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Found 19 results

  1. So I got a free epic gold mithril bar. I'm planning to use it on my reinforcement stone which is +16 and upgrade it into +17 stone Will using epic gold mithril bar on my +16 stone by any chance will destroy my stone? Any advice will be appreciated Thank you.
  2. SuA

    Gacha Bug

    I was planning to get the sellion gacha and I decided to get it only at lv 10 because I only want the outfit and the pet. I'm using the VP that I get every day and I have all of the Equip expect the shoes, so I decided to make those into coordi and I fuse the head and the upper helm into a coordi item and after that, I unsealed again and this happened as I am unsealing it and I got another gacha piece but its not the shoes which its the only thing I haven't got in the equips and I just remembered that I put it on my coordi so I put it back in the equips and I can't put the two pieces back because I fused it already so I'm like ok I will just going to try it. I got the shoe piece and I completed the equipment pieces as you can see in the picture but when I'm about to claim the weapon it won't let me cause it said that "collecting item is insufficient" but I already collected all the pieces. what should I do? pls help (if my grammar isn't right sorry its not my first language)
  3. Hello! I have unsealed all the equip items lvl 10 for Sellion and I decided to change the items into coordi (because of my Dio's coordi sucks) before collecting the weapon reward. But when I tried collecting the weapon, I got a message saying, "Collecting item is insufficient." What should I do? Is it because I made the items into coordi? Is there anything I could do to get the weapon? Help juseyoooo. Will I get the same error(?) or bug(?) if I completed the set and get the pet?
  4. Hi, I'm new here and want to play the game in this lockdown madness, but I'm stuck in launcher. Here's what I've done so far : I'm using Windows 7 x86 on Lenovo laptop with enough RAM and HD space without Antivirus etc Download the installation package from Mediafire link and install it on drive D Manually download update patch from (1) to (6) from Mediafire link Unzip the patch in the game folder Open the launcher, loading bar showing download update a little Then, loading bar full and play button available But, when I click the play button, all I get is this message (there on the screenshot below) I try to look into the "LauncherError.txt" that says : Difference found D:\Programs\Grand Chase Madness Season 5\Main.exe Local: d704fa596ac258c90d15cdd568ca67c9 Remote: b0c5949c2a86b60f92e2e8c80e8e4a3a I've try read the forum on how to solve this problem like made an exception on windows defender or delete the Main.exe the update, but all I get is still this system message. Maybe some of you already know how to solve this problem? or maybe can you give me a link to the thread where it solved (in case I missed it)? Thank you
  5. I created new accounts for GC Madness and i jump up my character, then i just received the VP and the Angel Set, but those GC Madness support box and others are missing. Is it bugged? {;ease I need helpv ASAP
  6. Hello, i just starting playing on this server and i got stuck when i try to play the game. I've got stuck so many times when i try to download this file "Model/modelabta11.kom" it always keep repeating. - Launcher Screenshot : - Folder Screenshot : - Model Folder Screenshot :
  7. hi I was wondering why i can't upgrade my phantom phoenix items in heroic shop i can click the items that i want to upgrade but the thing is i can't see the item to upgrade here in this photo u can see that i already click it but i was wondering why it won't pop up in the left side to be upgraded it is bothering me for so long and some say i should wait and it will pop up but i waiting for so long that i won't pop up please help GrandChase20190828_195019.BMP
  8. Xaverion

    About 30% Top Up Event

    I just top up using paymentwall for 8$ which get me 2080 VP, but there is no 30% bonus. Help. Please fix.
  9. Hello admin , i am having a difficulty with my laptop. It's mentioned on the screen that i am unable to access the remote server. I have unabled the windows firewall. Is there any other solution for me ?. I am new to GC madness 🤗
  10. Imperiality

    Login Screen Bug

    So my login screen is kinda doing whack for me. This was working perfectly yesterday and I have my antivirus off. When I go full screen it gives me the login message "Hello Chaser," etc. Looks like this ---> And the photo I added that isn't a link is the one that was in windows mode. Please help! big hug ~Imperiality
  11. Sorrotie

    I need help

    I just got in this server but when i try to put a name to my account i cant.. why? i need help!! GrandChase20190114_125105.BMP
  12. Please Help, Main.exe not found, check your anti-virus and try again I've been getting this error since i downloaded the game and finished the update. What does it mean?
  13. Leezy

    Help Main exe

    my computer win 7 can anyone help me pls lul
  14. I wasn't sure where to tag this in the forum but as the title says. I kinda need help since I am already at the last stage of that dungeon though I tried doing it solo but I didn't even got the health bar to 100. And I wasted a lot of potions and bonus. So if anyone wants to help me, please pm in game or on here. IGN: Yaouri
  15. knick101

    CPU Usage

    When I open up my client after a fresh start up of my laptop, I can see that the GC Client Consumes around 5-20% CPU usage when idle in the lobby, but after I re-opened the client (without restarting my laptop), the client consumes around 50-60% CPU at same condition earlier with NO other programs running. I'm using Windows 10. Any idea why is it happening and tips to avoid it?
  16. Ayan12345678

    Grand Chase Madness wont open

    My game wont open. After I pressed play in the launcher nothing happened, the game wont open I tried resetting my wifi, my antivirus is off and I tried clicking repair. Im use Windows 10. ROG Acer laptop. Please help
  17. Hello! As it says in the title, when I try to obtain the Mortal Fear skill for Sieghart 1st job, I get an error then a blank box after clicking ok. I do in fact have the skill keys for it. You can see from the screenshots. Please help!!
  18. Title says it all. I play elesis, if that helps.
  19. guillermo1

    Help ME

    Help me Please