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Uno's combo that deliver high damage

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Uno is the first character that pick my interest best since he is so agile and combo with blood combo (x button) is extraordinary make him more interesting


I've been main uno for 1-2 year i guess xD so here imma tell you what makes Uno can deliver high damage


For me i love putting Uno in all damage base properties (means no mp recovery)


The stats up there is the best for me to be honest, since i can deliver 100k damage with blood combo only (although if its critical) xD

Plus flash of light (3rd cash skill) become the most damage of his skill (better than blood flower that makes your hp depleted so easily until you fatal and full bloom that didnt deliver too much damage on gaikoz and kamiki (on Tower of Disappearance)

I can't give you the videos for Uno guide now, although i might create one later.

But i will share some of my Uno solo run videos xD

So here's the Uno combo that deliver fast kill :

1. First z till third z then x x (this combo is the best since you can go to enemies back and deliver back attack)

2. z z > (this combo is for collecting blood gauge since every blood combo and additional skill needs blood gauge and this combo is the fastest combo to collect blood gauge)

3. z z < z z (this one is actually for evading and you can press the z after < later for longer I-frame or sooner to get to enemies back)

4. ^ x v x on platform (this is one of combo that depleted your blood gauge fast but can deliver high damage for me (60k - 80k)) *note : this combo is best only for gaikoz and kamiki in Tower of Disappearance

Other blood combo like dash attack and so, is not really good in some situation although dash attack does make your enemies bounce but it cant deliver fast and high damage so im not recommend it xD

And so here's the video~


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After seeing this idk why I did mp recovery. Can you post a picture of your equips, props, and cards so I can see what I should change mine to for dmg?

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For the properties i get all (Attack, Special Attack, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage)

For equips i use Full True Iron Dragon sets + Phantom Phoenix Earrings + Harkion Ring + Bloody Earring (for Uno's blood gauge)

As for cards :

Weapon & Gloves : 1 Zero Nutcracker (2.83% Critical Chance) + 5 Berkas Cards (26.39% Critical Damage)

Upper & Cloak : 6 Veron Card (440 Attack)

Bottom & Shoes : 6 Astaroth Card (774 Special Attack)

Helmet : 3 Astaroth Card (151 Vitality)









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