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Found 2 results

  1. Hellooo Im a Returning player here after 2 years and wanted to play the game again but there has been a problem and i ran the wrongfilechecker.exe but it only says this But it will show me what file is the problem i tried reinstalling the game but same thing occured was finding on where to download the main.exe but sadly the file was not found specially in the one that i saw in the bug reports that was pinned. Hoping that i will get a reply and fix this im eager to play thanks Edit: Tried to relocate the files and ran the wrong file checker, the first image error was gone but then this happened :3 i got more wrong files :3 Welp
  2. adv3nt

    Main.exe not updating

    Evening, its been 2 days now that I cant log in .. the patcher is not moving/updating the Main.exe I also used the WrongFileChecker and still the main.exe is the problem.. hoping for your fast response.. thanks..