the right thing and report it to us.
  4. If possible, report any of your findings with plenty of detail and for some that require a process--a video recording.
    - This way we can reproduce it easier and get a bug, glitch, or exploit solved faster.
  5. You will use your LIVE account to play the custom client. There is no need to make a new account, simply log in with your usual information and just play.
    - Have fun and play as you normally would. The idea of this beta is for players to simply play GrandChase as they normally do and report to us any bugs, glitches, or exploits. Suggestions are also welcomed.
  6. Have a good time!
    - The custom client is a big step for Grand Chase as a whole and we thank you for taking the time to test it out before it's released to everybody. :)

Simply follow the above and you should be set!
Will be updated as time goes by.


What will be available on the custom client beta launch?
Anything below was coded from scratch and needs the most attention when it comes to testing.
Feedback on anything below will be HIGHLY appreciated.

  • Pet Glyphs


  • PvP Room Options & Character Change in Dungeon & PvP


  • New Gacha Selection (+ Unsealing Window)


  • Forge & Hero Shop/Dungeon UI Renewal


  • Land of Judgment Dungeon/Ranking/Rewards


  • Menu (ESC)


There are much, much more to test. The above are simply what we want players prioritizing over all else!

Further things we desire testers to test out will be available in a discord server that they will be invited to once the beta is released.


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