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Hot Fix - May 8th, 2018

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Manual Patch: Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

This hot fix will address a few problems in the game!

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GENERAL.png.46409bb62c5abc408683d706588dcd03.png Changes

  •   MT301.png.40b1ae4cd0068e1922a1d6b3ad475262.png   The dungeon Monster Train 301 has received some changes!
    o Changes:

    - The Upper and Lower Furnaces have both received changes:
    o The furnaces have received a change to GUARD. It will be on a 20 second(s) cool down once it's used (cool down ignored if hit by Onrush), and will last for 2 second(s).
    o The box radius behind the furnace which teleports you back has been shortened enough to prevent glitching with several skills. It should be noted that if you use any ability that ignores collision then it is suggested to use it on the highest and middle platform(s).

    - Name: TrainM.png.5998665a511c4fabd3fcf3299f0bc16d.png  Journey to the Underworld
    - Part(s): Seven (Changed Part: 6)
    - Objective(s):
    PART Eradicate [15] Monster Train Attendants / Reward: 16x Crew Uniform Chest Coupon and 16x Crew Accessories Chest Coupon
    PART Clear Talin's Revenge [5] times / Reward: Pet Yellow Blitzchen Card and Nutrients IV (7 Days)
    PART Clear Monster Train 301 in Normal or higher [5] times / Reward: 10x Premium Transmutation Scroll and 10x Refinery Scroll Random Chest
    PART Score 30 Back Attacks in Normal Mode or Higher / Reward: 10x Hellstrom's Demon Core and 10x Naamah's Demon Core and 15x Grandiel's Demon Core
    PART Eradicate [30] Mournful Passenger / Reward: 8x Attendant's Uniform Chest Coupon and 8x Attendant's Accessories Chest
    PART Clear Talin's Revenge once in less than 7 minutes  / Reward: Pet Blitz King Card and 3x Death Furnace 301 Monster Card (RELIC)
    PART Clear Monster Train 301 [5] times in Hell Mode without dying once / Reward: 1x Character Slot Ticket and x1 Selectable Grand Sage Armor Chest and x10 Seal Breaker Scroll


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BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a few bosses in Monster Train 301 were activating an unintentional "HP Recovery" property.
  • Fixed a bug where the Battle Ship and Talin Elfbane bosses in Talin's Revenge were immobile and did not do anything.
  • Fixed a bug where you were only receiving (2) Dungeon Festival Coins instead of (4) Dungeon Festival Coins from clearing Monster Train 301 (HELL).
  • Fixed a bug where the (Coordi) Leviathan Lord/Queen Chaos Weapons were equipping to the incorrect slots.
  • Fixed a bug where the (Coordi) Duke/Duchess Petrushka Weapons were equipping to the incorrect slots.
  • Several Minor Bug Fixes.

BUGFIXES.png.c1c2816878335ed2a1f6d99c34eacce3.png Character Balance Bug Fixes

  • N/A

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BALANCE.png.c5e51e2b71d899b0cea46da66e8dcdd5.png Character Changes

  • N/A

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VAULT.png.31ad32846be9df617c4b2b02cf563025.png Vaulted Events

  • N/A

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