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Found 6 results

  1. hello im kinda new to the game and i dont know how to use lime, can someone tell me whats the best skill tree?
  2. NEWBIE GUIDE TO GCM This is how I played GCM. I played for 11 months and a Free-to-Play (F2P) Player. This is not the standard, but I hope this will serve as a guide to new/returning players. I will keep it simple. NOTE: I will update this the next time I’m bored. Discuss stuff on comments if you want (Misinformation, Suggestions etc.) · How I Play Level Up to 85 (MAX) Get the 20 Characters Do all Jobs (1st-4th Job) Have 200k+ Total Attack · Other Stuff Warehouse Organization Event Dungeons Gacha Dailies HOW I PLAY · Level Up to 85 (MAX) o At Level 0-40, I just do Epic Missions (1x run only) on dungeons so I can do all Job Quests. There is a mission on the last part of Job Quests that you need to kill monsters near your level. o At Level 40-85, you can run on Dimensional Door (DD). You can solo, but it’s hard. You can play with friends which make it a bit easier. Most players invite their friends as a ‘carry’. Others just stumble upon a stranger’s room hunting for GP’s or a Good Samaritan’s who helps as a hobby. DD Tickets are hard-to-hunt and expensive (Hero Shop). o If you don’t want to run on Dimensional Door (DD), do dungeon quests. o It is okay if you don’t hit 200k+ Total Attack right now, just level it to 85 with SS stats and you’re good to go. Hit that 200k+ TA if you have the enough amount of resources. o Wear EXP Boosters on Dimensional Door (Agnesia of Valor, GC Club, Ring of Buffiness, Queen’s Jewel). I recommend Queen’s Jewel (QJ), Agnesia of Valor and GC Club Combo. · Get the 20 Characters o I used all my Free VP’s on getting all Good-at-Clearing Characters; Arme, Amy, Mari, Ley, Rin, Lime. Most female characters are good at clearing dungeons. o For the remaining Characters; I just use the ‘free’ Character Slot every event rotation. It is technically free because it is a reward in some mini-games. o I also prioritize having ‘Event Dungeon Characters’ or Characters that are helpful in Event Dungeons. · Do all Jobs (1st-4th Job) o This is optional, but it is better to have a 4th Job. For some reason, other people don’t like Lime’s 2nd Job Room Pose, so they don’t do their 2nd Job Quest. o You can buy GP Job Missions on any Continent Map or Cash Job Missions on K-Ching Shop. I don’t recommend buying Cash Missions since it’s easy to do jobs. o Friends are there to help, but you can solo it. Also, you might stumble upon players who do the Job the same as you are. o 2nd Job Mission, it is easy you can do it solo. o 3rd Job Mission, quite tiring, you can do it solo or with a friend. o 4th Job Mission, hard but can solo, I recommend doing it with a friend. AP Characters (Dio, Ley, Rufus, Zero) have different 4th Job Missions. · Have 200k+ Stats (Total Attack) o They say 285k is the max stats (300k for Veigas). o Total Attack is not equal to the Amount of Damage. I personally don’t like 280k+ TA since MP Recovery is what makes it high, but it is up to the player. I have 220k+ TA that has great damage, better on dungeon clearing. o You must wear True Iron Dragon Set (TID). To obtain: Craft on Forge (This is what I do most of the time) Hunt it on Tower of Disappearance (I find it hard, so I seldom do it) Berkas Lair Achievement Reward (This is where I got TIDs on Endgame) Event Mini-Games (Some Rewards has TID) o Equip ‘Best Cards’ on that TID Armor. (You can Get Cards on Land of Judgement, Monster Train, Berkas Lair, Mini-Games, Deluxe Card Boxes etc.) Helmet – Sand Ruler (130 Defense), Death Furnace 301 or [RELIC] Astaroth (151 Vitality) Upper Armor and Mantle/Cloak – Veron (440 Attack), [FINAL PHASE] Astaroth (6.37% MP Recovery) Lower Armor and Shoes – [EPIC] Astaroth (774 Special Attack) Weapon and Gloves – Nutcracker Zero (2.83% Critical Chance), [RELIC] Death Furnace 301 or Berkas (26.39% Critical Damage) o You must wear Phantom Phoenix (PP) Earrings. You can get it after finishing Stage 30 in Wizard’s Labyrinth. For the other earrings, you can wear Persephone Earrings (buy it on Hero Shop) or the one you can craft on Forge. o You must wear Land of Judgement (LoJ) Ring, can be crafted on Forge. o Set the 4/4 Properties on your Ring, PP Earrings and TID Set These are what you should prioritize: Critical Damage (CD), Critical Chance (CC) and Special Attack (SA). Then it is your choice if you want to choose MP Recovery or Attack. You can use GP Random Property Scroll, Single Property Scroll and/or GP Property Reset Scroll to fix the Properties. You can obtain these on Event Dungeons, Achievement Rewards, K-Ching Shop, Hero Shop, Tower of Disappearance (ToD) etc. o Obtain Tower of Disappearance Crest or Monster Train Crest. o Wear a Gacha Coordi Set or any other Relic Armor Coordi. o Wear Obsidian