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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to everyone who read my another suggestion which focused on Pet especially on the Pet Glyph System. Today I want to share the MK-2 variant of the original glyph. These Glyph are: 1. Red Glyph MK-2 Reduce enemy defenses by 4% [Basic]/8% [Epic]/10% [Relic] for 5 seconds when the pet hits something. 2. Yellow Glyph MK-2 At the start of the stage, Pet MP Gauge starts at 10% [Basic]/20% [Epic]/30% [Relic]. 3. Green Glyph MK-2 Reduce MP Pet Gauge usage by 5% [Basic]/10% [Epic]/15% [Relic] when used. 4. Blue Glyph MK-2 Grants MP Usage Reduction for the user by 4% [Basic]/8% [Epic]/10% [Relic] for 10 seconds when the pet hits something. 5. Purple Glyph MK-2 Increase MP Regeneration for the user by 10% [Basic]/15% [Epic]/20% [Relic] for 10 seconds when the pet hits something. That's all what I can suggest for the Pet Glyph MK-2, maybe the MK-3 variant in the future. If this glyph going to be released sooner or later, let the GCM Staffs choose which method for players to obtain them and the value could be changed as well if it too strong or too weak.
  2. khkh

    Pet skill & costume

    Pet skill and costume can sometimes unequipped without notice, such as finishing a dungeon or leaving a room
  3. Hello Hello! I would like to know what is the best pet is the current rotation ^^ (ArchAngel,Leona,Keter,Dokaebi King and Rencia) Thanks in advance! Also I'm a Dio, so hope this info helps!
  4. TheUnknown

    pet rutherford

    I can't equip pet rutherford on my characters. HELP!!!
  5. potats0


    Please help! i cant get either the weapon or pet and i still have space in my inventory i cant get the weapon! i want the pet right now.
  6. I know you have more pressing bugs to deal with atm, but here are some small ones that I came across: Asin's 2nd job coordi is bugged in Coordi Shop; cannot be purchased and is sold for zero cash/vp. And pet Fluffy cannot be equipped, its says "no such pet exists".