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Found 5 results

  1. morang


    Hello guys i have much lag when playing GC MADNESS i try to put d3d9.dll in game folder but lag going on... I use Windows 8.1 (Sorry for grammatical errors, i dont speak english)
  2. Smepic


    This server is good on paper, and it has a lot of potential - but it has a big problem: instability. When you play with others in PvP and dungeons, the game becomes very laggy depending on who it is. I'm guessing this is because of each person's location. This should not happen - latency should only affect yourself. When the server is slow because of this problem, it also affects your client performance. What's weird is that it also happens in lobbies. I play on Windows 10, and I haven't tried any of the fixes that you can find on the forum. I think a fix should be included in the base game, because not everyone check forums. After my first day of playing, I felt that the game was unplayable - and I'm sure other new players feel the same way. It would be nice to have a Grand Chase server to play on, but it's not fun when the performance is bad.
  3. Please fix the severe lag of the servers. It made the game more laggy after the custom client. Before the update the game work just fine but after the update the lag become worst. much worst than before. and can I suggest to convert the default server to asia? Coz there are actually 80% of the players which are from asia.. Thanks for bringing back the Grand Chase. Love you all GMs and developers!!!
  4. william8472

    Some abnormalities

    1. the game is laggy after 21st November maintenance, even playing solo in dungeons 2. cannot skip the dialogue using z or x in land of judgement 3. some of the attacks (for instance, the attack of many white balls rising and then explode) occur again after the first casting for Harkion 4. warehouse cannot be used, is it normal? If not, when will it be opened? 5. Impossible to enter playhouse 6. (known) devilion cannot recover ap, even the stun event vanished also hope GM can finally resolve the bugs, making madness comfortable to play
  5. HarlenLaw

    Game Lagging

    The game is lagging since i updated the game! Tell me how to fix dat