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Found 2 results

  1. A quick review of Edel's Captain and Major specials. Captain The 3 Techniques only applies the debuffs on Dungeons. The debuffs doesn't apply to PvP. The 3 Techniques will reset the cooldown of your Flintlock, so its best to use them after using flintlock. Example combos: basic ZZZZ-X-Tech-ZZZZ-X-Tech-ZZZZ-X then use 1st bar skills or 2nd bars. Circular Type 0 and Type 1 will throw enemies on the edge of the map. Pretty useful when getting choked by enemies. Circular Type 3 deals heavy damage to enemies and can reach 1 platform above. It can reach Kaze'Aze on top platform when cast in the middle platform in Tower of Disappearance Major Despair Type 3 can reach enemies 1 platform below. Phase Type 0 will instantly teleport Edel behind the enemy attacking her and will teleport facing the attacking enemy. Phase Type 1 recovers MP based on damage received. It's best to use for monsters that do long damage or Area of Effect DoTs (Kaze'Aze's Dark Cloud, ground flames, dark gasses etc.). Does not recover MP in the damage of Curse, Bleed debuffs but will recover MP from Shocked status. Phase Type 2 can reduce the cooldown of Edel's IS, so use it after you used up your IS. Cooldown Reduction is fast when inside a Area of Effect DoTs (Kaze'Aze's Dark Cloud, ground flames, dark gasses etc.). Phase Type 3 doesn't reflect 1 hit damage from monsters. Don't even try it. (▫ ‿ ▫ )... Sword of Glory Type 0 damage can stack with enemies. Sword of Glory Type 1 flames can stack on the ground. Sword of Glory Type 2 Curse is pretty useful against ZZZ dependent characters like Uno, Rufus, Lass, Lire and Sieghart. So use it when fighting at disadvantage. Has the weakest damage out of all Sword of Glory Types. Damage can stack with enemies. Sword of Glory Type 3 deals heavy and stackable damage on enemies. Pretty useful against teleporting enemies. Does more mp absorb than other types. As of February 9 2018, All Sword of Glory Types now gives medium mp absorption. The mp absorb only applies to dungeons. (Edel's PvP Combos, Dungeoning guide will be added later when I have time.)
  2. I am going to suggest some simple but major graphics modifications in the Grand Chase Madness client. The revamp shouldn't be mandatory as i suggest but i hope there will be some new changes. I know it won't be easy but i wish the GC team good luck. [MINOR] LAUNCHER - not updated HOMEPAGE - not updated USER INTERFACE - some changes with the UI. (Darker colorsceheme, some icons) FONTS - new font style and fixed indentions and spacings. (I can see some of the text that aren't properly placed; i think others can notice this too) [MAJOR] SOME SUGGESTIONS that will attract former chasers and new players. MODERNIZED OUTLINE - Darken the outline of characters a bit. Bolder outline. SPECIAL SKILLS - if user is going to use special skills, the effect should be monochromatic that is the same with the user's color scheme. Some comic style should be added to the interface. I know that the staffs are now recruiting developers. Here are just some of my suggestions. Sorry for the bad grammar. I know that this server will be big. MORE POWER GUYS....