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Found 6 results

  1. RinKun

    Lass 3rd Skill Error

    Hello. I just found Grand Chase Game after so many years. So i decided to play lass, and do a jumping level on him. I made him to level 70, do the Skill Tree Configuring, put the Items, and try to go to dungeon. So far, until this point everything was Awesome. But i realize, when i use Lass's 3rd skill for his Last Job (Striker), it only do the final slash. It should be 4 Slashes in it. Down Slash, 2 Upper Circle Slash, and the Final Slash. I found this very annoying especially, when you want to dodge monster's/bosses skills. Please fix this bug. Thank you so much for reading.
  2. Hello. i want to ask, from what i recall in GCID when rin dark bar is full and we use the 4th skill our hp bar will restored as well, but at GCM i tried the same and it didn't work Or i might had a false memory about this life steal upon full bar and 4th skill? Thanks before
  3. Rio

    Amy skills not changed

    So I discovered bug on Amy. Now don't get me wrong. I know I am new, here but I have played Grand Chase before it was closed for 2 years and I appreciate developers who want to balance characters. I've also seen all madness patches. Also, as you can see, my main character is Amy. So base on GCMCharacterBalanceDungeon spreadsheet, Dance Fever Lv3 should increase your attack by 25%. But in reality it increase your attack by 10%. As you can see, by doing simple mat, you know her damage is increased by 10%. I even test this with my friend and the result is same. But it's not just Dance Fever Lv3, some of her skills also don't change. For example Sacred Dance Lv 2. The buff duration should be 45s, but in reality the buff duration is 20s. Rhapsody skill from 2nd Job don't give you +100% HP recovery boost (already tested it, but forgot to screenshot) and I doubt the damage change of others skill has also been applied too. So maybe the developers need to check it all again. That's all my reports, thank you for your attention.
  4. YuraIkitsuki

    Zero (Loss Skill HP/AP Absorption)

    I play zero and already 4th job. Sadly, there is minor bug that i found which i guess made Zero's player in trouble. That is HP/AP doesnt fill correctly according to the number of monster being stabbed by Skill Loss. Of course, i already take "Orchid Thorns : Increase Absorption lv 2". i remember when i play zero in original server, if the enemy is piled up, with one stab Skill Loss HP Absorption, can heal 1/2 blood of Zero. I dont know if skill loss to be like that was the latest update as a nerf zero. But if it is not nerf, please fix it ASAP. -Thanks-
  5. I ever play GC from KOG and played character Lass but i decided to stop playing. And now i am playing GC Madness and playing as Lass again. When i am using 3rd MP Skill Striker = "Blade Spirit", the iframe is so fast. As i know, iframe Lass Striker took so long and has 2 picture Skill. Is this Bug or Update for Lass 4th job (Striker) ? if it is bug, i hope it"ll be fix ASAP.
  6. NathanGuevs

    Extreme Skill Issue

    Hi new to this Community. Ive been having an issue with all extreme skills. When I try to unlock any extreme skill on any character the game freezes then i have to close the program using task manager. Has anybody encountered this, Ive tried with different accounts, characters, pc's. Still it freezes. Thanks to whoever has a fix to this. btw from the philippines and i have bit of knowledge on computers.