Accessories Coordi. You can get it on VIP or Achievements. Fuse it with Gacha Coordi Accessories, and you’re good to go. o You can wear any necklace or anklet of your choice. o Level 40 Pet (MAX). Add Relic Glyphs, all five of them (You can craft it on Forge). o +17 Epic Stone on Weapon (glows effect/aura at the back) and gloves. You can also put Epic Stones (I put +8 to +11) on Helmet, Lower and Upper Armor, Mantle and Shoes for extra stats. OTHER STUFF · Warehouse Organization o (NOTE: As Shared Inventory Feature is implemented, you can ignore this part. But I'd like to not remove it.) o I used all my VP on Warehouse Slot and Safe Scroll (K-Ching Shop) on my first month of playing. It helped me so much on organizing my loots. But there are rewards on some Event Mini-Games that has it. Spending VP is up to you. o I put all my Monster Cards and Card Boxes on my Lire, Reinforcement Stones and Reinforcement Boxes on my Elesis. Since I barely use them. o NOTE: This is optional. Do what you want on your warehouse. I blurred (distorted?) the quantity; I don’t want to flex. o Safe 1: Coins, Cards, Gems, Choco, Tickets, EXP Boosters, Skill Keys o Safe 2 (Crafting and Refinery Stuffs): Cores, TID/ID Fragments, Refinery Scrolls, Reinforcement Scrolls, Transmutation Scrolls, Release Scrolls, Property Scrolls. (I sell those that are not premiums) o Safe 3 (Coordi’s): I also put the attendance reward box. o Safe 4 (Cards, Event Stuff, ToD Potions): I put Strong Card Boxes and Best Cards in Warehouse. o Safe 5 (Pet Stuff): you can also put other items you want. · Event Dungeons o Check the Forum for the Rewards for each dungeon. It is changing. Playing Event Dungeons are fun and worthy. You can have so many items needed for crafting, and you can have different coordi’s or pets. Nightmare Circus (Hunt the Armor here to reach SS stats) Monster Train 301 (Hunt the Armor here to reach SS stats) Hungry Pets’ Revolt (Has Good Pets, Gift Shop Mini-Game) Moonlight Village Talin’s Revenge King Slime Land Angry Boss (Most Players' Favorite) o You can use any Characters on Event Dungeons (ED’S), but I suggest to invest in the following ‘Event Dungeon Characters’ since it is easy runs for them: Mari, Arme, Lime for basically everything; Mari for Hungry Pets’ Revolt (Spam Turrets and Homing Missiles); Ryan, Ronan, Lime for King Slime Land; Dio (RIP), Arme for Angry Boss. · Gacha o You need Seal Breaker Scroll (K-Ching Shop) and Sealed Gem (GP Shop) to obtain Gachas: Armor Gacha and Coordi Gacha. o Armor Gacha; these are not recommended for newbies since you will be able to obtain TID soon, and Monster Train/Circus Nightmare Armor Sets are a good, ‘free’ substitute to this too. o However, other people spend 100 or less Seal Breaker Scroll (SBS) into Level 10 Armors and use ‘Fusion Coupon’ to make it into Coordi. You can get a pet too. o Coordi Gacha; most players, spend their SBS in here. 250-300+ Seal Breaker Scrolls are needed to obtain a complete set and pet. o Armor Gacha of higher levels (Level 80) requires a bigger amount of Seal Breaker Scroll (SBS) than Coordi Gacha. Another reason why it is not worthy, but it is up to you. o I didn’t buy gacha scrolls until I bought all the Female Characters as I prioritized having abundant resources than coordi’s. But I have tons of free and crafted coordi’s that came from Events, that’s okay too. o Often there is a ‘Gacha Scroll Sale’, save up your VP for that. o Seal Breaker Scroll is shared to the inventories of all characters, but Sealed Gems are by-Characters. · Dailies o Run The Crucible, Sanctum of Destruction (SoD), Wizard’s Labyrinth (WL/WizLab), Land of Judgement (LoJ) and Berkas Lair every day on all characters. I did this until I hit 1k runs for achievement— I got enough resources needed to craft after that. NOTE: Other things that are not mentioned are to be experienced by you, that’s why I did not make it detailed. This guide will serve only as a guide, not a walkthrough. The rest is for you to explore and experience.
  3. Hello, i just starting playing on this server and i got stuck when i try to play the game. I've got stuck so many times when i try to download this file "Model/modelabta11.kom" it always keep repeating. - Launcher Screenshot : - Folder Screenshot : - Model Folder Screenshot :
  4. So, I haven't played Grand Chase since the original NA server ran by KOG was shut down a few years ago. Even then, I was never really good with choosing what skills I was supposed to put my skill points in for Zero. Any old vets willing to help a bro out?
  5. I already leveling from level 1 to level 80. But i dont have any single emoticon in my character. Can you guys tell me how do i get emoticons in my collection tab?
  6. Tired of playing melle ? , why dont you try range character . Here's a guide for Lire A guide for rapid shot , or spamming shot without delay.